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  1. AKJD

    TTI +2 Extension fitting?

    I don’t get too worked up over capacity on the reload magazine . If I start with 23+1 and reload with a factory 21 round magazine (which I will probably download one) I have 44 rounds between the two which should handle any stage. If it doesn’t I’m fubar anyways and having one more round isn’t going to fix it.
  2. AKJD

    TTI +2 Extension fitting?

    Boy I feel like an idiot. Got home from a trip and they were waiting in the mail. Was in a hurry and tried to put them on from the back like every other extension I’ve owned and didn’t look at them close enough to see they would slide on from the front. They fit fine, all is well. Thanks for setting me straight.
  3. AKJD

    TTI +2 Extension fitting?

    Bought 2 TTI +2 magazine extensions for my x-5 21 round magazines. I was under he impression these were slip on but mine would probably need a bfh to get them on unless I file a bit of metal off the back of the mag to get the lip to fit over the back of the mag. Anyone else have this problem? I don't mind doing it but want to make sure I'm not missing something as they didn't come with any instructions and I didn't see anything on the TTI web site saying the mags would need to be modified.
  4. AKJD

    Precision Delta for 9 major

    Great service, great bullets, great price.
  5. AKJD

    SIG 365

    I’m not a big fan of sub- compacts as I wear xl gloves and have long fingers. While at the range I got to talking with another shooter who happened to have one and I shot about 20 rounds through it. I was very impressed with the feel of the gun in my hands and with the ability to manage recoil. I’m hoping Santa brings me one for Christmas .
  6. Worked up to 9.8 grains which got me to where I wanted to be right around 172-173 power factor. The warm load was indoors at 70 degrees then kept in my truck with the heater on until ready to shoot. The cold load was kept outside in the bed of my truck for a couple hours until shot. The difference wasn't huge but could be a factor if you like to keep it close. After getting the load to where I wanted it I loaded 100 rounds and shot a few drills. Liking this powder so far. May have found my replacement for HS-6 and WAC. CK Arms Thunder Open with KKM barrel and three holes. Ammo loaded on Dillon 650. Winchester once fired brass and Winchester SPP. Everglades 124 grain JHP. Created: 12/11/18 14:48 Description: 9.8 Major Pistol cold Notes 1: Win Brass Notes 2: Win SPP Distance to Chrono(FT): 8.00 Ballistic Coefficient: 1.000 Bullet Weight(gr): 124.00 Temp: 28 °F BP: 29.78 inHg Altitude: 0.00 # FPS FT-LBS PF 10 1376 521.40 170.62 9 1382 525.96 171.37 8 1371 517.62 170.00 7 1384 527.48 171.62 6 1382 525.96 171.37 5 1372 518.38 170.13 4 1375 520.65 170.50 3 1376 521.40 170.62 2 1392 533.60 172.61 1 1360 509.35 168.64 Average: 1377.0 FPS SD: 8.7 FPS Min: 1360 FPS Max: 1392 FPS Spread: 32 FPS True MV: 1378 FPS Created: 12/11/18 14:40 Description: 9.8 Major Pistol Warm Notes 1: Win Brass Notes 2: Win SPP Distance to Chrono(FT): 8.00 Ballistic Coefficient: 1.000 Bullet Weight(gr): 124.00 Temp: 28 °F BP: 29.78 inHg Altitude: 0.00 # FPS FT-LBS PF 10 1392 533.60 172.61 9 1398 538.21 173.35 8 1394 535.13 172.86 7 1384 527.48 171.62 6 1399 538.98 173.48 5 1399 538.98 173.48 4 1391 532.83 172.48 3 1395 535.90 172.98 2 1381 525.20 171.24 1 1385 528.25 171.74 Average: 1391.8 FPS SD: 6.5 FPS Min: 1381 FPS Max: 1399 FPS Spread: 18 FPS True MV: 1393 FPS
  7. AKJD

    0pen Magazines

    I use MBX mags and they work great in my CK Arms gun. I bought a couple of the new STI mags and they were unreliable until I changed to Grams springs and followers. I use the STI mags for practice when I am dropping the mag to try and save wear and tear on my MBX mags.
  8. AKJD

    Help with 9mm major

    I have a pound of Major Pistol powder I was able to get from 49th Cartridge Company a local ammo manufacturer for $25 a pound. If I like it they can get me kegs so I'm hoping it works out.
  9. AKJD

    Help with 9mm major

    It is not that simple to ship powder to Alaska. I have never seen a 4 or 8 pound jug of hs-6 and I've looked.
  10. AKJD

    Help with 9mm major

    8.1 grains of HS-6, 124 JHP and Winchester Primers at 1.165 is my favorite load, unfortunately HS-6 is expensive at $33 a pound locally so I'm looking for a cheaper alternative.
  11. AKJD

    Winchester primers.......

    I use Winchester SPP for my open loads and Fed SPP for minor CO loads. Different colors help identify different loads. Never had a problem with either although I prefer the Winchesters since they are cheaper.
  12. AKJD

    Benelli open vs Dissident Arms

    Mine did the same thing, twice. Plus a broken piston. VEPR is much better gun. Fellow shooter had a T&N gun at our state multi-gun match. I felt sorry for him as he fought with that thing the whole match.
  13. I wet tumble my brass, used to use pins, dry, then lube with one shot or the lanolin/alcohol mix. I now wet tumble without pins with armor all wash and wax for 2 hours, put in dehydrater for an hour and I’m done. Less steps, no pins to mess with, no sticky residue. Read about it on here.
  14. AKJD

    Open Mags (9mm)- Need advice

    MBX mags have worked flawlessly for me. Our range bays have a very rocky surface and can be hard on mags. MBX have held up well. Hold 24, 23 reloadable after following directions that came with mags.