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  1. This is why I carry a backup psa bcg complete and 5 extra firing pins whenever I shoot pcc. Its a pain in the @ss!
  2. Atlas or Akai are just a step up past CKarms in my opinion but that is all it is. It’s just an opinion on 3 great companies that are separated by the slightest hair in quality.
  3. I have the original non-island dvc and absolutely love the fit and quality. I am interested in anyone sees a significant difference in tracking though.
  4. Was at a major and we had Manny Bragg there making custom molded in ear protection with your own choice of colors. This was two years ago andghey still fit perfectly and once they’re in everything else is silent. Check your local majors for someone molding, for $60 you’ll be a happy dude
  5. I like red on my fiber optic sights but green on all my scopes.
  6. I run the daa premium belt, ghost ultimate holster, 1 magnet, 3 mag pouches....all daa. Never had any issues with my dvc limited being secured whatsoever.
  7. I’ve recently purchased the gps tactical backpack and wish I did earlier. It holds everything you’ll need and 3 guns. I only bring 2 and use the spare gun bag for all my mags. I’m not a small guy and it fits perfect on my back too.
  8. DQs happen, it’s part of learning. Good for you to stay the match and RO many people just leave when they DQ. It’s bad etiquette to bail on your squad.
  9. 9 is pretty impressive, that’s a stage win in its own way
  10. Hell yea just focusing on one discipline at a time makes the rule swaps easier
  11. I count shots fir idpa but not really uspsa. I always make sure I reload while moving to another position in the middle of a stage
  12. Johnny Walker Double Black and a couple friends
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