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  1. Thanks. I may do that. Regardless, getting myself ready more quickly is also something I should work on.
  2. I do end up being the first shooters because of alphabetical order. Except my very first match, I am always the 1st or 2nd shooter at some stage. A few times when the stage was big, I knew I was not ready but time was up. Like the reload-at-buzzer screw-up last match, I was the 2nd shooter. But that's part of the game and not an excuse for my screw-up...
  3. Thanks. You are absolutely right. In fact I had realized this from my earlier screw-up. And I try to remind myself to relax. Then I forget this from time to time. What really frustrated me this time was why on earth did I go for reload at the buzzer. Where did that come from....
  4. Yes I realized I need that, among other things. When the ammo situation improves I will do that.
  5. That is one lesson I took from this. The number of lessons keep adding up -- that's what deflated me.
  6. I am new to competition (and shooting in general). I now had 12 matches, and screwed up in each and every one of them. The mistakes include newbie ones like "never saw a target and never planned for it", "forget my stage planning and missed 2 last targets", "take my eyes off target too quickly and have Mikes on the closest targets", yada yada... They frustrated me a great deal. But I am determined not to repeat the same mistake twice --- so far I have done that. The most frustrating part is I keep finding new ways to screw things up. In my last match at a big stage, I had planned things carefully. But the moment the buzzer went off, my right-hand drew the pistol (of course). And in the most inexplicable fashion, my left hand grabbed a loaded mag from my waist and went into a reload motion. As my two hands started to meet to shoot the first target, I was confused: "WTF do I have a mag in my left hand?!!!" In a panic reaction, I dropped the mag and proceeded to shoot the stage. Of course, at the end of the stage when I went for my 2nd reload, my left hand found nothing on my waist. With great embarrassment and everyone watching, I ran back the stage to pick up my dropped mag at the start position -- a good 25+ yards away. Never ever in any dry-fire practices or matches did I ever go for a reload at the draw. I could not understand what made me do that. I am utterly frustrated by my creativity to come up with new ways to screw things up in every match.
  7. This can happen to Sig P320, where the take down lever also serves the purpose of slide stop. I only heard it happen to competition shooters using very low power recoil spring though.
  8. I have 30k rounds in my X5 and 15k in X5 Legion. Both hold up just fine. (Amazingly I have absolute ZERO stoppage in both pistols from day 0.) The little striker reset spring inside the striker assembly will deform and look bad pretty quickly though -- I would say 6-8k rounds. It is $5 to replace if you don't want to replace the entire striker assembly.
  9. I run it stock. (With a Romeo1Pro 6 MOA and comp-tac holster ofc)
  10. A few more pix FYI. Zev is on the left; OEM right. Target is 6".
  11. I got P320 X5 barrel from Zev. It looks good. I don't know its mechanical accuracy. Did 25 yd off hand shooting, the accuracy is about the same, in my hands, as the stock X5 barrel.
  12. I feel isolated, because I find the factory grips perfectly fine for me....
  13. Exactly what I went through --- can't get Q5 SF to run properly and gave up on Walther factory. Now I switched to CZ. I had also debated about Shadow Custom or Target. I ended up getting neither. What I eventually get is: Shadow RDS (91158) and before they ship I asked CZC to do the custom work exactly as in Shadow Custom. In the end it is a Shadow Custom RDS and cheaper than Shadow Target. I can switch between iron sight and red dot whenever I want. To me this is a much better value than Target. (The rear sight is elevation adjustable. So it is as good as the fully adjustable in Target.)
  14. Here is the final episode of my Q5 SF: Walther sent me a video of the technician test firing the pistol. He fired 4 different types of ammo (115 and 124gr), each with one mag 15 rounds, and found no issue. The pistol is deemed good and they will send it back to me. I called the service number and tried to explain my problem -- I wrote a detailed description when I sent it in The lady answering the phone was impatient. -- She kept saying "if he can't find an issue he can't fix it." -- When I said the issue won't occur in 60 rounds, it occurs every 200-ish round. She said, "Ammo is hard to come by and we don't have ammo to shoot that many rounds". -- She then said, "maybe it is fatigue. Shooter's fatigue. Not pistol". I admit this got me agitated. -- I said, try steel ammo. It will fail every mag. She said "we don't shoot steel". -- When I said this is not an uncommon problem, and people on forum have various ways of "fixing" it. In particular, Mr. Keith White's extra power extractor spring seems to be able to fix it in many cases. She said, "I suggest you try his spring. And if it works, it is fixed." -- When I said "I have bought Mr. White's spring. But for a $1500 pistol, the factory should be responsible for its reliability with factory ammo. Not customer's job to do so." She responded "Failure in every 200-300 rounds is acceptable." This was when I finally got upset. I said, then how come my CZ, Glock, Mp9, Sig can all go on 10,000 rounds without issues and your $1500 pistol can go no more than 300? -- To this, she returned to "Well if he can't find it he can't fix it." And "we don't have ammo to fire 300 rounds." I realized we were in a loop that won't go anywhere. So this is it. I will receive it back. I will try Keith White's spring. If it works, I will continue to use it for range gun. I will never purchase another Walther product. I know one customer is not important to a big enterprise like Walther. But to me, this is a principle and I will stick to it. For a drastic comparison, my Sig P320 X5 has eaten through all kinds of factory ammo nearly 40,000 rounds without a single issue.
  15. Thank you all for the suggestions. I did order the spring from Keith White. (He is nice to deal with.) However, it's been 2 weeks and I haven't received it. I know USPS is failing me -- somehow my luck with this Q5 SF is simply lacking. Without the new spring to try, I packed it up last night and sent it to Walther today. I will let you know what happens. Hearing the advices, some of which came from pro shooters, gave me mixed feelings. On one hand it's comforting to know it can be fixed by changing parts. On the other hand, it's a little sad to know a $1500 pistol can not run reliably out of factory. I was really giving up on it. But as I was packing it last night, I held it in my hand, and, once again, instantly love how it balances and fits my hand. If only it can run reliably, sigh.... Thank you all again.
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