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  1. chenault

    Introducing: Project Nemesis

    Is it the length that's the determining factor because the diameter is the same right?
  2. chenault

    Introducing: Project Nemesis

    I wonder if a smith could make it supercomp, that could be cool. Still use the same mags
  3. chenault

    Base plate that gives highest capacity 9/38

    My fault, I didn't read the title well enough. Man, I'd grab one set of Grams and just see if that fixes the issue. I know a couple guys that use those with no problems. The 40 thing is interesting, I've never heard of that before.
  4. chenault

    Base plate that gives highest capacity 9/38

    I get 24 out of most of my MBX mags, but some people load to a 155, have you considered that, or are you just wanting to increase the purchase you've already made? If you've already have mags that you are wanting to increase capacity, it may help to know what brand they are.
  5. chenault

    Base plate that gives highest capacity 9/38

    I haven't found anything that gives me more than my stock MBX 140 mags.
  6. chenault

    Cheely E2 vs PT Evo

    I think saying one is better than the other is kind of like the Ford vs Chevy battle. Both are nice, I have one and have extensively handled both, but preferences could go either way. In the end the consumer is the winner with more options. Competition will make better products at lower prices. Look at the ar market 15 years ago compared to now as an example.
  7. chenault

    TTI +2 basepads

    Same, should have mine Friday
  8. chenault

    TTI +2 basepads

    It also looks like you don't have to modify the mag for the Taren ones. I had to cut out a groove for the screw with the springer ones
  9. chenault

    TTI +2 basepads

    So actually, and ironically, this thread may of helped me out more than you. On the plus side, I looked at the TT basepads and I think I like those more than the Springer ones. The pin seems much easier than the screw that the Springer Precision ones use.
  10. chenault

    TTI +2 basepads

    Well crap, then I look like a dummy. My fault for any confusion
  11. chenault

    TTI +2 basepads

    That second pic. Maybe I did something wrong and I got the pads that aren't legal, if so that sucks and I look foolish, not the first time. These are the ones I'm using https://shop.springerprecision.com/Springer-Precision-SIG-P320-P250-9-40-EZ-140mm-base-pads-SP0207.htm
  12. chenault

    TTI +2 basepads

    It's the 140mm extension, which I think is the biggest you can get and still be CO legal. I just checked and 3 of mine get 26 and one gets 25. Barny one and I can start with 27 on those. I only get that with their grams guts and follower, not with Springers springs and the stock follower.
  13. chenault

    TTI +2 basepads

    No the grams got me one more with my springer extensions. I get 25 now with the 140mm extension
  14. chenault

    P320 X5 Thread

    So I tried out the tungsten guide rod, and day one wasn't the best. My follow up shots are now dipping because it's so front heavy. Using a 12 lb spring, so maybe it's exposed grip problems. Thinking about getting the tungsten grip weight to even out the balance and going back to a ss guide rod
  15. chenault

    STI Open versus CK Arms

    Did you ask to have it stroked? That's about the only thing I've heard Bobby have that response on.