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  1. Did you ever try change in guide rod/spring weight?
  2. Good deal, I knew it would right after shot a level 2 haha
  3. Probably 1/8” deep also..eyeballed it to match factory.
  4. https://www.zrtacticalsolutions.com/shop/walther-ppq-uncaptured-stainless-guide-rod/
  5. ZR Tactical uncaptured works well after drill hole in back. Running with Wilson 13# flat wire right now. Also went back in with springco trigger spring. I slowly filed on the trigger safety until it was much easier to disengage without the perfect trigger placement but also will still pass safety inspection with ease for matches.
  6. Mine also shows slight chip and has more magazine play than poly Q5. Be curious what you find out. Mine went to Walther early on but no real discovery as their factory tested ammo worked. I and others have had much better luck after changing recoil guide and spring so could be masking the friction issue?
  7. Most any PPQ guide rod will work. Just drill same size hole as back of one in SF (1/8” worked for me). When I re-assemble the pistol I do have to kind of push down on the take down lever to get to snap into place but it’s ran flawless, including 6 stage match this past weekend. BT guide rod ZR Tactical
  8. Yes ...a modified guide rod is needed in my opinion. The first I did was a BT guide rod and captured spring it comes with and this was already way better then stock SF spring. I’ll have my other ready soon with 13# soon and really looking forward to it.
  9. I tried Springco and then drilled into a BT Guide Rod. The Glock Gen 3 rod I have is a no go.
  10. For those using Springco or center hole cut guide rods: any issues with takedown level not going completely closed after assembled? Operation seems fine but with but options for me the take down lever is up maybe 10-15degrees. Havnt lived fired with either yet.
  11. 135TC and 147 RN for me. Did you run your factory spring any before switching to 13lb? There have been a few others post about these issues on FB and even saw a YouTube review with stove pipes. It’s just uncharacteristic for a Walther to be ammo picky IMHO.
  12. Be curious to know what ammo your running and are you getting good plunk test/case gauge results. My SF ejects pretty inconsistent compared to other factory sprung guns with power factors from 130-144. Any weakness in grip and it’s a gamble to experience a failure to eject/stovepipe. In fact when I tried to bench test for accuracy it stove pipes every time. Clean/not clean doesn’t seem to matter. With death grip and 138pf loads I didn’t have any trouble at recent match except for when it was required to shoot from retention and I had to slam back of slide each shot to chamber. I’ve varied OAL 1.10-1.47 for tests. All test loads work good in Q5 polymer. I’m going to have to get a guide rod made and see if that elimantes issues completely.
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