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  1. Yep. It happened on both a "1.0" .40SW pro 5" and a "1.0" .40SW compact for me. Sad if they haven't fixed it with the 2.0. I doubt they will charge you anything to repair it. They sent me shipping labels and replaced them free of charge. Annoying to have the guns gone for a month, but oh well. I would estimate that it happens around the 10000 round mark. I'm not sure if using the slide release function at the end of reloads or the force of stopping the slide for last round hold open that causes them to break. I would be interested to know if the ones that are breaking are other .40's or 9's. Maybe it is part of the reason they went to the weaker green recoil spring on 9mm's after a period of time?
  2. Exactly....I think as long as you accept the pistol's limitations you can do great things with it. You aren't going to have the fastest split times or the most a's on 25+ yard targets compared to an equally skilled cz/tanfo shooter. I feel like the light guns do draw/point a bit faster though, and it's second only to glock in terms of holster/sight/accessory choices. I do enjoy the reliability of the M&P too, and can get away with rarely cleaning them. The most fun competitive shooting I've had so far is shooting an m&p compact for a few months in IDPA ccp with .40 minor bunny farts, managed to classify expert with it (I know, I know, IDPA).
  3. It just depends on what you want to do in my opinion. If you want to win at all costs you should probably go with the metal gun. It seems pretty obvious at this point that CZs and tanfos are better for USPSA production, but depending on how good you are it probably won't make that much of a difference vs shooting a long slide glock or M&P. Just look at David Sevigny and Robert Vogel, two of the best shooters in the country. They've won a lot of stuff using glocks, and the m&p is more or less the same thing (I know people will step in and blast me for saying that). It'll probably take a little more work to be as good with an M&P as you would've been with CZ or tanfo, even with learning the first shot DA pull on the DA/SA guns. If you just enjoy m&p's for some reason, I'd say shoot those. If you've shot 2011's you probably know what you prefer. I have very little experience with the DA/SA guns, but they seem basically like lighter, less tricked out 2011's after the first shot. Me, I've accepted that B class will probably be my ceiling, I have a bunch of M&P's and the tools/gear for them, so I'll stick with them. Shooting in USPSA with them is kind of like taking a ford taurus to the drag strip, but sometimes that can still be fun. As the old cliche goes, it's the indian not the arrow though. I think you could be very competitive with either in local matches with enough dedication. I don't think you'd even be asking this unless you enjoy M&P's, or you have one as an EDC or something. If so I say just shoot it for fun in production. If you wanna game hard just shoot the 2011.
  4. No, I haven't seen a 2.0 core yet on their website yet either.
  5. Anyone found the 2.0 5" 9mm pro (11820) in stock online?
  6. Hello, I recently moved to Alaska and picked up a S&W 629 w/ 5" barrel full lug. There is a local club and I am wondering if I can shoot this gun in USPSA? I am not great at competitive shooting and have done 3 or 4 USPSA matches with production semi autos (years ago) and a few dozen IDPA matches w/ SSP semi autos. I have never shot revolver competitively. I am wondering if I can shoot the 629 in revolver major with .44 specials (I think I can judging by ammo power factor calculations and my limited understanding of the rules). I have a safariland OWB holster for it, 5 HKS speedloaders, and 5 kydex speedloader pouches. This gives me 36 rounds, and from looking at my local club's recent stages, I will need all 5 reloads pretty regularly. Can anyone with a better grasp of the rules tell me if I can shoot this. I fully expect to be the slowest shooter but I am working on my dry fire and reloads with Steve Anderson's book. I know it's not a gamer gun at all but I just wanted to use USPSA to help gain proficiency and have some fun since it is my trail gun. I also have a 327 8 shot but it had to be left in the L48 for now, might have it shipped to me later. It's probably a better option overall to just shoot minor with that, luckily all the gear is cross-compatible. Thanks in advance. -Narwhal
  7. I was curious about the 2.0 since I mainly shoot a 2.0 9mm full size now. Thanks!
  8. I have read that the M&P full size 4.25" barrel can fit in the IDPA CCP box. The main issue would be the height dimension, which is limited to 5.375" for the box. S&W specs the M&P full at 5.5" height. Obviously since it is smaller than the other specs like length I imagine it could tilt a little bit to fit, but I'm not sure. Has anyone tried fitting it in a CCP box? I also read that people have used 10 round magazines and shaved down the baseplates to make it fit (I don't have any 10 round mags but I assume they are used because the bottom of the full sized's 10 round mags doesn't actually touch the mag spring and can be shaved without consequence). Would shaving down the takedown tool's base also be necessary? Sorry, I suck and can't hack it in SSP so I need to shoot a full sized gun in the mouse gun division . Just don't want to get a FTDR or w/e if I shot the gun in the wrong division.
  9. Got the new followers from brownells today and they seemed to have solved the problem. The geometry of that lip on the front-top-left of the new ones is significantly different - it seems to extend much less high, so it seems like it has a lot less chance of sliding past the slide stop. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Hi, a quick question: I have an M&P 40 compact that I like to shoot in IDPA CCP. .40 minor was getting a bit expensive so I bought a 9mm conversion barrel and some 9mm compact magazines. To my disappointment, I find that 9mm magazines only drop free from slide lock about half the time in this gun. What's happening is, the notch on the slide stop that gets lifted up by the magazine follower isn't always getting completely lifted up after the last round, instead the follower is slipping past it, creating a situation where the follower is wedged against the slide stop, which results in enough friction to prevent a clean drop. Is there any workaround? All 5 of my 9mm compact magazaines do it, but not all the time. For some reason it runs flawlessly w/ .40 mags and with .40 in general. For some reason full sized 9mm magazines do drop free, but they're too big to use in competition.
  11. Asking for a friend - Let's say during the course of a match someone is walking around with an otherwise clear weapon except they have an empty magazine inserted - either due to an R.O. oversight after shooting a stage or because the shooter inserted one for some reason between stages. Is this a DQ for the shooter? Thanks.
  12. I haven't been able to get a definite answer on whether or not the Apex F.ailure R.esistant E.xtractor is compatible with the 2.0. Apex doesn't list it under "2.0" items on its website, so I'm guessing not.
  13. Yeah, that was the first thing I did. I removed the extractor and deep cleaned it 3 times but it had no effect on the frequency of failure to extract malfunctions. I normally clean the extractor claw w/o removing it during routine cleanings as well. Removed it, soaked it in powder solvent for a few hours, scrubbed it with a brass brush, finished it off with q-tips/pipe cleaners, made sure it was dry and carbon free then put it back together. I also cleaned the extractor channel on the slide thoroughly each time and even removed the striker/cleaned the striker channel. Nothing helped. Shot a regional level match with it, starting clean as a whistle and it did it again about 120 rounds in (7th malfunction in 1300 rounds despite 3 extractor cleanings over that period), which was the last straw before I sent it back.
  14. My 2.0 started failing to extract. It did it 7 times between 2k & 3,200 rounds fired, about once every 150 rounds. Factory ammo; HST, Speer lawman, Win White Box, Atlanta Arms, etc. I sent it back and will see if they can fix it. Just thought I'd share. A few other people on other sites having the same type of problem. Mine is a 4.25 2.0 9mm with no external safeties.
  15. With the new 2017 rules, has it changed to where if you classify in CCP you could shoot a sanctioned match in SSP? The match admin guide still says you need a current classification in your division, but the rulebook says your semi auto classification applies to all semi auto divisions.
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