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  1. Sounds like the double to single stack transition area is too wide, needs to be squeezed together some
  2. No, egw Jim hand 5-port comp
  3. I found no problems with using it in my 650
  4. I tried it, it worked but I like vv350 better. In my open gun(38sc) it took over 9 grains to make major with 124/125 grain bullets. Not saying it’s a lot of powder, there was still room in the case, just took at least that much. TruBlue seemed to be the same powder with the same results. i was more curious to see would it be viable to use if I couldn’t get vv as imr blue or trublue I could find locally good luck
  5. sounds like two things, both mean the tube(s) are out of spec. 1. the double to single stack transition has gotten too wide, causing the rounds to not come up into a nice single stack as they near the top of the tube. There are videos on youtube about this and images here on be.com of how to squeeze this area in a vice. It's easy but it's just as easy to completely mess up the tube. If you are not mechanically inclined I would not attempt this. 2. the follower getting stuck in the tube is a symptom of the main area of the tube has gotten too wide and needs to be squeezed back down some. The ideal width between the control ribs inside the tube is 0.740” for typ. Reloaded ammo, no narrower than 0.730”, no wider than 0.765” and keep tube square. Too narrow left to right and there is less capacity. Too wide left to right and the rounds can start to stack incorrectly and bind on each other. Squeezing a tube in a smooth face vise is doable, but if needing to squeeze it you have to go further than what is needed for the metal to take a new shape. Need to be very careful. If you are not mechanically inclined I would not attempt this.
  6. It's the extractor tension that is off. Since you have an Aftec on the way it is NOT UNUSUAL to have to fit them to each gun, they are almost never a drop-in part. A lot of folks love them, some don't. I've always felt they were a solution to a problem that does not exist but that's just me. If the gun with the current extractor does not appear to be broken (the extractor) why not just re-tension it first? Also, I would suspect your jams happen more frequently with a big stick than it does with your 140's. Extractor tension problems start rearing their ugly head first using big sticks but when it gets bad enough it will give you fits in all size magazines. good luck, hope it all works out
  7. I tried AA 38sc ammo a few years ago and oddly enough it’s the only ammo I’ve ever shot out of my open gun where I experienced light strikes. It was about one out of every 100 rounds. They seem to be a reputable company so it had to be something on my end.
  8. had someone tell me once to hammer the bottom of the racker a little to flatten out the metal so that it becomes a little snugger in the dovetail
  9. That and does it do it with any magazine length or just big sticks?
  10. grams followers and springs are of his design from a long time ago(20+ years) taran followers are from when he purchased everything from Bolen and later when he imitated Grams follower design.
  11. what he said, Grams all the way
  12. Grams never made aluminum BP's. Those aluminum ones you have are something Dawson's made to copy Gram's design a long time ago, which he (dawson) had to stop making as it was an infringement on Gram's patent back then. So Dawson changed his design to what you see today.
  13. Idiot. Sorry, couldn't help it..
  14. Try doing a search, there are 100's of threads about 2011 magazines, you'll learn tons. Nothing needs tuning, it's whether or not they need to be fixed to bring them into proper specs. Good luck
  15. Back when I had a small frame Tanfoglio open gun(just a small three port comp, no barrel holes) I exclusively used aa5 for major loads. Worked great. It was the choice of many top shooters in the 90’s shooting this style of open gun. Today though with radically different open gun designs it does not work so well, like those v4 and v6 Tanfoglios, or 2011 with barrel holes and better comps. Minor loads for steel, better suited.
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