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  1. TrackCage

    The Journey of TrackCage

    Leading up to this match, I was able to dry fire three times. I’m still learning the new (to me) Tanfo platform, so this was some much-needed time behind the gun. As I had made A class after the last match I shot and feeling as though I was at the A class level even before I classed-up, I went into this match with the goal to beat all other A class shooters. This was a lofty goal, but I felt it was doable. For the record, this is also the best local match with the most Production heat. Although further away, it is likely my favorite match to attend for this reason. Stage 1, A little slow out of the start box after clearing the steel. I know I am at a level where I should be shooting at the open target coming into the shooting area before the port. I still lack a little confidence here, so I opted to take that target while retreating towards the next port/position. If this was not my first stage back after a long break, I feel I would have taken the shots moving in. At the last position, I took too long to engage a wide open, point-blank target, then finished with a leaning shot rather than get low for the port. That worked OK being left-handed. Most others opted to shoot through the port. Overall, not a bad first stage back. I felt good, got my hits. I was 3 seconds slower than the Prod winner, with one more Charlie than he had. Stage 2, A little long to get the gun up in position two. I need to work on being ready to shoot as soon as the target presents itself, or in this case, as soon as I am in the box. Felt good about the speed of my reload moving right to left into the last position. I was less than a second off the pace here and one additional Charlie. Stage 3, Total meltdown here. The stage was an unloaded start with three shots per target. I fumbled the initial load, dropping my mag. I was looking up to get shooting instead of looking my reload all the way into the frame. I then lost my plan a bit and engaged the wrong target, leaving me forced to make a standing reload before getting too far past a target. I lost over 5 seconds here and had one additional Charlie than the Prod winner. One shining piece here is that the setup of this stage got me shooting while moving, something I also struggle to do. Bad stage, but no penalties, move on. Stage 4, This one went OK, but I have some things to work on. Because I was only moving a couple steps at a time, my movement looks (is) slow. Need more explosion here. I also missed my spot slightly causing some dead time, most notably at the end of the stage where I needed to move an extra step to see the last mini popper. I did have a no-shoot here, but also got the hit. I was not too far off the pace here – about a second and a half, and one more Charlie than the winner (in addition to a no-shoot). Stage 5, Baseball Standards. On the one-handed strings, I noticed my shots are going a little low. I don’t think it’s a sighting issue, I’m sure it’s something I am doing. Need more one-hand practice, especially DA first shot with weak hand. Many of my shots were deliberate, but that was ok as it’s a fixed time course. On the 3-reload-3 string, I was slow out of the holster, causing me to only get 5 of the 6 shots off in time. Weak handed I was on target, but basically just slinging lead at the target to make my shots in time. Not ideal. I received a ~64% which is too low to count. Overall, I was pleased with the match. I finished 5th in Production and 38th Overall. I did lose to one A class Prod shooter, who I know I am capable of besting, but beat several M class guys in the process. Given my lack of matches, practice, and dry fire since May, I felt good about this performance. I only had 69% of my hits as Alphas (terrible), although I think Baseball Standards throws that off a little bit. Removing that stage, 79% of my hits were A’s which is something I can live with. I will not use the ‘just came back’ excuse again so it’s time to get back at it and on a practice regimen. I also just bought Ben’s skills and drills reloaded book and have begun to read. https://practiscore.com/results/new/93b09656-bc21-4847-b5e6-33754fdb0f51?q_division=6
  2. TrackCage

    Why are my bullets suddenly tumbling?

    It's the Xtreme bullets. I had this issue early last year on a barrel with ~5k rounds or less. Something changed with Xtreme in recent years and they now seem to ship undersized bullets more than usual. I even reached out and asked them to send me new ones. Still undersized. Have you put a set of calipers on the bullets to see if this is a problem for you? Also have you slugged the barrel? I know you said you're also having an occasional issue with your coated bullets, but I'd ditch the Xtremes if I were you. Also what's your concern about running the coated bullets for larger matches? They certainly aren't lower quality than plated.
  3. TrackCage

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    Maybe el prez will be better rested this time
  4. TrackCage

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    Making conversation sure, but it seems many of those advocating for changes to production aren't the ones who shoot the division. I guess I just see that as strange.
  5. TrackCage

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    And I shouldn't have to change my division to cater to you. Production is pretty popular. Leave it alone...?
  6. TrackCage

    S2 owners, any luck with the 145 grain ACME bullets?

    Why not get a hundred round sample pack before committing to 3k?
  7. TrackCage

    Production Division (Firearm Question)

    I also feel like an unmodified stock 2 is easier to reload than my G34. I tend to catch the edge of the grip frame less often when pushing for reloads at speed.
  8. TrackCage

    Prima SV vs Prima V?

    Interested in this as well. I actually have both V and SV, although I have only loaded V in 9mm. The SV I have only used in 12 ga so far. From another thread on here, there are quite a few who load SV in .40 major, but not many reports in 9mm minor. Hoping to hear what others have to say.
  9. TrackCage

    Production Division (Firearm Question)

    That doesn't seem apples-to-apples. You're comparing a smooth reload to a reload + tap on buttplate? No wonder it's faster
  10. TrackCage

    Production Division (Firearm Question)

    Just stating the obvious because I haven't seen it mentioned yet. For PRODUCTION, single action only guns are not legal. You need either a DA/SA or striker gun.
  11. TrackCage

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    OP, are you Ben Berry?
  12. TrackCage

    Classifier system: a modest proposal

    Fair enough. I for one don't see a huge problem with the percentile model you propose. Don't see it happening, however
  13. TrackCage

    Classifier system: a modest proposal

    Not really true because your classification in one division drags up your classification in other divisions to N minus 1. PCC GMs get to be Ms in all other divisions in which they are classified
  14. TrackCage

    Newb Question re: reload data

    You can find a similar recipe and go from there. In shotshells, you tend to stick to the recipe exactly. Something you don't necessarily do in pistol reloading as there are just so many options out there. Start at the minimum charge or perhaps below that even and work up slowly looking for pressure signs, etc. Given your info, I personally would not be afraid to start with the recipe you used as an example. But I'm just a guy on the internet
  15. TrackCage

    The Journey of TrackCage

    Been a while! Since my last post here my wife and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the family. As such, my hobbies have taken a back seat. I have not been to any matches in the last couple months, nor really any dry fire either. I have fired at the static range a couple times, but not really USPSA style or applicable drills; just some trigger time with a few different guns. Last night I made the effort to carve out some dry fire time. I didn't bring the timer, as I did not want the time pressure. For me, this session was more about getting comfortable again and working on the fundamentals. Mostly draws, reloads, el prez, 4 aces, stuff like that. Going to try and dry fire every day this week as I have high hopes of a match this Sunday. I know I'll be slow and that my dry fire this week won't get me back to where I was overnight, but it'll still be fun.