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  1. they actually are way more functional than you think.......we where surprised once we got hands on.
  2. That’s called having stroke....... Ol’man Tanfo made one call and they came running.
  3. Update on the new IFG Tanfo's....... Talked with IFG and Massimo (owner of Tanfo) and they plan on completing the paperwork to turn into USPSA for the Defiant Stock Master to be approved on the production list..... this should be approved in the next 3-4 weeks according to them. So far we've been impressed with this new line from IFG/Tanfo. The guns really balance well and shoot phenomenally flat. I think we have a winner that may de-thrown the Stock II folks.
  4. looks great! Keep us informed how the optic holds up
  5. Hoping to have you finished by the end of the week, headed back to you no later than the beginning of next.
  6. Slides are really hard to get a hold of.... we've had 6 or so on order from EAA for more than a year now. They seem to only get a very limited number in if any at all as or recent. Fear not, something is in the works.
  7. Those look great, we greatly appreciate your support!
  8. These new guns are indeed the Bull Barrel, or Cone Target Barrel as Tanfoglio calls it. I've always liked the way these guns feel and handle so i was a fan boy from the start. You can expect pretty much the same machine finish from what was previous imported by EAA. However i've seen slightly lighter and smoother DA numbers and the SA seems to be a little less take up as well. Over all, i think this could easily de-thrown the Stock II as the sought after Tanfo state side. The hard chrome was a pleasant surprise to the model they showed at SHOT SHOW last year with the standard blui
  9. All you guys are awesome! We cant begin to thank y'all enough for the business, support, and kind words. Customer service is not an easy field to dabble in but having customers like y'all make it that much more rewarding. Its easy to get bogged down and focus on the negative in things. We're not perfect and sometimes items get overlooked or items go out of stock for longer than we would like. You have my word that we'll do everything possible to make it right and make sure you feel that you do matter to us..... because you DO! Thanks gain for the support and continued business! -J
  10. Pretty happy with them...... a few small tweaks in both models as well as some material removal to lighten them up some and we’re good to go.
  11. Head of the plunger is a bear to get done correctly
  12. Appreciate the rest of you guys vouching for us. We work hard for this community to get quality parts out and take the time to answer countless emails and phone calls daily. We appreciate y’all more than you know.
  13. Apologize on the lack of comms back to you sir. We’ve had hell with emails in the past going to junk and being sent to spam. While that’s no excuse please never hesitate to call the shop and we’ll be happy to take the time to talk with you.
  14. It’s hit or miss on quality or uniformity from Tanfo...... with that said the drag is more than likely the rough lathe work on the trigger bar plunger rod and the ID of the trigger bar plunger head.
  15. ***Public Announcement *** Just to clear up our previous comment about time frame for fitting barrels...... I fully understand now why some companies absolutely refuse to give help and advise on “gunsmith fit” or “fitting required” parts. I would like like to say that times will vary on install based on your competency and familiarity of how the barrel and slide relationship work. Furthermore some people are awesome with dremel tools and others might be nervous and stick with a hand file..... with that said your times will vary. With using hand tools ( drem
  16. highly doubt it as they weight more than a Stock II....... but thanks to technology anything is possible.
  17. So word on the Italian streets is we can expect the new IFG Defiant Master series of guns to hit stateside sometime late summer of 2019. We can also expect small/large frame versions in all the cool kid calibers. The "production" model which is the Defiant Stock Master will come with the hard chrome finish, while the Defiant Limited Master is supposedly coming with a two tone black slide, and dark grey frame. Attached pics are of the two models they had at SHOT Show this past January.... We built this same gun spec about 3 yrs ago and i can tell you it shoots flat! To catch those u
  18. I cant say if the barrels you buy from EAA for the stock II or III are drop in or not because they're never in stock. I can tell you the 6" barrels that are cut down and threaded for compensators need rear hood fitting that come from EAA. Long story short we can do the majority of the fitting for you and will be offering this service in the near future.
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