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  1. chenault

    Acme "new" 124gn 9mm: OAL?

    Oh gosh! Yes 1.15
  2. chenault

    Acme "new" 124gn 9mm: OAL?

    1.50 in Sig x-5
  3. chenault

    Sig has a new pistol red dot

    Lol I had this exact issue yesterday. One was blinding, the one below was a ghost of a dot. I'm not complaining though, this has been the most reliable mini dot I've owned.
  4. chenault

    X5 competition load

    I've found a load that's become my go to load. 124gr ACME BULLET 1.50 4.4 gr N320 132 pf Might lose a grain and see what I'm at, but it's a damn accurate load for me.
  5. chenault

    Atlas or Akai

    Good showing for Akai at Nationals this year
  6. chenault

    Romeo 1 6 MOA

    Mine just hit 10 and have had 0 problems
  7. chenault

    UC or N320 load for the X5

    I've loved a N320 4.3gr with 124 acme bullet 1.50. Has been surprisingly accurate.
  8. chenault

    P320 X5 Coming out with New Sights ?

    I had had the same problem. I like the Romeo, but wish the glass was larger
  9. chenault

    Black friday components thread?

    I shot about 500 through a CK open gun, and they were accurate, but I was getting leading in the comp. I shot the other 500 with a Sig X-5 and they were also very accurate. Great bullets, but the open base didn't let me use them for open, and I mostly shoot coated with my X-5, so I don't shoot them anymore. I will say that I didn't see any accuracy difference between them and the JHP that I was using.
  10. chenault

    Black friday components thread?

    I've tried them. I didn't have any problems with feeding and they were very accurate.
  11. chenault

    Production P320 X5 complete

    Man that is short. I'm at 1.55 col with 124 pd jhp
  12. chenault

    Black friday components thread?

    Got my Blue Bullets order in. Was hoping for an ACME deal, but I have heard nothing from them.
  13. chenault

    First open gun for $2K?

    Man I just jumped into the CO game and even that cost over 2k when all was said and done. Things add up quick.
  14. chenault

    Black friday components thread?

    That is still not working for 124gr jhp, I want I want
  15. chenault

    Black friday components thread?

    I tried 124gr hp and it's still not working. Wondering if it expired.