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  1. Are you getting the 1200 fps stuff to run well or are you running the hotter STS Nitro stuff? I tried initially after break in to run a box of 1200 fps federal and it did run without malfunction but the shells were barely making it out of the ejection port. I've got another 100 or so 1280 fps round through it since then but I haven't tried 1200 fps again. I was hoping with a few more slightly hotter rounds through it would help with the cycling on the 1200 fps stuff.
  2. After reading 64 pages and searching on my own I haven't been able to answer my own question so..... What's everyone liking for birdshot match ammo in these?
  3. No, it won't. You need this between your handguard and the comp: https://www.a3gmunitions.com/product/a3gmunitions-com-extended-handguard-adapter-for-the-ria-vr80/
  4. No issues for me getting a full 21 into my Legion. With the extra added length it's easier for me to get them to lock in at 21 than the 17 mags since the 17 mags are flush with the magwell when locked in.
  5. Yeah, that monsoon at River Bend sucked! I shot stage 1 when it let up for a minute and then bailed on Stage 2, 3 and 4. I consoled myself with a new X5 Legion on the way home. Now I'm trying to decide between the Apex Forward Set trigger kit and Gray Guns Competition kit for my new Legion. I don't necessarily hate the factory trigger but I've been shooting an M&P with the Apex Forward set flat trigger and it's kind of ruined me. Now the Legion trigger just feels like it has way too much travel all over the place compared to my M&P and it's bugging me so I'm thinking it's time to upgrade and do something about it. The pull weight seems fine it's just the travel distance. I'm sort of leaning towards the Apex just because I know how much it improved my M&P but everyone keeps talking about the gray guns trigger. Which one does a better job with reducing the travel distance, preferably with a nice crisp break?
  6. I used a 3 moa for 6 months. Indoors it's fine, outdoors in bright sunlight it was hard to tell the dot apart from a spec of dirt on the lens especially when shooting fast. You can manage it on a rifle but it's ridiculous on a pistol. That's why the 6 moa. I don't have that problem with the 6.
  7. I've been running 3.9gr of Titegroup for my 9mm Berrys FMJ 124gr loads with Federal Match Primers at 1.1735 OAL and they make 136PF in a 5" barrel. I've got a pound of Cleanshot to try and I'm trying to figure out how the cleanshot matches up. Does anybody know how the 2 powders match up?
  8. So basically DPP or a plate since the Romeo1Pro doesn't look like it's going to be available at the very least anytime this year if not longer. I was afraid of that...2.5 moa is too small and I'm not really sure how I feel about the large triangle reticle.
  9. Seriously considering picking up an X5 Legion and I want to put a dot on it. I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out exactly what is and isn't compatible. As I understand it so far, I can have a Romeo 1 or the Delta Point Pro without adapter plate or most anything else I want if I get an adapter plate to go with it. Correct so far? Second part is as far as the Romeo 1 options. Do I have to wait for the Romeo 1 Pro to finally ship to run without a plate or does the current Romeo 1 also work without a plate? I'd prefer to mount without the plate if I can get away with it but I'd also rather no just throw a bunch of money at optics when I don't really need to!
  10. For $100 it ought to be better than plastic! The shorter rail for the tactical is definitely aluminum.
  11. With the help of a friend traveling in the UK right now I was able to get one ordered from Beretta Europe and he's bringing it home in his suitcase when it shows up over there. It is the E5D864 rail. Right now I've got the dot mounted on the C5F154 1301 Tactical rail on the gun. I basically just drilled a new hole in the tactical rail so that 2 holes line up with the 1301 comp receiver. It's functional for now. Given what Beretta charges for the correct rail in Europe I'm going to be very disappointed if it's not at least gold plated when it shows up! Somebody really needs to start making an aftermarket version of that rail!
  12. Nice....one day perhaps! I'm sure that's not cheap! Not that any of this is cheap to begin with! I got the dot mounted tonight on a rail section. I'm going to try to find the correct rail for the 1301 comp but so far the only place that has it that I've found is Beretta Europe so getting it here is a bit difficult. Until that happens I think the one I've got set up now will be perfectly functional until that happens. It did require a bit of modification to the rail section but I haven't done anything to the receiver so switching the rail sections will be simple. At this point I still need to get to the range and set a zero on the dot. just going off of the front sight I'd say I'm high and right but I'll get that sorted out soon.
  13. Looks like it would work great, unfortunately it's not available from anywhere apparently. Every site including Beretta has it either out of stock or backordered or not available. They do seem awfully proud of that thing too! I think I'll try putting a hole in this one for now and see if it comes back in stock. If it does I may switch but what I'm doing doesn't alter the receiver so I should be able to swap rails easily later. I dunno why I couldn't find that the first time I looked!
  14. So I think I'm onto something. Not going to be as clean as the one in that picture but it's going to work. There are 4 small plastic plugs in the top of the receiver on the 1301 comp. The plugs are not threaded but the holes they are sitting in are. I removed the 2 center most plugs and I'm going to mount the 1301 tactical picatinny rail section to those holes. The screws that come with the rail are plenty long enough to go all the way into the receiver and they match the threads. The only catch is the 2 holes in the rail section don't match up with any combination of holes on the receiver so I'm going to use one of them and drill a 3rd hole into the rail about 1 notch farther down the rail than the existing hole and countersink the hole. It should then bolt up just fine and that leaves the rail available for whatever optic you want to use which in my case is a vortex venom 6 moa. I just need to make sure i put the new hole in the rail in the right place.
  15. How did they mount that? Is it just screwed into the top of the receiver?
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