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  1. I had not considered flashlights for the illumination advantage (versus just weight out front). This will be interesting... Worth buying a new holster, probably not. I, for one, will likely put a mag pouch out front just to see if I like it. Maybe it sticks, maybe not. Aside from stand and shoot classifiers, I don’t think it matters. In my area, mags on barrel stages are somewhat frequent, so the magnet is appealing, but not really a game changer. Re-reading my post, I think the sentiment is clear. These rule changes are a distraction and are not going to ch
  2. This is the most ridiculous reason to hurry ULSC I have ever heard.
  3. You don't need an aftermarket barrel to shoot coated in an OEM Glock barrel. I have probably 50k coated rounds through a barrel or two, without any issues. I've used ACME, Blue, BBI...
  4. Close targets, I might not even be looking through the window for a dot. It might be all index (I'm talking really close her). Easy-ish targets, I'm not really seeing a dot, more of a streak of red. The only time I see a crisp, completely settled dot is far partials or similar. For context, I'm an M in CO. If I were waiting for a laser beam to settle on a target, it would be significantly longer/slower than what I'm currently doing.
  5. If you are staring at a target long enough to see a laser mark on it, you're doing it wrong.
  6. I think that's why they stopped offering subscriptions to new customers temporarily. They claim that subscriber orders are filled more quickly than standard orders, so new customers were likely using this as a method to jump the line. BUT, I too am worried about my subscription. Next case should ship end of Sept, so if there is a two month lag that would put me almost end of year...
  7. A 22LR division would be kinda cool for kids except for the obvious steel knock-down issue and even calling hits in heavily pasted targets. A nice pipe dream, though. Back on topic, I shoot CO and I like it the way it is. I don't want SA guns in the division because soon everyone would have 2011s. I think some of the new rules like weight are silly, but if someone wants to chase 59oz instead of practicing, that's fine. I was not very interested in the division when it was 10rd, but would have been just as happy if it were factory capacity vs 140mm. I don't really like dealing with
  8. Never ordered from BBI but I'm unclear how what you described is their fault? I am a Blue subscriber, and it took 2 weeks from charge to deliver. This was just a few weeks ago.
  9. I mess around a couple times a year back in Prod and can place well, comparably. I was just under M class in Prod before I switched to CO (where I did make M). BUT, I can still see the sights.
  10. I switched form Prod to CO about a year and a couple months ago. I quickly made M in CO. Since then, I've shot only two matches back in Prod and had fun but no desire to go back. The way you can attack a stage is so much different in CO. Im my area, we are seeing quite the swing from Prod to CO, with CO becoming the healthiest division. P.S., I fall into the young and mobile crowd.
  11. I used to shoot a lot of 147s and preferred the feel, but the bottom line was that the timer couldn't tell, and at full speed, I couldn't really either. So back to 125s I went as they were more cost efficient.
  12. I load the morning of, before going to the range. I have enough mags to only have to top off a couple in order to get through the entire match. One less thing to think about
  13. The only gen 5 glock 34 they make is an MOS.
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