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  1. I'll take it one step further. You NEED to have a magazine around, preferably with dummy rounds and snap caps loaded. Drawing the gun closer to "loaded" weight is a lot different, and needs to be part of the way you practice.
  2. TTI pads get 20 rounds of .40, but only 19 reloadable in my experience
  3. I have a friend who does this, and he swears by it.
  4. I don't know who J. Beck is, but his PF is as baller as it gets: 125.01
  5. Around my region, only BOCs shoot stack. There. I said it.
  6. I've loaded over 20k rounds this year on a 550B. It is definitely slower than a 650/1050 but it depends on how long you load in one session. I typically load a few hundred rounds here and there, never more than 500 in one sitting. For that, I don't really see the issue. If I were loading thousands at a time I would likely feel much differently. Full disclosure, I am still considering a 650 with case and bullet feeders. It has more to do with my personal situation (recent child birth) than the fact that the 550 doesn't do what I need it to do. Less time in the garage equals more time with the little one.
  7. I just put the outer belt on, without any velcro inner belt. It's not 100% ideal compared to my full rig, but works well enough for my purposes. I would not want a separate belt just for dryfire unless it was an exact copy of my match rig. That would negate the point of having one, though
  8. What makes this imperative? Lighter trigger pull? Reliability? Something else? I haven't found any issue running the stock striker spring with a lighter recoil spring. Plus, the stock weight striker spring should last longer
  9. Yes, I run a 13lb recoil with stock striker springs. No issue at all in over 5k rounds (probably closer to 10k)
  10. Have shot about 15k ACME 147 FP coated pills in the last 12 months. Have nothing but good things to say, except that rarely... I mean rarely... the coating seems a little thin on the nose
  11. Well I've been a little slow on the updates here. Life has been in the way with the new baby girl, so I have only shot a couple of matches in the last few months. I missed an update after my 8/12 match, so I'll just focus on the most recent, 9/9 match. Showing the stages in the order they were shot, the first stage of the day was thrown out for steel too close. There were also three hits required on each paper. I didn't do fantastic, but I did have a pretty decent showing so I was bummed that the stage was tossed. I also shot it in a little different order than most which yielded a higher hit factor. Probably the reason I was bummed. Movement was also not as crisp as I would have liked. The second stage was a train wreck. I did not give as much attention as needed to the steel popper in the first array. I then kept shooting and moving past the steel toward the next target until I had damn near emptied a mag on it. This threw off my plan by causing me to run to slide lock one round sooner than needed. I then moved into position 2 where I could still engage that target and threw another round at it (missed). That target was delta mike, which killed. The rest of the stage was ok (movement still bad), but there was no way to outrun that. Bad stage, move on. The third stage was a fun one because there were a number of ways to plan it out. I did something a little different by engaging an entire array from the back position. None of the other ten-round guys did this for two reasons: there was a half-size metric from a decent distance away, and you needed to find another spot to engage one of the three front array targets. I was pleased with how this worked out for me, and I was able to shoot that front array target on the move going into the last position. I slowed down too much to get those shots on paper on the move, as I'm still really not comfortable shooting on the move like I should. The forth stage was the classifier 'Six.' It's been a while since I've had a strong classifier so I was pleased with this performance. All alphas in 3.6 seconds. A little slow to first shot, but a decent score none the less. In the same bay, there was a second, mini stage where I felt I had a strong run, but just too many charlies. The final stage of the day was another where I shot too many charlies, although this time on classic targets - which I practice significantly less. I also almost slipped and fell which slowed me down a bit. The day was long and I was tired by this point. Overall, I feel like I am getting to the point in the sport where I find more to critique about my runs than I have generally good things to say. I think this is a good thing and will help me get better, although it can be frustrating when you're almost never happy with a run. I seriously need to work on my movement, shooting on the move, shooting at a position more quickly, and general movement related gains. I don't think that faster splits or a draw are where I'm loosing as much as where I am with movement (at least RIGHT NOW). I struggle hard to dry fire, which has only gotten worse with the birth of my daughter. I have no excuse, but I haven't been practicing. I did finish 2nd in production, but considering who was there I feel I could have (should have) won the division. https://practiscore.com/results/new/1cefec80-c1da-44b7-9887-5194438426ad?q_division=6
  12. Thanks for the comments, guys. I'm just seeing them now but the feedback is appreciated (and justified).
  13. Slightly off topic: although the difference in feel isn't much between 124 and 135, is it different enough between 124 and 147 to warrant using the larger pills? At what weight does the heavy for caliber feeling begin to shine?
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