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  1. Was on the EAA web site and they had some aluminum grips reduced to $72.
  2. You show unavailable for your SA triggers. When will they be available?

  3. ColloRosso

    CZ models

    Grabagun shows one in stock.
  4. When LOK grips didn't work on my stock 3, I bought a set of lava grips. For $35 I thought I'd take a chance. Glad I did. They were a tight fit and I had to relieve the right panel screw hole and screw head recess not to cross thread the screw. Once on the pistol they don't move or flex. Shot with them yesterday and they stayed tight. Very aggressive texture. I have callused hands so I liked that. I could actually feel them. They do have them for large frame, round trigger guard.
  5. I'm doing it wrong. I thought it was olive oil?
  6. I'm not up on all the Tanfoglio frame differences, but I'm wondering if the compitition large frame is slightly different from the other large frames and LOK doesn't realize it.
  7. Called LOK and told them the second pair fit like the first. They said send them both for a full refund. I told them no, send me a set for a shadow 2 and don't worry about the $10 difference (the Tanfo's were $10 more). Ordered a set of lava grips and got them in a few days. Very tight fit. Wound up reliving the screw hole and screw head relief slightly on the right panel to not cross thread. Not as thin as the LOK's, but thinner than the wood it came with. They're like skateboard tape in texture and feel great in the hand. They flex a little out of the package, but can't feel any once m
  8. Slug the barrel. Loading coated bullets you want .001" larger.
  9. I think I'll try a set and let everybody how they work. Hennings are out of stock anyway. $35 won't kill me and I'll have cash to order a Dawson F.O. front sight so I can tell where I'm pointing the muzzle!
  10. Thanks all. One screw would probably be just fine... if your tolerances were perfect. There's a few thousandths gap between the leading edge of the grip cutout in the frame and the same edge of the raised surface of the grip that drops into it. With the screw snug, you can put your thumbs on the top and bottom of the grip and pivot the grip fore and aft. I'm not familiar with G10 and don't know what would stick to it to fill the gap. Nothing bad to say about LOK grips! I have a set on a CZ SP-01 that fit perfect. They sent out another set the day after I spoke with them and sent a return
  11. New stock 3 owner and the first thing I wanted to do was replace the wood grips for something thinner. Ordered some thin G10 grips from LOK grips. Very nicely made, but after a few rounds it felt like the gun was moving in my hand... and it was. The grips were pivoting slightly fore and aft on the screw. Contacted LOK and they sent another pair. I'm afraid they're no better. LOK sent a prepaid envelope for a full refund. Anyway, can you guys recommend grips that will fit or is this a hit or miss proposition with Tanfoglio?
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