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  1. robertwyatt

    Spare Parts Kit

    A backup gun has all the spare parts you need.
  2. robertwyatt

    CZ TSO holster

    I use a gx products holster. I don’t find I’m gaining anything on a race holster and the times aren’t enough of a difference for me to make the change. YMMV GX products
  3. I paid $600 in December from Stuart for the entire upper. If you want to sell it for that, I’ll buy it from you right now
  4. Very true. What a crap show that whole thing was.
  5. I take another shadow 2. Barring that, Trigger return spring and a slide stop. If anything else breaks, you're likely boned unless you have a spare gun.
  6. With the blue hammer spring, it will light off everything under the sun.
  7. The bladtech sp01 holster works just fine with a co gun
  8. I have both. I think they both shoot quite well. Having said that, I went with the Shadow2 because I had been shooting it for a year in prod and was comfortable with the controls and how it felt in my hand. YMMV
  9. I'm the same with respect to the trigger. Mostly, I just want my two S2's to be as identical as possible. So I mess with the internals until I achieve that and then leave them be after that.
  10. The shadow 2 is purpose built and you don’t have to do much to get the performance from the gun. The SP01 takes quite a bit of work to make it as nice as a shadow2 For holsters, I would get the shadow2 holster because it will hold the SP01 quite securely
  11. From experience... I have both the shadow 2 and sp01. The blade tech shadow2 holster will work with the SP01 but not the other way round
  12. robertwyatt

    CZ Shadow 2

    I use mine as a field expedient hammer.
  13. Have someone competent shoot it before you start making adjustments. I'm not being a troll, just making an observation we see all the time at the range I work in.
  14. Your other alternative is to use a different profile bullet. The 147rn from Gallant can be chambered longer than the magazine will even allow. And this is in my shadows and shadow 2’s.
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