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  1. The load I’m loading right now calls for 3.38gr powder. Setting up the powder measure I dropped several batches of 10 loads onto my scale and once dialed in always got 33.7-33.8gr. Now I’ll do 5 drops and double it. Getting to be overkill at this point. It just comes down to when your comfortable with results especially when switching to new machine.
  2. Haven’t had any trouble with the 3D ramp on mine using 9mm. I did with the initial spring system that was installed, luckily ramp was included. Flawless since. I’m using the mechanical powder measure on my Evo w Autodrive and it’s been great. I’d read some posts prior to its arrival about issues (although those look to be from old designs mainly) so I have been checking at the beginning and ending of each session and it’s been really consistent with titegroup that I use.
  3. Looks like Carbon arms. I just installed one on shooters connection belt and wondering why I didn’t look this up when I was shooting 3-gun. http://www.carbonarms.us/Belt-Ratchet-Kit.html
  4. Dillon replaced the parts and shipped them quick this time.
  5. Recently moved from 650 to RL1100. Lit tube of 90+ off. I had been loving upgrade and was working through a few thousand poor head stamped brass. Didn’t blow until I started moving handle up so not sure if primer got turned wrong and pinched when either shell plate or primer slide started moving. Though I hadn’t hit the deep clean mark I was blowing debris off on primer refills. There are several posts on this with 650/1050 but have not came across one with the Evolution yet. I could deal with single primer if it was rare but anymore full tubes may draw to much attention for where I’m located.
  6. What about silicon carbide on replaceable grip panels for SSP? Weighs below 2oz, similar to grip tape. Seems just as similar as adding aftermarket panels that may appear like same material but aren’t
  7. For those with evolution, Are there any differences in primer feed designs that would reduce the risk of lighting off a whole tube of primers?
  8. Like the GPS bags as well, I have the Tall Backpack with one of there 10 round pistol mag carrier inside.
  9. There will be some effect on sales. Guns are still very competitive just may not be that extra option of a Contingency program to push someone over the edge to make a purchase between a Walther and Competitor X.
  10. Walther says that site should be available to drop in for the 5” soon.
  11. Initial impressions are good. Built like a Ox, super smooth. Feels like an upgrade from manufacturing standpoint. Dillon offers a trial period of 30 days so I’d say go for it. Reason for my investment was for time savings long term. I want to shoot same amount but spend less time reloading (2nd kid on way soon). Once I get used to the ins and outs of the RL1100 I plan to automate and I didn’t feel 650 was the best option for that.
  12. Set up my RL1100 today on shortest notch...smooth and easy for 9mm...upgraded from 650 so I can’t speak to the 1050 travel distance. Guess you could always custom adjust it yourself and find whatever balance of distance vs effort you are looking for.
  13. Got the call for mine today for 9mm. I preordered in October
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