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  1. I ride all my pistols super high, and I get no slide bite with P10F. Good luck!
  2. I'm screwing with a 9mm TSO in Lim minor. Was having issues with the TSO mags reliably feeding 20+ rounds; rounds would hang up on the feedramp. Noticed my P10F mags fit the TSO frame; they're a little wobbly, but not bad. Just ran all of my P10F mags, using factory and Henning extended basepads (22+1), with no issues, with two lengths of ammo. The P10F mags seem to feed more smoothly (I think they present the round higher). Thought others might want to know.
  3. Thanks for giving me patience. I now have about 400 rounds through the gun and the slide stop is definitely getting better.
  4. That shouldn't be a problem. Mine shoots Geco much better than CCI SV at 100 yards. 5-shot groups with the Geco (semi or bolt) run around 1.6".
  5. Haven't use both, but am very impressed with my 10X.
  6. LOVE the gun, but the slide stop is ridiculously hard to release. Planning for this gun to be a hybrid tactical/informal comp gun. Looking at these options as a fix. Apex CZ Custom
  7. Has anyone tried the CGW Reduced Trigger Pull Striker & Spring? CGW Strker & Spring
  8. Wow, good to know, thanks for sharing! Just broke my first PCC FP spring and have matches this coming weekend.
  9. Love the AR-Gold triggers in my "real" AR's, so I've been eyeing the new AR-Gold PCC trigger. Anyone here using one and care to share experiences?
  10. Used my JP22 upper as a DMR trainer for PRS matches in my area and it helped A LOT. Just getting efficient at getting into positions with it was very helpful. The 22 LR makes you follow through. I shot mostly at 100 yards and had to constantly watch the wind, which also translated well to competition. With the cost of rimfire ammo I was able to practice a lot more. I say keep it and use it.
  11. Another vote for the Cyke Pod, it's incredible.
  12. BMiller for a Glock QC10 here and I love it. Just have to blue Loctite the screws.
  13. Iron City Redhead bolt and I can use the AR Gold (223) or Timney CE with no issues other than bumpfires.
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