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  1. If factory ammo doesn't make 140 PF in all flavors of guns, you've now just turned the sport into a reloaders-only game. While many/most of us reload, this wouldn't be good for the sport.
  2. I found this review to be helpful, although spoiler alert - it convinced me NOT to purchase one.
  3. Sport pistol is terrible, you shouldn't use it
  4. RTS2 and DPP have known, well-documented reliability concerns, when slide mounted (for CO). SRO and Romeo 3 Max are too new to get a holistic view, IMO. I voted for SRO because that's the one I want to work I run a Holosun 507c and have been very happy (and no reliability concerns) in over 6,000 rounds so far.
  5. I haven't found this to be the case in my training. I have 147s and 125s. I *slightly* prefer the 147s so I use those mainly for matches and the 125s for practice. I can notice a difference in sound report but that's about it. Sure if I were shooting tiny groups, I might notice more... but for most drills we do for USPSA type of stuff, the POI isn't much, if any factor in my guns. For another data point, I reload 9mm for $0.092 per round w/ 124 gr and $0.097 w/ 147 gr (shooting coated bullets). This requires buying primers and powder on sale or with free hazmat and bullets 10k at a time. It is not hard to achieve this cost yourself, just requires some up front money and proper planning to stay stocked up.
  6. I like these and agree that they are more of what I would like to see classifiers become. That said, I can see 19-01 and 19-02 shot a lot more just based on ease of setup. We see this a lot of past classifiers already. Everyone sets up the easy ones.
  7. Ding, ding, ding! The whole softer lead/larger size/leading conversation isn't new and has shown up on every Brazos thread I've seen. Yes they were cheaper, but never enough to want to add complexity to my loading process. Now with their pricing model change it's a no brainer. Why anyone would knowingly go down this rabbit hole is beyond me.
  8. I went with a 17 over a 34 when I decided to "just try out" CO back in May 2019. Now that I'm having fun and committing to the division for 2020, I feel I need to have a back up/second gun. Since I went cheap the first time (Brownells slide and Holosun 507C), I'm wondering if I want to go 34 Gen 5 or mill a G17 or G34 slide I already have. Honestly, I like the 17 just fine - although I did bump up my powder charge 1/10th of a grain to make sure I left enough buffer to still make 130 PF. Any lower than that makes me nervous.
  9. This seems low. I can exceed this on my 650 w/ MBF and I'm not pushing for speed. I'm trying something new this year. Reloading in the winter for my entire year's worth of ammo need. Reloading 20k has been not super awesome. If I were to exceed this volume and do it again next winter, I'd be looking at a bigger press/automation.
  10. Probably reholstering/resetting to do another rep of the training drill, is my guess
  11. While I will say it is obviously preferable to have someone certified run the timer, depending on the squad, there have been times where I see uncertified people get involved. These are local club matches and as long as you're keeping safety in mind and obeying the written stage briefing, I think it does more good than harm.
  12. If you allowed optics in SS, I might consider giving it a try. But only if it's part of the existing division, not another division. To be fair, allowing optics would almost certainly force iron sight SS guns to add an optic (assuming the division takes off based on this change).
  13. The challenge to making 40 minor work, is due to SINGLE STACK mag/box restrictions, something you shooting 40 in Limited cannot help with. See bold below
  14. RHT used to offer one for the SJC weight, but now I don't see it on the website any longer. Maybe contact them and see if they can still do it?
  15. Yep, this... or the price was too high on the item, so the hazmat fee didn't make up for the difference. Bummer
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