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  1. Glk21C

    Tanfoglio Xtreme 9 MM Takedown Pin

    The design/how the barrel locks up of cz /tangs is such that the slide stop pin is designed to break. Using a hardened pin not a good idea
  2. Glk21C

    170mm Mag. tuning.

    No worries. If you need 9/38 let me know because I think I answered 40
  3. Glk21C

    170mm Mag. tuning.

    At least I think I did let some other thread somewhere
  4. Glk21C

    170mm Mag. tuning.

    However this thread originally started (caliber) I answered the question earlier in the Thread
  5. Glk21C

    170mm Mag. tuning.

    I've been looking for this text, found it, here it is: · You need to measure the inside of the tube between the control ribs. The ideal width between the control ribs is 0.815” for typ. Reloaded ammo, no narrower than 0.790”, no wider than 0.825” and keep tube square. Too narrow left to right and there is less capacity. Too wide left to right and the rounds can start to stack incorrectly and bind on each other. Squeezing a tube in a smooth face vise is doable, but if needing to squeeze it you have to go further than what is needed for the metal to take a new shape. Need to be very careful.
  6. Glk21C

    170mm Mag. tuning.

    Better check the internal width of that tube. That tti follower having a round slip past it is a precursor to it happening with other s&f combos
  7. Glk21C

    Tripp Research T2

    http://www.trippresearchinc.com/t2-modular/ another pending entry into the open gun scene from one of the originators of the 2011.
  8. Glk21C

    STI Base Pads

    I've talked at length with Bevin about his BP's. He's called the mag master for a reason; he figured out a long time ago all the intricacies about the 2011 double stack mags and how to make them work reliably and with the extra capacity most want. It's critical the bottom of the tube is within spec (size) just like the middle of the tube and the top of the tube (feed lips). If the bottom of the tube is too wide, and you install the u-pin into the BP and it's really tough to push in the BP will inevitably crack when the mag hits the ground. That extra friction of the u-pin fit creates a lot more stress on the material he uses to make the BP's. If the u-pin slides in when the BP is on the tube just as easy as when the BP is off the tube, the tube is within spec. When fitting correctly the BP then acts more like a shock absorber when the mag hits the ground, taking the majority of the impact, putting less stress on the tube itself, keeping all those other dimensions about the tube within spec. Aluminum BP's, giving the impression of being stronger because they are metal don't absorb all that impact energy, instead transfers that energy through the tube, which will more negatively affect al those critical dimensions. Yes, he will replace cracked BP's, he's good that way, but when you contact him about it he will ask how the u-pin fit in the BP when on the tube.
  9. Glk21C

    STI Base Pads

  10. Glk21C

    New to 38SC having sizing issues!

    I've found the 38 super powder funnel (Dillon) to be just a tad to large which leads to the brass having a ID that is just a little too large. Chuck up the powder funnel in a drill press and while it's spinning take a fine file to the outside of the funnel where it expands the brass in order to take a small amount of material off. Then some wet/dry sandpaper to polish it up while still spinning in the drill press. Taking a small amount off of the OD of the funnel will reduce the ID of the brass, thus eliminating the setback. I got this from someone else here on the forum after doing a search as I was having the same problem you are. Of course, I am under the assumption you are loading on a Dillon. Good luck
  11. Glk21C

    STI mags with "window holes" in the back

    I've done it, all depends on the guts inside your tubes. Plus you really need a drill press that can be adjusted to a really slow speed in order to drill the stainless tubes and NOT burn up your, what should already be, sharp drill bits. Or of course, bore them using a mill. I've also heard the holes in the back of the newer STI tubes are not accurate in their location. I've only heard that, have not witnessed it myself. Don, if you want to give me a pm with your phone number and I'll give you a shout next week.
  12. Glk21C

    Post your Dogs!

    Malibu, he's been gone for over four years, still miss him terribly.
  13. Glk21C

    Base plate that gives highest capacity 9/38

    Grams (my personal favorite) and TTI (was Bolen's originally) provide the most capacity per given like size. PM me for more info if you like
  14. Glk21C

    SPS pantera magazine issues

    SPS mag tubes are notorious for being out of spec in regards to side to side width and/or the double stack to single stack transition area being too wide. Your best bet is to contact SPS or the US importer and ask for replacement tubes.
  15. Glk21C

    MBX FTF Problems?

    Wide enough so the rounds don't pop out upwards past the feedlips