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  1. The Glock 21 is unique in the sense that it is 180 degrees out from conventional wisdom. True, lighter reciprocating mass makes better shooting guns but the 21 slide at 16 ounces is SO heavy it makes shooting even hot ammo really soft.
  2. 9X23Guy

    Glock 48

    Glock sent out emails today, several YouTube videos up already too.
  3. 9X23Guy

    Glock 48

    Basically a single stack 19. Shootability, having a full 19 length grip with a skinny slide, therefore light slide, will probably shoot very well recoil wise. Its thin, if you carry a 19 already this will conceal better although you give up rounds. Not really a big deal. I'm all about being prepared but having common sense has kept me out of more danger than having a gun. If you have small hands this will have a shorter LOP to the trigger because of the thinner grip. If you live in a not free state this would be a good option instead of the 19. It has front cocking serrations as every handgun ever made should have. Its silver PVD, ok. The only thing I think they missed the mark on was not having an attachment point for small lights on the rail. Thoughts?
  4. I have a KKM in a Dragonfly Zev slide. It fits well but have had no issues with reliability. I prefer lighter bullets so I have only shot a few factory 147s out of mine, those fired without issue.
  5. 9X23Guy

    Extended mag release

    Be careful of the aluminum mag releases. I've seen excessive wear on the factory mags, rounding off the cut out with them. Strangely enough, the pmags are of a different material and the aluminum releases didnt bother them at all.
  6. These have just come out but cant find a video of one yet. Please, please, please let them break vertical. I have flats in all of my 2011s and love them. In Glocks not so much because they start vertical and break at a weird angle, just dumb. Sig got it right on the 320X5, I dont know why this so hard for other companies.
  7. I think they would have been a great option if they would have kept them at 140mm but nice to have choices.
  8. Just FYI, a Surefire light with batteries is 4 ounces. Understand it wont work for competition but works well for everything else. And it has light.....
  9. The file is too big so I'd have to take the picture again but when I did load development for my stock barrel I tuned a load that was able to do 15 rounds in 2.5" off of a sandbag at 25 yards. 13 of those rounds were in a cluster just under 2". I never saw the need for an aftermarket barrel after doing that but if I didn't handload I would have bought an aftermarket right away because they group better across all loads. Some loads that I use in other guns grouped as big as 5" in the stock barrel.
  10. Yes, I've seen that review. That was the other one I referenced.
  11. Hmmm, seems to be a common theme with KKM. Price is right on them too.
  12. http://www.victorygunblog.com/blog/barrelrace17 A couple a great take aways in this article. 1. Without question, some aftermarket barrels can and do outshoot stock Glock barrels. 2. Stock Glock barrels shoot fairly well. 3. Most people do not shoot well enough to see a great improvement and go searching for other parts and fixes to compensate for their lack of fundamentals. (No offense intended) 4. Good ammo makes a big difference. In my experience, there is value in having the most accurate weapon you can get EVEN IF you cannot shoot well enough to maximize its potential. Reason being you take more of the gun out of the equation therefore the learning curve is shorter. For example, if a guy simply says "I'm not good enough for good equipment yet" and takes crap ammo out a stock barrel that doesn't like that particular bullet weight then he may spend a long time chasing something that isn't there. Would have loved to see a Barsto and Zev too based on a previous random rest test article I read.
  13. I think the new owners effectively killed it. Hopefully someone will come out with a similar format under a different name.
  14. It amazes me how someone can take something so successful, turn key ready to go, and completely destroy it in so little time.
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