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  1. That would be amazing. Good to know about the rts2 pm sent
  2. I don't think the high riser would fit the Romeo 1 would it?
  3. Looking to put a minidot on my mbx, but can't find a riser for the two dots I use. Anyone know where to find one for either of these?
  4. 4.3gr N320 and ACME is what I shoot. I load them to 1.15.
  5. I shoot ACME .356 and Blues .355 out of an X-5 and they shoot about the same. Just a matter of cost to which I get. I think if the size size really made a difference there wouldn't be the volume of shooters shooting Blues that there are. I would imagine that some people do see a difference, but that seems true with just about everything in our sport
  6. Cheely E2 has been great for me. I've never heard from anyone that owns one that it's not sticky enough or that the gun slips in their hand. Im not sure ones drastically better than the rest, just get one and practice.
  7. I also wouldn't change loads for three gun. The monitary gain over major with powder is tiny. I also don't think I could shoot a minor load as fast as my major load. Again, I tuned my load to work the comp for the fastest speed possible.
  8. At some point you body gets "in tune" with your gun. That would be my biggest argument against shooting different loads. Especially with a comp where different loads means quite a bit with the amount of gas working the comp
  9. chenault

    P320 X5 Thread

    Guess I need to get a gauge. I don't want to go back to the Springer badepads
  10. I use Blues and ACME. ACME is the most accurate of the two but not by much. On holiday sale, blue was cheaper, though I dig the crate acme ships with
  11. Bet you could make those reloads at a second or slightly below with a little work
  12. I used to buy them from In lead we trust, but that site seems to have gone away. Is there another good place to buy replacement parts or spare parts?
  13. chenault

    P320 X5 Thread

    I don't think so, because I load mine pretty long (1.155)and have never had any problems 10,000+. My backup is the same story.
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