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  1. Love the AR-Gold triggers in my "real" AR's, so I've been eyeing the new AR-Gold PCC trigger. Anyone here using one and care to share experiences?
  2. Used my JP22 upper as a DMR trainer for PRS matches in my area and it helped A LOT. Just getting efficient at getting into positions with it was very helpful. The 22 LR makes you follow through. I shot mostly at 100 yards and had to constantly watch the wind, which also translated well to competition. With the cost of rimfire ammo I was able to practice a lot more. I say keep it and use it.
  3. Another vote for the Cyke Pod, it's incredible.
  4. BMiller for a Glock QC10 here and I love it. Just have to blue Loctite the screws.
  5. Iron City Redhead bolt and I can use the AR Gold (223) or Timney CE with no issues other than bumpfires.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions, you're definitely keeping the brain juices flowing. I think I'll end up with that Taccom pinned 14.5", it looks nice. Also, Isler Custom posted a new PCC handguard on Facebook that looks promising.
  7. Crimson Trace has a pretty good promotion going right now: https://www.crimsontrace.com/company/promotions/free-rail-master-promotion-2019-featured-online-retailers
  8. Anarchy Outdoors vertical grip is super vertical, fairly large too. Feels WAYYYYY better than it looks.
  9. The PCC world is changing quickly. I’ve been reading many threads on here, but frankly what was the shiznit a year ago doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, so I’m a little confused as to what would now be a solid recipe for a reliable/competitive build. I plan to run 115-125 grain bullets. I am right-handed and have a right forearm injury that necessitates a light build. Planning to slowly build this year and run it next year. I’m set on the Hiperfire 24C, and for handguard either Taccom Ultralight or Coda Evolution. Which would you choose: Recipe A Blitzkrieg hydraulic buffer, Taccom ULW barrel, Taccom Extreme bolt Recipe B JP short stroke buffer (but which one? Standard, H2 or H5), Taccom ULW barrel, Taccom Extreme bolt Recipe C JP short stroke buffer (but which one?), JP sleeved barrel (coming later his year), JP bolt Recipe D specify ----------------------------------- What I have already: QC10 Glock-mag receiver set w/ BMiller magwell Holosun 510C Mission First minimalist stock Magpul grip
  10. https://www.dutchshootingsupply.nl/a-48636528/red-dot-sights-en-scopes/leupold-deltapoint-pro-mount-tanfoglio/ Found it, thanks for mentioning. I wonder if we could order 5 if they’d ship to the States...
  11. Call me stupid but I'm not seeing it on Henning's website.
  12. I’m looking for a Tanfoglio Witness Hunter left side only 4-screw mount for a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. Does such an animal exist? I do not want a rear sight dovetail mount, nor do I want a double sided bridge mount.
  13. I understand there's indoor matches at the NRA Headquarters once a month and I thought it would be cool practice for the winter. Is there a match schedule online, or an e-mail list to subscribe to? My Google Kung Fu isn't coming up with anything.
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