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  1. I use a Taccom3 system with the short stroke kit, very soft shooting and I have never had a trigger issue. I read on here many instances of trigger problems with different buffer set ups. Most seem to be with drop in triggers. I'm not quite sure why, mine is a modified mil spec trigger with a bad ass polish job and Kaw Valley blue springs. Very user friendly !
  2. I'm using the Taccom3 buffer and spring, and I took the bolt weight out, it was better. Then I bought the short stroke kit from Taccom and it went from very good to bad ass awsome!!!
  3. As I said, it helps move things along. It has nothing to do with gun handling ability. Lighten up Francis! I hope you get the reference, it was meant to be funny. FYI.........it was.
  4. Some RO's like to help, some refuse. It usually boils down to their feelings on PCC being in USPSA. I don't care either way but when I run a PCC guy I always hold the flag, and put it back in. Over a long day it saves real time.
  5. Mine is out, all good. Haven't missed it once.
  6. Every one that ever wanted an AR has a dozen of them, not to mention every company that ever thought of building guns builds AR's in 5.56/.223. 9mm PCC is the new game in town, people want to play they will pay!
  7. Go on the Hodgdon website and look it up!
  8. Power Pistol for me, also going to try a pound of Universal.
  9. That took a lot of courage, I don't know you but I respect you immensely. Assuming you are a man of faith, prayers will be coming your way.
  10. Last match of the year this last October...........final stage was 40rds. It was an unloaded start and I was going to start with a Magpul 21rd mag and reload after 14 or 16rds. I decided **** it, loaded 43 in an ETS with an MBX mini on it ( 47rds max) and went for it! Start was flawless, mag fed just fine all the way through, now I know.
  11. I apologize, I've had it for a few months and didn't remember that. Well, If my wave spring does break, TRUBL will ship me a replacement for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice!
  12. My Taccom3 with the short stroke add on was 110$, plus shipping.
  13. Taccom has this $hit figured out! My gun is a bit over 6#, which I think is on the lighter side of a gun with a 16" barrel and no carbon fiber parts. The Taccom3 with short stroke kit is very flat shooting. When my shooting bud and I get together again I will attempt to shoot a short video of the muzzle during firing.
  14. No clue on the JP, the Taccom3 short stroke system is awesome. As far as bolt hold open, do what I did. Take the bolt release right out and throw it away or put it in a different gun and don't look back. I don't miss it a bit !
  15. I went with the C More a month or so ago. I shot the last two matches of the year with it and loved it. I may change my mind in a few months, but I doubt it.
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