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  1. beta1759

    CO optic

    2.5 moa dot or 7.5 moa delta.
  2. spot on. same experience for me. felt so right, i sold my EVO and got the E2.
  3. Same experience for me. highly recommended. I think this grip is going to take a lot of business from PT now that they have an aggressive texture.
  4. Taran Tactical springs/follower/basepad.
  5. I have the STI Gen2 magazines (5 of them) with TTI internals. I have had zero issues with them. They all hold 21 rds of 40sw and are loadable.
  6. yup, ask the gym and tell them your kid is training to be a cop
  7. I had the PT EVO, until i was able to find someone who had the E2 that i could try. I ended up switching to the E2. It just fits in my hand better. Its more contoured and gives me a higher grip angle. I felt i could grip it better/more naturally.
  8. 12lb wolff variable in my DVC Limited
  9. I would suggest replacing the springs. I used the TTI springs/Follower/basepad and get 21 with every mag (40 cal 140mm). Depending on how many rds you shoot a year, you might want to replace the springs 1x or 2x a year.
  10. In regards to the STI DVC Limited with the "Island Barrel" vs the previous DVC Limited non-island barrel, they took half an ounce out of the slide and "added it" it to the barrel.
  11. Polish the feedramp and tune the magazines.
  12. I bought the VX-6 1-6 for my 3 gun rifle. Awesome glass , built rugged but lightweight, and a forgiving eyebox. Plus the lifetime Leupold warranty doesnt hurt Buy once cry once.
  13. Assuming the classifiers are known before hand, its pretty easy to figure out how fast/accurate you need to shoot to make X classification since the result you need to get is known. Lets use CM 18-04 (30 pt stage) as an example. Shooting all Alphas, to make B you will need a HF of 3.7516 which means you will need to be able to do it in 8.00 seconds. Now go try that in dryfire. Now you have a baseline/feel for what is required. Don't think you can shoot all Alphas in 8 seconds? lets say you are going to shoot all C's (MAJOR) for 24/30 pts. To make B, you have to be able to shoot all Charlies in 6.4 seconds. My biggest issue with classifiers is that i felt like i need to shoot fast, without ever knowing the math of what i need to hits/time. Once you can quantify what you need to do for the expected results you want, then "all you need to do" is drill those in dry/live fire.
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