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  1. SCTaylor

    Tanfo Grips

    I heard rumor the mill was running on aluminum this weekend. BUT, I really have no idea. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. SCTaylor

    Scott's Road to USPSA Success

    A little more time on the range today working on accuracy. A lot of 12-15 yard head boxes and mini poppers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. SCTaylor

    Transition training help

    You can do the same with Blake Drills in live fire. Set them up 1 yard apart and start moving them out. I like to setup 1 or 2 drills specific to the skill I'm training that day, run 5-8 times each. After that, setup a "mini-stage" to incorporate the skill I've been working on. For instance last night I worked on trigger control at speed/distance. Setup Accelerator then went to 20yd Doubles. Then switched to a "mini-stage" similar to Distance Change-up with two shooting positions.
  4. SCTaylor

    Transition training help

    Are you doing any of these in live fire or just dry? One way to speed up in Dry Fire is widening the El Prez / Standard Practice Setup array. Keep moving them apart while maintaining the same par time.
  5. SCTaylor

    I know where the Stock ll's are.....

    New shipment landed in the US. It seems they ship 30 every 6 months. It's hit or miss.
  6. Huh that's pretty interesting. I just figured CCI made one type of small pistol primer. Perhaps it's a "budget" version since Blazer is often considered a budget ammo. Ah think I may have figured it out, CCI has a "clean-fire" primer which is more of a gold not silver.
  7. @HesedTech you got $4,000 in reloading gear? That's a hellacious setup! @MsDV8 - Blazer is a CCI product. So unless, I'm missing something, they were factory primed with CCI. - $0.15 is not unheard of, especially with new brass. Buying once fired brass & calling it lost, with my components is $0.13/rd. That's buying in bulk, without premium products. @ExStreetWalker
  8. SCTaylor

    Scott's Road to USPSA Success

    Spent some time on the range last working still focusing on trigger control and accuracy at speed. Made some good progress which makes me happy, continued to notice and diagnose issues on the fly. Specifically, why shots were pushing to the right at 20 yards. Turns out with my change in grip, the support hand thumb is pushing the frame. Corrected that & the shots came back to center. Four Aces at 20 yards is a pretty fun drill, it highlights a lot of your shoot abilities or weaknesses. I’m happy to say that with a focus on match pace shooting, I had no misses while maintaining an average run time of 3.97. Not the 3.5 book goal, but its proof my hard work is paying off. Another interesting note, looking at my practice log book, I have not live fire practiced since December of 2017, nearly 6 months. That’s not by choice, just got on a with a new range. So far the deliberate practice with a focus on grip & trigger control is paying off. Accelerator Comparison September 2017 Average time – 7.13 Average HF – 4.33 June 2018 Average Time – 6.79 Average HF – 7.35
  9. SCTaylor

    Test results for S&W40 with Titegroup and VV340

    Is this for S&G's? Or are you trying to work up a load?
  10. SCTaylor

    Improve trigger speed?

    You never know if you don't ask or talk about it. Fortunately in this game there are some really solid publications on proven training techniques along with videos/dvds and podcasts. If you want a more "tailored" training regimen, post up here and ask. If you want to create you own, get a few books & write it down.
  11. SCTaylor

    Do we need aftermarket guide rods in 9mm?

    4kg or 10lbs? Sorry, bad metric joke. I've been running a 10lb for the last two years, trying an 8lb now. I honestly don't seen much difference though. The guide rod is cheap insurance and Patriot's lightweight guide rod is an easy way to help balance the gun.
  12. SCTaylor

    Electronic Ear Protection

    Did either of you use insurance to cover part/all of the cost?
  13. SCTaylor

    Moving to coated bullets - need suggestions

    It's called latex gloves people! Keep the smutz and lead and nastiness off your hands! Would you handle dog poo bare handed? Anyhoo - Any of the coated bullets are good to go. Price varies about $0.01 per bullet per Manufacturer, everyone has a 5%-10% discount out there. Profiles vary widely. Either purchase 5-10 sample packs from different vendors or just go whole hog, flip a coin, and buy 10,000 of the winner.
  14. SCTaylor

    Dirty brass

    That's a function of titegroup. It did the same thing to my brass running ~133pf. Other powders did it less, some not at all. The only thing I can guess is when the slide starts back, the barrel unlocks allowing a portion of the brass to be exposed to the chamber area, resulting in the smiley of soot.
  15. SCTaylor

    Shadow 2 mag over insertion

    Any luck getting new pad(s) from Shock Bottle? @rowdyb do the Hennings not lock the gun, just prevent auto-forward? Confused as to the actual outcome.