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  1. Me? Glock makes a magwell for gen 5s. It's awful
  2. Interesting. Thanks for helping me understand
  3. I'm asking about this but I'm sure I worded it wrong. With a stock trigger and a reduced power recoil spring most people need to use a reduced power striker spring to prevent the slide from going out of battery. For example my new Gen 5 45 with a 14# recoil spring the slide goes out of battery when pulling the trigger. Will the reduced striker spring have the same affect with the timney trigger? Or do I need to increase the weight on the reduced power recoil spring ?
  4. Sooo...does a reduced power striker spring have any effect on the recoil spring with the timney? My 14# reduced recoil spring sort of drags when slowly dropped the slide (like the "recoil spring test"). Would a reduced power striker spring have any effect on this with the timney trigger?
  5. I have two for a cz and Glock. Both fit fine and look good. I have a third one the way
  6. The OEM magwell is easily removed. It's a little flimsy.. but it doesn't use screws, just need a punch to push it out
  7. Nice. I shot that match. The 27th is Tuesday. Do you mean 28th?
  8. Is the bar rubbing against the connector?
  9. Any idea how long the trigger spring would Iast and where we can order spares from?
  10. Ooooooohhhhh. I was so confused at the picture I didn't adjust anything with that screw.
  11. I shoot tier 2+ for.. Better stages, more stages, prizes, raffles, vendors, more SOs and staff, more competitors, better competitors, making new friends, shooting with friends, traveling to new places
  12. Correct. You can also go to the IDPA website and I think it will be updated there
  13. Check out the midwest competition works pouches. I have a pair and they're nice. https://instagram.com/midwestcompetitionworks?igshid=cu0mr1q4odv1
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