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  1. Your legion of just fine. SSP without the magwell, ESP with the magwell
  2. Our club is also strict with rules and have pretty interesting stages. I'm sure there could be an SO who isn't strict or knowledgeable on all the rules, but I almost always squad with the same group
  3. Bump to this question Does the P09 with the factory plus 2 base plate fit in the box?
  4. Just get the extended firing pin, firing pin retaining pin, firing pin spring, reduced power trigger return spring and 15# hammer spring from Cajun gun works
  5. For ESP I think the end all rule should be weight and size and that's it. If it makes weight and fits in the box then it counts. Weapon mounted lights, lasers, magwells, weights, tungsten guide rods
  6. I read these are too long to fit in the USPSA mag gauge
  7. The Shadow 2 isn't legal in SSP due to weight. You can mill it to drop weight and it'll be ESP legal. I don't think anyone is shooting a shadow 2 in SSP in major matches. Edit - I don't think the shadow 2 mag release is legal because it's not a SSP legal gun Edit again- I remember reading the shadow 2 is too tall to fit in the box. So there's something else that might be keeping it legal
  8. Some IWB holsters I've bought have done the same but it never caused issues. I think it eventually stopped
  9. The 750 is my first Dillon and first progressive press and I haven't run into any issues or gotchas yet. You should be fine since you're experienced with Dillon already. I did have an issue with primers that I needed to adjust the operating rod bracket and rotate the rod
  10. Where are you guys getting the guide rod from? I'd like to try this with my P09 and P07s
  11. I didn't shoot the PCC match either so what about that PCC stage has to do with air gunning and blind stages? I don't see how it's the match fault some shooters chose to take a penalty because they can't shoot prone weak side
  12. I think what happens is the rod slides out of position and this roller gets caught on the edge
  13. I think I'm having this same issue with the XL750. It's my understanding they share the same or similar primer slide parts. I attached a picture of what mine does. Will the suggestions above be the same for the 750? I have less than 100 rounds loaded on it
  14. I'm getting mine this week but no case feeder. I plan on making a short video when I get the dies set
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