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  1. Waiting to see the answer to this.
  2. After 20 years as a grunt putting the safety on is a well ingrained habit and when doing tactical training I still do, and as an instructor that is what I teach. However when shooting 3 gun it’s much more situational dependent on if I put it on while moving. When I shot single stack or am shooting a 2011 in USPSA I never put the safety on during a stage.
  3. At 59, sights are getting harder to see. I shoot carry optics in USPSA, Open in 3gun, have a red dot on my EDC. Just wish the powers that be would let me put a dot on my work pistol.
  4. AKJD

    320 X5 Compact

    I shoot an X5 in carry optics but really enjoy shooting my X compact in matches concealed in an appendix holster. Holster position puts me in open minor but who cares. Its one of my favorite pistols. When it goes back to its intended purpose it gets loaded with Federal HST 147 grain Hollowpoints.
  5. AKJD

    320 X5 Compact

    That’s interesting that it wouldn’t cycle. Mine cycled out of the box with 130 pf 135 grain loads. With a Romeo1 Pro mounted.
  6. I've had good luck with my SIG optics. I've had a Romeo 3XL on my carry optics gun for the last year without any issues after about 5000 rounds. I've had a Romeo 1 Pro on my carry gun (SIG 320X Compact) since May with no issues after about 500 rounds including shooting several matches with it. Love the gun and optic so hoping it holds up. My experience with MRDS is that they all have problems and it pretty much seems to be luck of the draw regardless of brand. I will also add that I was a Grunt for 20 years and can be pretty hard on equipment. I definitely don't baby them.
  7. Carry Optics: SIG P320x5 9mm with Romeo3xl Carry: SIG P320xCompact 9mm with Romeo1Pro Work: Glock 22 soon to be Glock17
  8. The so called modularity of SIG guns has been a huge disappointment. I've purchased 2 sig 320's of different flavors and neither has other than the medium grip modules available. I won't purchase another. I wish SIG would produce the parts for the guns they have instead of changing/reinventing/introducing new things every month. And why in the world would you build a slide that will take everyone's optics and not your own?
  9. AKJD

    Loading mags

    Number your mags and shoot them in order. From your stage plan you know how many rounds you fire between reloads. Example: If you used mag1 first and fired 8 rounds you know to load 8, if you Barney loaded it would be 7. Do this for each mag used. I mean , what could possibly go wrong? Someone once told me that’s what they did. I didn’t follow their guidance. Unload the mag and reload. As mentioned I put match ammo in 100 round boxes. Makes it easy to know how many rounds you have loaded when you get interrupted and lose count.
  10. Looked this up and description says it’s for rifle only. Does it work with pistol OK? Coated bullets?
  11. Go to settings and change the language to whatever you want, then turn on CC. Will translate and show on screen. Not perfect but works. I watch a lot of the Russian Practical Shooting videos, Find them interesting.
  12. From what I’ve seen it’s gun dependent with the VEPR. Mine shot Federal bulk pack with no modification or break in. Some need a couple hundred rounds before they will, others need work.
  13. If you read all the threads on the forum dealing with optic problems it would seem it is purely luck of the draw. That being said I have 1 railway, 2 RTS2, 2 FF3, 1 Vortex, and a Romoe3 Max With about 50 rounds fired. The only problem I’ve had is a broken battery tray in one of the RTS2. Of course it broke in the middle of a stage at Area 1.
  14. Sil carb is going on next. I put skateboard tape on it and will shoot a couple locals first and make any adjustments needed. So far it’s good In dry fire. Did the same thing with the original grip, the one in the picture is the tungsten grip.
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