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  1. SCTaylor

    Copper Primer

    Don't forget Wolf & Tula, both copper to gold in my experience.
  2. SCTaylor

    Move it!

    No offense to Matt Hopkins, but he's a big dude and not classically "Athletic" and he's freaking good. I've shot with him 2 or 3 times, which is always a fun time, but watching someone like Matt who is not that fast, though moves into/out of position well, shoots as soon as possible, leaves as soon as possible etc. Matt is really damn efficient. Figure out a) how to haul beans between positions and b) become more efficient into/out of position. @wtturn reviewed a match video of mine and said the same thing. And guess what? He's right. Making small changes is having a pretty decent impact on my times & placements.
  3. Surprised you haven't gotten an answer. Short answer is no difference. Only changes are finish, slide milling & cocking serrations. Well they have a slightly different grip panel. Overall it's the same gun. Some love the new finish, others hate it. In "real life" photos, it is much more of a teal/aqua/turquoise kind of color. When I get a Limited 40, I'll try like hell to find the new Custom. It's available in 9mm but 40's are not out there, from what I can see.
  4. SCTaylor

    "barber Pole" - Production Legal?

    You are injecting logic, into a conversation where it does not belong. ?
  5. SCTaylor

    Dry Firing During Make Ready - DQ?

    If that was in reference to my post. This is regarding the day before, at majors or morning of, at locals. There is ZERO pre-match walking allowed in IPSC. General consensus is don't be a jerk & stay with your squad; on that we all agree. Anyoo back to the dry fire question. The rules are pretty clear but it seems to be cultural difference. It's just become a part of USPSA to allow the action, IPSC culture say no. Stoeger talked about the culture difference on his podcast sometime recently. ETA - Racking the slide for anything other than loading is considered dry fire as well. I found that out at US IPSC Nationals...
  6. SCTaylor

    "barber Pole" - Production Legal?

    @JAFO because Troy said so! He's the Czar of rules.
  7. SCTaylor

    Max won the Lucas Oil PCC match !

    Yeah, along with 150 match points lost.
  8. SCTaylor

    Dry Firing During Make Ready - DQ?

    And you're not supposed to walk stages unless you're squad is up on the stage, after the Stage Briefing is read. IPSC strictly enforces this, USPSA not so much. 8.7.3 No person is permitted to enter or move through a course of fire without the prior approval of a Range Officer assigned to that course of fire or the Range Master. IPSC & USPSA share many of the same rules, but enforcement is different.
  9. SCTaylor

    Mark 7 Evolution and Revolution

    Come back with verbatim information. Not trying to be rude, but that's a huge accusation on a company. Not "honoring" the order by saying it'll be indefinitely back-ordered and we have to refund you, is one thing. Say tough poo Jack, we aint making no more so hit the road & we're mailing you a check, is a whole 'nother thing.
  10. Fly with them in MTM boxes or ship via UPS/FedEx. Shipping ammo isn't hard, just some special requirements & stickers.
  11. SCTaylor

    Alliant Sport Pistol Load Data

    If'n you don't like it, let me know.
  12. They are 180grain FMJ bullets... any other 180gr FMJ bullet should be about the same. Find the starting load and back of 10%, then start working up in .2gr incriments. Or search here, quite a few guys run N320 & FMJ's in 40.
  13. SCTaylor

    X5 competition load

    Does that make power factor? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. SCTaylor

    9 major or 38 super comp for open?

    So much angst!
  15. SCTaylor

    Red Dot Slide Milling

    @johnbu well there goes my $450... daggnabit.