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  1. ***Public Announcement *** Just to clear up our previous comment about time frame for fitting barrels...... I fully understand now why some companies absolutely refuse to give help and advise on “gunsmith fit” or “fitting required” parts. I would like like to say that times will vary on install based on your competency and familiarity of how the barrel and slide relationship work. Furthermore some people are awesome with dremel tools and others might be nervous and stick with a hand file..... with that said your times will vary. With using hand tools ( dremel, bench top polisher/ grinder, and files ) we’ve seen the 10 min mark a pretty good common timeline ( we highly recommend a mill with DRO for precise fitting). However we do this day in and day out and have a full working knowledge of these guns. We’ve spent 8 months and many of you provided slides or measurements which we can’t thank you enough to produce these barrels. At the end of the day as listed on the website product page and pacakaging these are gunsmith fit and fitting is required. As always we’re here for you guys and appreciate your continued support! Carry on weekend polishers!
  2. highly doubt it as they weight more than a Stock II....... but thanks to technology anything is possible.
  3. So word on the Italian streets is we can expect the new IFG Defiant Master series of guns to hit stateside sometime late summer of 2019. We can also expect small/large frame versions in all the cool kid calibers. The "production" model which is the Defiant Stock Master will come with the hard chrome finish, while the Defiant Limited Master is supposedly coming with a two tone black slide, and dark grey frame. Attached pics are of the two models they had at SHOT Show this past January.... We built this same gun spec about 3 yrs ago and i can tell you it shoots flat! To catch those up to speed below are the specs- Basically a Stock III Bull Barrel Factory lightning cuts Production model DA/SA Hard Chrome Limited model SA only with magwell two tone Will be approved for USPSA and IPSC competitions
  4. I cant say if the barrels you buy from EAA for the stock II or III are drop in or not because they're never in stock. I can tell you the 6" barrels that are cut down and threaded for compensators need rear hood fitting that come from EAA. Long story short we can do the majority of the fitting for you and will be offering this service in the near future.
  5. this was our reasoning exactly...... there are some guns on the loose end of the tolerance spectrum that these will probably drop into. We took the average of about 20 guns and based over numbers off what we saw coming from the factory.
  6. this is correct....... it takes about 10 mins with just hand tools..... its really fun also
  7. promise you everything is CNC machined.... no belt sanders here.
  8. I can assure you it'll be way cheaper than the $300 + dollars the factory barrels go for from EAA.....Plus you wont have to spend an additional $40 to send it to us to have it reamed to proper length......
  9. This was based off using it in a gold team application...... since the domina does not have the required taper the gold team slide would require.
  10. Sounds like you got it.... but always go a coil at a time ........ less is more with these guns
  11. Munch, its perfectly fine to cut the dead coils off each end on the hammer springs. For some reason the depth of hammer spring pockets flucate on some guns for some unknown reason. When we created these we took the average depth across 10 guns to determine OAL. Usaully getting rid of the dead coils on each end will get you full travel.
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