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  1. chenault


    There are some hotties, but judging by the old man styling of your shoes I’d say we are in a different age bracket, so to each his own. At some point I’m coming to a match in Georgia and we’ll hash this out. Loser has to wear toe shoes
  2. So if the crimp die is an issue, what would be a fix. Would getting a .38 crimp die help, just to take out the bell is all I need
  3. People talk about the epic reliability of trijicon, but they had issues when first released also if I remember right. I also don’t know of very many with high round counts, so I expect the SRO to have its own growing pains. I did did have a Romeo 1 that seemed bulletproof, but I wanted the bigger window. I’m now kind of missing that optic.
  4. I thought Leupold was close to a fix for this. It’s frustrating that so many fail from this. Are you shooting CO? If so will a 507 with a plate put you over the weight limit.
  5. chenault


    You are out of your mind. I have to beat the ladies off with a stick when I wear my Ivon8’s.
  6. It probably will. My Romeo 1 has been a deflector for 20k+ with no issues other than the paint is gone. I’ve tried all different weights of recoil springs. It is a common issue with the x-5, both mine do it.
  7. The only guy I know that wasn't stoked about his Atlas had unreal expectations of a gun that was just so amazing that he would instantly go up a class based on increased performance. I think if you have realistic expectations it would be a great choice. I love how active Adam is with his customers. I will say that regardless which you get what really matters more than anything is finding one load that works and just sticking with it and learning the timing and the gun without changing things. Actually, that was the first thing a GM told me when I got into the sport.
  8. I do think it’s worth it upgrading for a couple of reasons. First, if you are going to get really into it, in my experience you will eventually wonder if the grass really is greener, and you will try it. Now, I’ve owned 2 Ck open guns and a FGW gun, and I do get to shoot a Limcat, Atlas, and Akai on occasion, so I can give limited feedback. When running the gun at speed, for me, all the differences between the pistols went out the window and whatever differences I thought I noticed while holding them went out the window also. With that said. All my Ck guns went down with cracked slides, at the same time in my case. I know that they had a time period with bad slides, and they made it right, but both took 5 months to get back and getting ahold of Bobby can be difficult. When they were working I thought that they were fine. Both mine had 2lb triggers and the slides weren’t super tight like some have complained about. The reason I think it’s worth the upgrade is that all the higher end guns at my club run like clockwork. That’s just my experience, but from talking to others it’s not an all together unique one. I actually ended up going to CO I got so frustrated
  9. If you want just the slide they are out of stock. I was able to look at a completed slide this weekend. It looked really good
  10. Has anyone ordered a Shadow 2 replacement barrel? If so, which one is the correct one and did it require any fitting? Thank you for the help. I've looked but couldn't find this answer.
  11. I got mine a few weeks ago and so far I really like the gun. Switched from a x-5 so it’s taken a bit of adjustment
  12. The one with the orange background is mine. I put bogie grips on it which is why it’s taken from that angle
  13. I use windex and a que tip or those glasses wipes, seems to work ok. The dpp, at leas mine, glares up pretty badly
  14. Just to update my leading problem. It looks like the .357 did the trick. I shot the sample pack today and saw no more leading
  15. chenault

    CO optic

    The only optic I’ve had which lasted that kind of volume was the Romeo 1 Below are the ones that I’ve had to send back before 10,000 Rts2 vortex venom ddp im actually giving the dpp another try, but I don’t have high hopes
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