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  1. Production rule Appendix D4 21.6: Sights, firing pins, firing pin retainers, pins, extractors, magazine releases, slide stops, thumb safeties, triggers, hammers, bushings, and ejectors MAY be replaced with OFM or aftermarket parts. Exchange of OFM parts between different models of Production approved guns is allowed. It's legal
  2. I'm certain you're right. I don't follow Enos much and only saw (this) posts by coincidence. Truthfully, I never even thought to ask that kind of question. Thanks for the information though!
  3. I've experienced this same level of extraction issue (with the case sitting in the same spot as the picture) using a 12lb recoil spring, new extractor and new spring. This is on a non-optic shadow 2 however. Under recoil, I've noticed very inconsistent ejection patterns with some going about 6' to my 3-oclock, and others dribbling out of the gun. This could be attributed to not having a good locked out grip but I've also shot this same load with a completely different gun (Beretta M9) and the ejection pattern is consistent enough I could probably put a bucket out to catch the cases
  4. A backup gun has all the spare parts you need.
  5. robertwyatt

    CZ TSO holster

    I use a gx products holster. I don’t find I’m gaining anything on a race holster and the times aren’t enough of a difference for me to make the change. YMMV GX products
  6. I paid $600 in December from Stuart for the entire upper. If you want to sell it for that, I’ll buy it from you right now
  7. Very true. What a crap show that whole thing was.
  8. I take another shadow 2. Barring that, Trigger return spring and a slide stop. If anything else breaks, you're likely boned unless you have a spare gun.
  9. With the blue hammer spring, it will light off everything under the sun.
  10. The bladtech sp01 holster works just fine with a co gun
  11. I have both. I think they both shoot quite well. Having said that, I went with the Shadow2 because I had been shooting it for a year in prod and was comfortable with the controls and how it felt in my hand. YMMV
  12. I'm the same with respect to the trigger. Mostly, I just want my two S2's to be as identical as possible. So I mess with the internals until I achieve that and then leave them be after that.
  13. The shadow 2 is purpose built and you don’t have to do much to get the performance from the gun. The SP01 takes quite a bit of work to make it as nice as a shadow2 For holsters, I would get the shadow2 holster because it will hold the SP01 quite securely
  14. From experience... I have both the shadow 2 and sp01. The blade tech shadow2 holster will work with the SP01 but not the other way round
  15. robertwyatt

    CZ Shadow 2

    I use mine as a field expedient hammer.
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