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  1. Here is the final episode of my Q5 SF: Walther sent me a video of the technician test firing the pistol. He fired 4 different types of ammo (115 and 124gr), each with one mag 15 rounds, and found no issue. The pistol is deemed good and they will send it back to me. I called the service number and tried to explain my problem -- I wrote a detailed description when I sent it in The lady answering the phone was impatient. -- She kept saying "if he can't find an issue he can't fix it." -- When I said the issue won't occur in 60 rounds, it occurs every 200-ish round. She s
  2. Thank you all for the suggestions. I did order the spring from Keith White. (He is nice to deal with.) However, it's been 2 weeks and I haven't received it. I know USPS is failing me -- somehow my luck with this Q5 SF is simply lacking. Without the new spring to try, I packed it up last night and sent it to Walther today. I will let you know what happens. Hearing the advices, some of which came from pro shooters, gave me mixed feelings. On one hand it's comforting to know it can be fixed by changing parts. On the other hand, it's a little sad to know a $1500 pistol can not run reli
  3. Thanks for the information. Although I have already ordered the stronger extractor spring from Keith, I think I will send the pistol back to Walther and see what they can do about it. This consistent failure really bothers me, especially when it happens to every brand of ammo I have run. At the same time all of my other pistols (including polymer PPQ) have no complaints about any ammo.
  4. Is "frequent cleaning" a well known fact to run Q5 SF smoothly? I want to make sure. To be honest if it is, I am a little turned off. I always keep my pistols clean. But it is because I want to, not I have to.
  5. Hi thanks for all the advices. I will try Keith's extra power spring. However, I couldn't understand how a stock part does not function with most factory ammo. If so shouldn't that part be replaced/fixed by the manufacturer (in this case Walther)?
  6. Hi all I want to ask some opinions/help. I acquired a new Q5 SF in May. I like it so much that after the first day of shooting it I decided to switch from Sig P320 X5 and shoot IDPA/USPSA with it. I put 2,000 rounds in one month to train, and in June the day before my first planned match with it, its striker broke. To me this is very unusual because nothing like this ever happened. I posted here for help too. Got in touch with Walther and they sent me a new striker assembly. So that issue is resolved. The issue I am asking is the malfunction I experience, mostly extraction/double
  7. The standard optic plates for P10 C/F would work perfectly well for S2 OR.
  8. Called Walther. They sent me a form for warranty service. Sent in the broken striker assembly. Got in the mail today from Walther a brand new striker assembly free of charge. It took a while but I can't complain about the service.
  9. I used snap cap a little when I started to learn shooting. I stopped using it after realizing its cost can quickly be much more than a new striker. I think my case is an isolated incident. It is on its way back to Walther. Meanwhile I will get a spare (or two).
  10. Thanks. I went through their website earlier but didn't find it. I will try calling them, and Walther too, on Monday.
  11. Does anyone know where to buy a firing pin/striker pin for Q5 SF? I recently acquired a new Q5 SF. I love it so much that I decided to use for competition. However, just before tomorrow's match I discovered that the firing pin/striker pin is broken. I did a quick search and am not sure where to buy a new one. Any help would be much appreciated. (To be honest I am quite surprised by this. I have had it for only 1 month and put about 2,500 rounds through.)
  12. I find the Legion trigger to be more than adequate. I do have GG triggers (plural) in my regular P320's but for competition I stubbornly keep my X5 Legion stock.
  13. D_B_X

    X5 Legion

    I have. My limited experience with L&L has been good.
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