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  1. beta1759

    How long is too long for 2011?

    Polish the feedramp and tune the magazines.
  2. beta1759

    3-Gun scopes~ my list help me decide~

    I bought the VX-6 1-6 for my 3 gun rifle. Awesome glass , built rugged but lightweight, and a forgiving eyebox. Plus the lifetime Leupold warranty doesnt hurt Buy once cry once.
  3. beta1759

    Shooting classifiers

    Assuming the classifiers are known before hand, its pretty easy to figure out how fast/accurate you need to shoot to make X classification since the result you need to get is known. Lets use CM 18-04 (30 pt stage) as an example. Shooting all Alphas, to make B you will need a HF of 3.7516 which means you will need to be able to do it in 8.00 seconds. Now go try that in dryfire. Now you have a baseline/feel for what is required. Don't think you can shoot all Alphas in 8 seconds? lets say you are going to shoot all C's (MAJOR) for 24/30 pts. To make B, you have to be able to shoot all Charlies in 6.4 seconds. My biggest issue with classifiers is that i felt like i need to shoot fast, without ever knowing the math of what i need to hits/time. Once you can quantify what you need to do for the expected results you want, then "all you need to do" is drill those in dry/live fire.
  4. stealing from Bassham here, post match analyst should be... 1. What did you do well 2. what do you need to improve on 3. what are you going to do about it
  5. beta1759

    Does anyone use variable springs?

    I shoot a 12lb variable out of my limited gun. It "seemed" to shoot flatter than the conventional 12lb spring i had in there. Best to just buy some of different weights and try it! they are cheap!
  6. beta1759

    Dryfire question

    great point! Proper grip in dryfire is CRITICAL!
  7. beta1759

    Something you should never do before a match....

    Putting in new untested parts
  8. beta1759

    Training Arm Muscles for Extended Pistol

    make you are also train the antagonist muscles (especially with grip) or you are going to get tendonitis. Place a rubber band around your fingers and open your hand will help with prevention,
  9. beta1759


  10. beta1759


    the "new" DVC Limited with the island barrel is pretty awesome honestly.
  11. beta1759

    Front Serrations on TSO (Lack of it)

    yup! Or send it off to a competent gunsmith to add serrations.
  12. beta1759

    Holster belt questions

    + 1 buy once, cry once!
  13. beta1759

    Deltapoint or RMR

    + 1 on DPP
  14. I had a "long" break between sept and Dec from shooting. I have only shot 2 matches since Dec. So going into those matches I had very little expectation. Interestingly enough, i did exceptionally well on the first stage on both matches....then proceeded to bomb the second stage. I think just going into the first stage with the mentality that im just gonna shoot the targets, use my front sight, and just enjoying the fact im shooting a stage really removed all the bs related to performance. as Lanny Bassham says, i 'trusted, instead of tried'.