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  1. Prana Zion Pants. Super comfortable, stretchy, and light weight. Fabric details The original Stretch 'Zion' fabric with durable water repellent (DWR) finish Quick dry stretch performance fabric Abrasion resistant UPF 50+ Mesh pockets Ventilated inseam gusset Angled dual entry cargo pocket Streamlined adjustable waistband Roll-up leg snaps https://www.prana.com/p/stretch-zion-pant/M4ST99116.html?dwvar_M4ST99116_color=Cargo Green
  2. IF you were able to buy from Leupold directly, it would be at MSRP ($520). Which is more than the 'street price' of $399.
  3. Not disagreeing you with, but Nils is currently shooting CO and has photos of DPPs on his Caniks with his awards from matches on his instagram page. Regardless, the DPP was still the top choice at 2017 and 2018 nationals for CO.
  4. According to the product services representative at Leupold I spoke with, this has been resolved. There was a batch of switches from their supplier that caused a small increase in returns due to the battery contacts sliding. Those switches have been identified and scrapped. All units current being repaired or manufactured will have the same trusted switches that have been in the DPPs for the last 5 years. The DPP has been the top Optics in CO for the last 2 years at Nationals. Not to mention you have top guys like Christian Sailer and Nils Jonasson who both run them on their guns and im fairly certain they have long/frequent range sessions. To say that it isn't trustworthy is simply not true.
  5. Christian Sailer seems to be doing well with his DeltaPoint Pro. It has everything you have mentioned as a requirement.
  6. mine didnt need any fitting ( i have 2 of them on STI frames). I just upgraded the magwells to the new XL magwell which is similar in function to the Limcats. So far so good.
  7. Not Rudy Sponsored, but i have the rimless. Works great.
  8. beta1759

    CO optic

    2.5 moa dot or 7.5 moa delta.
  9. spot on. same experience for me. felt so right, i sold my EVO and got the E2.
  10. Same experience for me. highly recommended. I think this grip is going to take a lot of business from PT now that they have an aggressive texture.
  11. Taran Tactical springs/follower/basepad.
  12. I have the STI Gen2 magazines (5 of them) with TTI internals. I have had zero issues with them. They all hold 21 rds of 40sw and are loadable.
  13. yup, ask the gym and tell them your kid is training to be a cop
  14. I had the PT EVO, until i was able to find someone who had the E2 that i could try. I ended up switching to the E2. It just fits in my hand better. Its more contoured and gives me a higher grip angle. I felt i could grip it better/more naturally.
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