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  1. This offense occurred at a level 2 match. The shooter commonly shoots the same gun (Shadow 2) in Limited, although not very competitively. Not that the rules care about competitiveness.
  2. Are you seriously taking the fudd stance to "slow down and get your hits?"
  3. I have the same optic and experimented with the 32 MOA ring intially. I have since gone back to just the 2 MOA dot. My issue was that I sometimes would accept marginal sight pictures with the large ring and therefore wasn't happy with my A/C hit percentages.
  4. Barney mag, or load the gun and then top off the magazine. Same as you would do on any platform.
  5. An old saying in the bullseye community was something like "clean scores, dirty bores." Brazos made their name in the bullseye community. Yet it's surprising to everyone that they are experiencing leading issues.
  6. No USPSA consequence. I don't know exactly (easier to just take the mags off then decide to draw a line in the sand), but probably just a stern talking to by your friendly range BOC.
  7. One of our local clubs does not even allow mags on belt in the safe area. They know it's a range rule, not a USPSA one. All other clubs operate normally that you can have mags but cannot handle them (if loaded) in the safe area. RE: Coaching - if I knew the guy I might have given them the look like "hey, are you sure you're ready?" But I probably would not have said anything. If I were the RO I would not have given the make ready command until they had their mags. I want to compete against people at their best, not essentially zero a guy's stage because he made a brain fart.
  8. This is a far more interesting topic, right here. Doesn't the legend go that USPSA brass added the dot requirement for fear that Stoeger would win the first carry optics title w/o a dot gun? I heard this second hand, so don't know for sure.
  9. Caliber conversions cost a lot more on the 1050/1100 than on the 650/750. Most people I know with a 1050 have dedicated it to one caliber.
  10. When I first mounted the 507c, I was using the large circle. I found that I would begin accepting marginal sight pictures and accuracy suffered. Once I switched to just the 2 MOA dot, I never went back.
  11. To be clear, I didn't switch because I wanted to move up in the results. I switched because CO has a lot of appeal, if you want to get into the red dot game and are too poor (cheap) to shoot open. Hammers, Triggers, Gas Pedals, Weight of some newer Prod guns, new interpretations via email from Troy that aren't in the rulebook... should I go on?
  12. I don't know about you, but I don't really want to be buying a new gun every year because the capacity changes and that makes it the new hotness. Sure you can shoot your old trash, but you'd be at a disadvantage. It is the stupidity of the Production rules that made me leave, temporarily. I currently split time between Prod (my 1st love) and CO (my new side chick). Only because of local Prod heat do I even still care.
  13. Don't get me wrong - I advocate that people start reloading. However, to be transparent, there is another cost to consider in order to make 9mm for 10 cents a round. VOLUME. You need to buy primers, powder, bullets by the case. What this means to most people is that although the per round cost is low, the initial cost to acquire high volumes of components is not anything to sneeze at.
  14. If given the choice, I pick the squad with my friends on it 100% of the time. After all, you spend many hours on the range at the match, only shooting for a brief few moments.
  15. That works for Glocks and if you don't actually like running around with a gun. What about other manufacturers
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