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    Q5 vs standard 5” PPQ slide weights.

    Then you would have no rear sight as they are attached
  2. The Q5 polymer never just made me want to get out and shoot it over the regular PPQ. The SF does. The polymer will serve purpose as back up gun though and I’m sure will still be popular choice for getting into the optic game.
  3. 550 rounds down range with my new SF today. Very smooth shooter. Really like not only the added weight but the grip re design... I’ve been shooting the PPQ 4” mostly for 2 years so coming into this is a whole new ball game. Id recommend if you are on the fence get one. Now is the time if by some chance it wasn’t right for you you’ll be able to off load while demand is high. Though you might as well just make space for it in your safe
  4. So it’s monday. Any new Range reports from weekend?
  5. PokerNGuns

    The Lim Pro's have landed

    What gun smith you getting to do all that? Quotes I’ve gotten are much higher for tuned Tanfo work without including optics cut.
  6. PokerNGuns

    The Lim Pro's have landed

    Looks like IFG Defiant Limited Pro Small frame is 8.7” overall length. Would work for IDPA requirements of 8.75”. The large frame lists as 8.8” and would be too long. May be something to keep in mind.
  7. Sportsman Outdoors List is $1549 but shows out of stock
  8. Not calling any guns out just generally speaking in terms of striker fire are generally easier to maintain in my experience. Sending to gun smith really referring to trigger job more than anything but could apply to needing to be tuned as well.
  9. For someone that’s been eyeing a Steel frame gun this may be a winner. Reliability of striker fire with ready to go trigger without having to send off to a gun smith first thing. Price will be competitive after things settle down. I’ve been running Walther for 2 years now and if realibility is the same it will save money in long run versus other steel guns.
  10. PokerNGuns

    Tanfo Stock 1-Tuned

    What did the trigger weights come in at from PD?
  11. PokerNGuns


    I gave Peak a try this year as option beside freedom/AE/reloading. May have just got bad run, but had issues with case sizing. Went through remaining amount I had with Dillon case gauge and culled out about 8%. Ones that gauge ran and chrond nice, just be aware this is possible.
  12. PokerNGuns

    LimPro to be imported by IFG in 2018

    Any updated timeframe on the IFG lim pro release?
  13. PokerNGuns

    PPQ guide rods

    BT guide rod works fine. Glock Gen 3 lone wolf also works for long slides
  14. Is there another option for a rear sight on the Q5 yet? Or is that called a red dot haha
  15. Could you have gone lower than this without damaging the sight? If it's not too much trouble I'd like to see an after picture looking through. Thanks.