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  1. Shouldn’t be falling on index drop with good setup, but possible I guess. Challenge for the sensor/program would be adjustment factors of how far your laser goes over the bullet to reflect correct on mirror..Eventually the seating die lowering would break the laser and you would never truly get 100% “protection” if a bullet was to topple at the very end.
  2. Further takedown Is essentially same as Poly...few differences around takedown area but if you follow Walthers PPQ complete disassembly video you can do it.
  3. Tried without spring? All I have is wedge and no feed issues. 9mm in my case.
  4. This...Belt cover and swag sense won’t work currently. The RL1100 has more material added to swag block than 1050...Always best to call/email Mark 7 though as they are working to adapt parts.
  5. Earlier you said sizing is good after station 2. Your expanding prior to powder drop like I do. I would check you expansion after powder measure incase you have it to low and it is adding flare....after that seating bullet should have little affect as long as bullet is aligned decent. How consistent is your crimp measuring at the end? Seen/read several that fight gauge issues that are from inconsistent crimp/loose die
  6. Nice... Earls shop always been good to work with. Now if they just get in those Q4 SF new rear sight...
  7. MM do you have any pictures of final location of setscrew? You lo tote it in there?
  8. After testing both at friends I went with Hellcat. My brother went with the Sig despite shooting Springfields in competition. The guns are so close in features it just comes down to preference. I liked the little beefier grip of the Hellcat along with better sights imo.
  9. The load I’m loading right now calls for 3.38gr powder. Setting up the powder measure I dropped several batches of 10 loads onto my scale and once dialed in always got 33.7-33.8gr. Now I’ll do 5 drops and double it. Getting to be overkill at this point. It just comes down to when your comfortable with results especially when switching to new machine.
  10. Haven’t had any trouble with the 3D ramp on mine using 9mm. I did with the initial spring system that was installed, luckily ramp was included. Flawless since. I’m using the mechanical powder measure on my Evo w Autodrive and it’s been great. I’d read some posts prior to its arrival about issues (although those look to be from old designs mainly) so I have been checking at the beginning and ending of each session and it’s been really consistent with titegroup that I use.
  11. Looks like Carbon arms. I just installed one on shooters connection belt and wondering why I didn’t look this up when I was shooting 3-gun. http://www.carbonarms.us/Belt-Ratchet-Kit.html
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