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  1. My reasoning about requesting a separate category is you would not have to scroll (or search) thru all the Rifle posts/pages for shotshell data. I do understand the website does have Search capabilities, but for me sometimes I open Category and will read page after page after page to learn and read other's experiences or questions. And I definitely feel all the previous shotgun posts would not have to be transferred, just maybe as of Sept 1, 2018 any new SHOTGUN posts could have their own category. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wads: 43 bags total for $ 100.00, Lead: 20 bags of #8 @ $25.00 a bag.
  2. Any possibility (or even forum members support) to request creating separate a Rifle and Shotgun reloading posts? We separate, 9, 40 & 45. The categories would be dedicated to each platform. Thx.
  3. Joe Michalak (only 63). Together with my Sister 45 years, married for 41. My Hunting Buddy, my Shooting Buddy, and a true FRIEND.
  4. I know nothing about this machine (I do live in CT),
    maybe you can convince him to split shipping with you.
    Good Luck.
    DILLON RL 1050

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    Set up for 9mm Luger. Perfect condition, ready to put on your bench and load.$700. Must pick up in South Windham, CT. (203) 366-3400 WINDHAM, CT
  5. I shot my first 2 IPSC matches with a Comp'd 45 vs the Hi-Cap mag way back when. You will be reloading 3 times on a Stage compared to them NOT Reloading.
  6. Single stack with Comp vs 38 Super (& 9mm major) Hi-Cap mags? Best suggestion I received.
  7. I see the MEC press for sale.  Any components for sale?

    • Wads
    • powder
    • Primers  (I can trade Pistol&Rifle primers for 209 primers if you like).
    • Powder

    I have a MEC 9000 so looking for the 'expendables'.




    Dennis Ford

    1. George Jones

      George Jones

      I'll have to check my inventory.  I'll get back to you soon.

      Does "CT" mean you're in Connecticut?  So shipping powder/primers would not be an issue with Hazmat?

    2. George Jones

      George Jones

      Please use Messages instead of notifications.  It's easier for me to keep track.

    3. Dennis (CT)

      Dennis (CT)

      Thought I did 'IM". Sorry.


      We could meet up somewhere.  I am not that from from the NY-CT border.

  8. Hornady TAP 60 gr.


    I believe I have 2K of Hornady 180gr 40S&W HAP Bullets.

    Can confirm by noon tomorrow (don't ask  :D).


    Is this something you might be interested in? A partial trade straight up?


    You pay your shipping & I pay mine?


    1. Noah my boy

      Noah my boy

      Let me know how many you have and we can make a deal if it’s right:) 

  9. New Website 5 months old and still no Classifieds. Maybe they are just waiting it out until the complaining goes away.
  10. Quick Browning question if I may? (New to Browning O/U).


    Trying to research the Ultra "XL" and not finding any info.

    I tried blowing up the picture to see the receiver better but no luck.


    Can I ask to please confirm the model # for me?  Looking for a trap model rather than skeet.


    Thank You,




    1. Bob Hostetter

      Bob Hostetter

      It is actually the XT Ultra Model which is the trap gun. I posted it wrong but thought I had fixed it.

    2. Bob Hostetter

      Bob Hostetter

      Model # 013621426

  11. Package arrived  the other day.  Everything looks great.


    Same day my laptop decided to stop working, thus me being late in getting back to you.


    Thank You again.



    1. audani77


      you're welcome brother glad you got it!

  12. Invictus 12Q - I will take them both.


    Please send me your address & I will ship out a Postal Money Order.


    Dennis Ford



    23-D Happy Hollow Circle

    Stratford, CT.  06614

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