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  1. Eddie Bauer has the best pants I've found. Light and hold up really well. Their fleece lined ones are great for winter.
  2. Keep us informed. I'm in the same process of looking for a replacement.
  3. Really loving the green with the black. That's a combo I haven't seen before that look really sharp. Good luck with the testing; from past experience I bet that you will have two different loads.
  4. I'm pretty much here these days. I've shot just about all of them; anymore I just shoot whichever one gets me the best deal when I buy in bulk. I think to be competitive you have to have a certain level of quality, and that's just left the good ones who are all pretty much on par with minor changes that might benefit certain setups.
  5. I've run both a 2 and a 6. I currently have the 2 and on summer days the dot even on the brightest setting can wash out. I miss the 6, it just made it more subconscious
  6. No, it's still a great load, though I've switched to Sport Pistol just because of cost. If cost wasn't an issue I'd be back at that exact load.
  7. But that’s the great part of practicing with a co gun. You change focus a bit. I don’t think it’s really an accuracy mode thing as much as it is a tighter focus thing. I do notice though that when I switch back over I’m still going as fast just getting more points. The recoil control of the co gun helps as well.
  8. Honesty, I’m finding that spending some time with my CO gun is making me stronger in open as well. It’s been a good experience
  9. I’ve had both my main and my backup in to a smith for repairs, not minor ones. If your serious you need to have a backup, but if your not I personally now have a nice co gun that I switch to when my open gun is down. It keeps me fresh with the dot and it’s not that big of a switch. Another option to think about
  10. The ratchet is cool, but I think my belt is the only piece of kit that hasn’t failed me. May be bad karma to switch
  11. I leaned this the hard way. The other advantage of starting with a used gun is that the resale value will be similar when you do find what you want.
  12. I’m with him. The gun was only a fraction of the cost of open. I thought carry optics was as much fun, though I’m back to open again. cz is the closest thing I’ve see to an “affordable” open gu
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