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  1. I know it’s lower than your looking, but mine shoots 124/5 lights out. 4.3 N320 seems awesome with every brand of pill I’ve used.
  2. Looks really similar to the Fire4Effect one I ordered. Looking forward to seeing how it performs.
  3. Some different profiles that I have on hand. I will say that looking at the Brazos, I can see why it could be loaded longer, which may be good to know when I get my Shadow. These weren't hand picked, just randomly picked. I wouldn't say the finish on one looks really better than any of the others, well minus the FMJ of course. All 124/5 gr Red=ACME Blue=Blue Bullets FMJ=Precision Delta Gold=Brazos
  4. I'm interested as well. Mine should be here tomorrow, which means I'll have some results next weekend if the weather holds.
  5. If you are doing that consistently, than it's time to start putting yourself in some uncomfortable positions and practice those. Except for classifiers, you will almost never be reloading at a standstill. That's your next step.
  6. As someone else said, film yourself. You are probably moving much slower than you think you are. Set par times and work towards beating them. You aren't going to do 1 second reloads consistently over night, don't set that expectation, set expectations that you can meet and keep that confidence. If you are at 1.4 set a goal for 1.3 by the end of the week. The following week shoot for 1.2. Nobody says this, and I wish they would, but the journey where you constantly screw up and figure out what works is part of what makes you a better shooter. As you figure things out, you will start to self analyze; the ability to do that is invaluable. I know it's frustrating, but know that that day where something clicks and you discover a little nugget that improves you .1 is making you a much better shooter than that time shows.
  7. That is one nice thing about N320, it never does get very hot. Did you let it cool down between the WST then SP?
  8. There is also a calibration kit that has 10-14. I attached a link to both. https://benstoegerproshop.com/cgw-10-pound-reduced-power-recoil-spring-by-cajun-gun-works/ https://benstoegerproshop.com/cgw-cz-sp-01-shadow-2-recoil-spring-calibration-kit-by-cajun-gun-works/
  9. I normally meet mine down at the street and carry it up to the house for him. We also leave him muffins in the mailbox; keeps us on good terms for the times I order 12k like in December.
  10. Yea, I couldn't pass that Brazos deal up. For 4.5 cents a bullet with free shipping, I'll take a risk. 5040 bullets cost me $226 I like that they give you the option for your order to be sized .355, .356, or .357 Look forward to testing these out.
  11. I wouldn't tune the feed lips, just measure them and see if one is off. I'm betting your problem is just one or two mags
  12. Is be willing to bet that it's either worn springs or one of the mags feed lips are bent. Measure the feed lips lips and see if one mag is way off.
  13. When was the last time you replaced the springs?
  14. Good to know. I'm sure it will be similar to an open gun in that reguard. I'm already shooting 115, so I might move up to 124gr
  15. I decided to get the lightening job done by fire4effect. Looks like they take quite a bit more weight off and no optics plate is necessary. I'll report back when I have it in hand.
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