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  1. Mine increased from a 4 at the end of 2018 to a 7 last month. I reload and shoot coated bullets and on pace for most shooting I’ve done since I started reloading in 2013. These numbers are way below a industrial environment but in an effort to reduce the trend i now keep a stock of dLead wipes in my range bag and by my door exiting my reloading room to use before I go wash my hands, along with more cautious approach to on range eating/drinking. Also need to think about those around you especially children to make sure everyone is informed.
  2. Poly Q5 will eat anything with factory setup no matter bullet size and any Pf from 128-140(probably higher) in my experience. Q5 Sf on other hand needs some competition refinement. Everyone I have talked to since gun came out in January and I got mine has had some issue usually FTE. Most cases have been with reloaded ammo that “works fine” in other guns including poly Q5. My fix was a 13lb Wilson flat wire on a ZR tactical PPQ guide rod with 1/8” hole drilled in back. Running uncapatured like this may be the reason I have a slight chip on muzzle end of frame that guide rod/spring sits on so decide for your self if it’s worth it. I have had this setup since March and have run 147,135 and now 125 Blue Bullets in same PF range. Model Gun: Q5 SF Bullet Weight: 125gr BlueBullets Power Factor: 134-136 Encountering Issues: None Recoil Spring: ZR Tactical
  3. A friend drove up last year on Thursday and got in just taking a chance and was able to shoot fri/sat....seems like there was some bad weather on East coast that prevented people from coming.
  4. Have you ever listened to a podcast about USPSA and not heard complaints about rules? I personally like both despite flaws that exist in each, including this confusion over “Worlds” slot distributions.
  5. Anyone get emails today? Sitting with 19 with no word. However, looks like some are squading tomorrow with 19 according to FB posts.
  6. So I recently ran out of Liquid Grip and decided to try Pro Grip. Very first practice session last week my grip is covered in residue. Liquid grip never did that for me in the last 2 years of using it on variety of grip texture. Residue doesn’t matter to me though so I’m going to keep testing the Pro Grip now as initial grip impression was good. They are cheap enough, test them all or try a friends.
  7. Call Bill @MasterTac .thats a pretty crunch time limit but good option for SF holster may be worth a shot
  8. Did you ever try change in guide rod/spring weight?
  9. Good deal, I knew it would right after shot a level 2 haha
  10. Probably 1/8” deep also..eyeballed it to match factory.
  11. https://www.zrtacticalsolutions.com/shop/walther-ppq-uncaptured-stainless-guide-rod/
  12. ZR Tactical uncaptured works well after drill hole in back. Running with Wilson 13# flat wire right now. Also went back in with springco trigger spring. I slowly filed on the trigger safety until it was much easier to disengage without the perfect trigger placement but also will still pass safety inspection with ease for matches.
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