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  1. GMM50, thanks for the great explanation. I'm going to give Revolver Supply a try.
  2. Anyone notice more or less flexibility or stiffness between Ranch Products, Revolver Supply and TK? They are all the same thickness and I'm having a hard time understanding why the TKs are so much more that the others. Especially the stainless steel ones at about $8 a piece. I'll gladly pay it if there is a value to be had in it. What am I missing?
  3. Gen 5s that I have tested are a bit slower. I believe the difference is in fact the rifling. The polygonal rifling used before was meant as a way to increase barrel life but it doesn't bite into the jacket as hard. The rifling in the new barrels are. The flip side is there is a slight increase in the the new design barrels though not appreciable for most. I tested this at 25 yards off of a rest. I took gen 4 and gen 5 17s, same load, triggers, sights and found that the groups averaged 0.15" - 0.25" ( ten round groups) better in the gen 5 barrels. I've seen the same results for a 34 as well. Both 147 grain loads I shot in the 17s performed noticeably better in the gen 5 barrels than they did in the gen 4 barrels, being 0.25" improvement, ten shot groups, extreme spread.
  4. Didn't even think about the hardness of Titanium, that's a good point.
  5. Does anyone know how many cylinder holes you could cut before having to replace the tool? I was going to do my own guns and was just curious how long it would last before having to replace.
  6. Zev just announced that an enhanced barrel is available. Biggest difference I. old see is new barrels have a different twist rate. Zev barrels are 1 in 10, new enhanced are 1 in 14. Side by side tests I've done against my KKMs still show KKM the overall clear winner across all loads but Zev did have some very exceptional results with 115s. KKM crushed it with 147s pretty bad though. KKM is 1 in 10, would be curious to see what a 1 in 14 Zev would shoot like. "Should" see a 1 in 14 shoot lighter bullets better than heavier but I've seen so many exceptions I don't really pay attention to what it should be and only look at the results are.
  7. If you're primarily shooting indoors, stick to the green fiber optic instead of the red. The green is brighter in poor light conditions. That's why divers use green chem lights as a back up, it is the easiest for your eye to pick up in low visibility. I could give you the nerd version but that's the short answer. Good luck.
  8. If you are comfortable with a three dot set up look at the Dawson Precision fiber optic front AND rear. It is a red front with a contrasting green in the rear. They offer fixed or adjustable. I have never talked to anyone who didn't like them. Black or fiber optic rear is a personal choice, shooting is very individual, don't be swayed by the crowd. At the end of the day, sights are not that expensive when compared to the other costs of the sport. Change them if you don't like them.
  9. Where is a RELIABLE source to find Glock factory recoil spring rates, multi generation, multi model?
  10. The Glock 21 is unique in the sense that it is 180 degrees out from conventional wisdom. True, lighter reciprocating mass makes better shooting guns but the 21 slide at 16 ounces is SO heavy it makes shooting even hot ammo really soft.
  11. 9X23Guy

    Glock 48

    Glock sent out emails today, several YouTube videos up already too.
  12. 9X23Guy

    Glock 48

    Basically a single stack 19. Shootability, having a full 19 length grip with a skinny slide, therefore light slide, will probably shoot very well recoil wise. Its thin, if you carry a 19 already this will conceal better although you give up rounds. Not really a big deal. I'm all about being prepared but having common sense has kept me out of more danger than having a gun. If you have small hands this will have a shorter LOP to the trigger because of the thinner grip. If you live in a not free state this would be a good option instead of the 19. It has front cocking serrations as every handgun ever made should have. Its silver PVD, ok. The only thing I think they missed the mark on was not having an attachment point for small lights on the rail. Thoughts?
  13. I have a KKM in a Dragonfly Zev slide. It fits well but have had no issues with reliability. I prefer lighter bullets so I have only shot a few factory 147s out of mine, those fired without issue.
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