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  1. Please don't give up on Coated. I hate to see newer reloaders go that route after trying one and only one bullet manufacturers. Their lead is soft, it's documented. Try one of the "big" names and see if your results improve. My guess is they will.
  2. That's not how banner ads work. You don't recruit, an ad server delivers ads based on in-market segments, who pays the post, and many other factors.
  3. I'd like to understand the resistance to banner and sidebar ads. We're used to it on many, if not most, of our internet activity. If it kept this alive, what's the issue? I'd be sad to see some of the extremely useful and niche content here go away, but if I'm being honest, it's not worth paying for. I have been and would only be a 'free' member, at whatever level that looked like.
  4. Its garbage. I had better luck with an OEM minus connector
  5. I'd want to know it was a known, good load (meets PF, doesn't malfunction in other guns, etc.) before I started chasing my tail with the gun. A recoil spring is easy enough to change, but I wouldn't completely dismiss ammo until you confirm it works.
  6. Did this same load work without malfunctions before the gun was milled?
  7. That's just bad planning. If I expect to use two mags on a stage, I'm coming to the line with four.
  8. I was gonna go with Mark Weaver
  9. Once the mag spring wears a little, you'll be fine. I have had this happen on a couple of glock mags when the extensions were brand new. I just ran them at 22 rds a couple dozen times and the problem went away.
  10. I've honestly been happy with my standard bladetech on a BOSS hanger. It's stiff so the draw is repeatable. What more do you need? Not sure I'm seeing what 'benefit' comes from a big name holster manufacturer. Being honest, in USPSA your holster is basically just a gun bucket.
  11. What do you think their goal is by removing associate memberships? They didn't raise the standard rate, so I'm not buying it's purely about money. I wonder if we'll see a spike in lifetime members?
  12. When you move from the far right corner of the box, there is some dwell time as you build up the momentum in your legs to move. Don't slingshot down then back out. Explode out.
  13. Guys have been shoving tungsten putty in glock backstraps (internally) for a while now. Don't see how this is different.
  14. If that's all that happened your first match, I'd say it still went fairly well. Enjoy the ride!
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