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  1. I shoot tier 2+ for.. Better stages, more stages, prizes, raffles, vendors, more SOs and staff, more competitors, better competitors, making new friends, shooting with friends, traveling to new places
  2. Correct. You can also go to the IDPA website and I think it will be updated there
  3. Check out the midwest competition works pouches. I have a pair and they're nice. https://instagram.com/midwestcompetitionworks?igshid=cu0mr1q4odv1
  4. Yes. It still needs to fit in the box and make weight
  5. That is correct. You can still use the ten round magazines, but you would have to load it to only 9 rounds
  6. Usually it's only checked at tier 3/4/5 matches and it's done at a certain "stage" in the match with chrono and the rest of the equipment check. The scenario in your last paragraph is fine
  7. Your legion of just fine. SSP without the magwell, ESP with the magwell
  8. Our club is also strict with rules and have pretty interesting stages. I'm sure there could be an SO who isn't strict or knowledgeable on all the rules, but I almost always squad with the same group
  9. Bump to this question Does the P09 with the factory plus 2 base plate fit in the box?
  10. Just get the extended firing pin, firing pin retaining pin, firing pin spring, reduced power trigger return spring and 15# hammer spring from Cajun gun works
  11. For ESP I think the end all rule should be weight and size and that's it. If it makes weight and fits in the box then it counts. Weapon mounted lights, lasers, magwells, weights, tungsten guide rods
  12. I read these are too long to fit in the USPSA mag gauge
  13. The Shadow 2 isn't legal in SSP due to weight. You can mill it to drop weight and it'll be ESP legal. I don't think anyone is shooting a shadow 2 in SSP in major matches. Edit - I don't think the shadow 2 mag release is legal because it's not a SSP legal gun Edit again- I remember reading the shadow 2 is too tall to fit in the box. So there's something else that might be keeping it legal
  14. Some IWB holsters I've bought have done the same but it never caused issues. I think it eventually stopped
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