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  1. SCTaylor

    Glock to CZ back to Glock!!!!!

    bulls#!t. Several guys have and/or do run them to wins in section and area matches.
  2. SCTaylor

    Mill RMR. USPSA production??

    For sale post coming in 10 posts! @blindmarksman what are you explaining? Is this locally or at a Level 2/3? Locally most of us know the basic rules (non-RO certified) but since HQ keeps making rules adjustments, it's difficult to keep up.
  3. SCTaylor

    "Indexing" your shooting belt

    Yup. I know where my holster should land +/- 1" so it gets stuck first then everything else sticks on. If I need to adjust, simply jiggle the belt around.
  4. SCTaylor

    CZ's and Blue Bullets

    1.15" is still kinda long, any reason that was the ideal OAL?
  5. SCTaylor

    Budget or Fancy?

    You're thinking of spending the same amount of money for a grip & finishing as my entire, match Ready Stock 2 cost.. Crazy! Not a knock, just wild when you say it out loud. I like the way your gun looks now, wouldn't' change a thing! Go shoot the ~7k rounds of ammo in practice, which equals the money above, then choose what you want to do!
  6. SCTaylor

    Mag Pouches

    I run some of the "old" ghost pouches with the large attachments and have a few of the "new" attachments, which are just a hair wider than the pouch. The old style work better for me since they allow for some room between the magazines, so I don't knock out the next-in-line mag... yeah it's happened before. The new style mounts are nice but allow the mags to close together and the 2 or 3 inches saved towards my back for production is not worth the trade off. Not to mention its very uncommon I windup at the 4th or 5th pouch. Overall I'm a fan of the Ghost pouches. Good versatility, ability to go bullets forward or out, have been durable, and best of all... cheap!
  7. SCTaylor

    Leaving a position faster and sooner

    What is limited space? 3' or 10'? It doesn't really matter as the mechanics are very similar. I found, very recently, that getting back into some conditioning has increased my leg strength & flexibility which allows me to get going much more quickly.
  8. There are a lot of variables to determine which site, but to start with, what bullet weight are you shooting?
  9. Shot my first match since IPSC Nationals this past Saturday. I've been working on movement a good bit along with aggression in all aspects of my shooting in practice. Points I actually shot, were okay, 78% Alphas with only 85% points after Penalties. Stage 1 - 19 Alpha, 4 Charlie Stage 2 - 20 Alpha, 5 Charlie, 1 Delta Stage 3 - 17 Alpha, 7 Charlie Stage 4 - 18 Alpha, 2 Charlie, 2 Mike, 1 FTE - I completely missed a target, I did not visualize or program into my stage plan. Cost me 5% in the overall & the Production win. Stage 5 - 17 Alpha, 7 Charlie, 1 NS Stage 6 - 18 Alpha, 4 Charlie Stage 7 - 23 Alpha, 3 Charlie Right off the bat I see several positional errors (stage planning/programming) and standing upright going into position. Whatchu got?
  10. SCTaylor

    How do you track your progress?

    No offense, but if you do mot know how you reduced the time, it's really tough to keep getting better. As I said before, logging times on standard drills (from training books or classifiers) allows you to drill down on what needs fixin', what is the biggest gap at that time period, and how to attack them. Start tracking that data to make true progress.
  11. SCTaylor

    Single wing vs. Dual wing interrupter

    Okay even Eric G. doesn't sell that many guns.
  12. SCTaylor

    Single wing vs. Dual wing interrupter

    Ah that makes no sense. Just for funsies, the math... 1,000,000 euro per year = ~$1,165,000 usd. That means Ben would have to sell approximately 3,000 guns per year for Tanfo to break even. So yeah, makes no sense.
  13. SCTaylor

    Introducing: Project Nemesis

    Keep it up, it's interesting to see what you've got going on here.
  14. SCTaylor

    New MBX Caspian/Tanfo mags

    STI Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. SCTaylor

    Modified trigger bar nose (pics)

    Original post is 10 years old! I bet the images have been deleted.