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  1. Oh.. that's something different... Do you have parts to swap to see if it is the slide or FCU that causes this?
  2. If this only happens when you rack the slide by hand and not very forcefully, then it is not entirely uncommon. It does not affect shooting and generally goes away after a while. Try a different grip module -- it may/may not make a difference.
  3. 10 lb main spring does sound like on the light side of things. Perhaps try a heavier spring and see? IMHO the Accushadow2 is pretty amped up by CZ custom. I would just run it "stock".
  4. D_B_X

    P320 X5 Legion Mags

    I heard the same about the ACT mags and then bought a couple when I had a chance. After a while I must say the ACT is not as good as Sig OEM. It is still decent, but I trust Sig OEM more.
  5. I have S2 OR from CZ-USA. (Bought it when it first came out.) Later I acquired S1 with CZC optic cut and rear sight plate. CZC cut works great. Absolutely no complaints.
  6. Not exactly to your spec but close: CZ Custom semi compact, 3.7" barrel, 16 round, DA/SA with safety, https://czcustom.com/new-firearms/cz-pistols-custom/cz-75-semi-compact-9mm-custom-1858.html CZ custom can add optic cut when you order. It can come with rear sight plate so that you can switch between RDS or iron whenever you want.
  7. Get BOTH. No seriously, get BOTH. Because... Why not.
  8. For medium price range, I think Sig Romeo1 Pro (not the original Romeo1) is excellent, for its good window size, easy control, great reliability and dot options (3MOA or 6MOA).
  9. Looks like it. I will give it a try. Thanks.
  10. Does any one know what grips are on the since-discontinued CZ75 SP01 Shadow Target II? https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-75-sp-01-shadow-target-ii-9mm-cz-custom I handled one in my LGS and liked the more aggressive checkering on it. Anywhere to buy it? I quickly browsed CZC website and didn't see one.
  11. Thanks. I may do that. Regardless, getting myself ready more quickly is also something I should work on.
  12. I do end up being the first shooters because of alphabetical order. Except my very first match, I am always the 1st or 2nd shooter at some stage. A few times when the stage was big, I knew I was not ready but time was up. Like the reload-at-buzzer screw-up last match, I was the 2nd shooter. But that's part of the game and not an excuse for my screw-up...
  13. Thanks. You are absolutely right. In fact I had realized this from my earlier screw-up. And I try to remind myself to relax. Then I forget this from time to time. What really frustrated me this time was why on earth did I go for reload at the buzzer. Where did that come from....
  14. Yes I realized I need that, among other things. When the ammo situation improves I will do that.
  15. That is one lesson I took from this. The number of lessons keep adding up -- that's what deflated me.
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