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  1. Really? It isn't allowable to ask interest about a platform in certain configuration if the parts had been available. I don't have some secret pile of gold. It's hypothetical. I wanna know what's stopping people.
  2. At first I would have agreed that $4700 is steep, but have since changed my stance slightly. The Domina comes with all the parts your probably gonna buy anyway, two optic mounts, an RTS2 copy Optic, supposedly pre stroked, bull barrel, better comp?( Idk). Like 3-5 mags with base pads and a 170 mag. Also the only way to achieve that comp into frame look is by using a GT/S2 slide in Limited/S3 frame. Which basically means buy 2 guns to build 1. Unless you take all the time to source each part. Good luck. The real issue is Tanfo already has gate way, walk on in, easy as pie, open capable guns, but the parts are not there yet so market hasnt invented itself. It's merely been a toe dip into the pool of possibilities. Everyone got the GT and that's it. V12 is a pain. But the play form has huge potential. I believe in the platform so much, I believe we could see a market flop. As in start seeing way more guns in open Like Berettas, CZs, Tanfos, etc and Winning. Of course there is no open market for any of those 3 like the 2011. There's no parts! Can't market.....nothing. so I think as more parts come available More will want to melt faces for $3000 or less in open. Reliably. Plus Tanfos are also about as damn modular as it gets. And almost all parts can prefit or drop in. I Can rebuild any tanfo, at a safe table, from a full schematic disassemble between stages. Can you do that with a 2011? Doubt it.
  3. Or Have @PatriotDefense build you a real Tanfo open gun! I've got three there right now!
  4. Also let's say a tiny subsidiary custom open Tanfo shop opened that ONLY did per order tanfos. No contact web based or linked to another. This is also "pretend"
  5. This is all "pretend" but I need you guys to answer solid, truthful, and what you thoughts are. ****Admin create Yes/No pole if possible**** and room to explain reasons. MANUFACTURERS, AND COMPANY'S DO NOT COMMENT!!! ( Let's say (pretend) I've got a whole bunch of threaded bull barrels just spun up match grade...the beesknees. But then I blow your face away by also saying more universal and I also have a pile of NOT GT comps. Both sizes and items fit, limited, S2, and Gold team. Let's "pretend" I'm not going to release this stuff or even begun designing únill I've got a bunch of input. Also don't get too excited yet. This is purely hypothetical. What if you could buy a GT, ditch the v12 and factory barrel and drop parts readily available, simpler than 2011, as fast, soft ect and at almost 1/2 the price of a Domina or aNY Custom? Who would be like F*** yeah!!! And actually buy a Tanfo open gun. If a pretend package was available? Like I'm gonna just say GT 2k and open package 600. So let's just pretend about 3k you have a shorty or middy that's simpler than a 2011, same stroke length, and all the same damn benefits. In? Or Out. Even if you don't shoot or plan on open let's hear some weigh ins. Pretend I won the lottery. But let's not get over zealous or make assumptions. I sincerely am baffled. If the parts are there, for a BETTER, SIMPLER, platform wouldn't people build, or is the 2011 thing a followers fad and it's just had more market so everyone is worried about taking a chance and just plays follower? Pioneer
  6. So what's the verdict and what's Goin on?
  7. It's because of that @PatriotDefense loyalty yo! Just kidding but if you do; I guess you'll have to let us all know what you think! More products to market is a good thing.
  8. OI am planning on continuing to add to this topic. I wish an ADMIN would Sticky or keep on top. Lots of helpful info here. @BrianEnos
  9. It's a little more than that but at the same time pretty much it. Have Joe @PatriotDefense spin you up a threaded 9mm limited barrel and then add, fit comp, fit barrel (or have Joe do it) and tune extractor. If you get to that point post up and I'll be happy to guide. I won't do endless PMs/DMs any more unless your gonna tell me about Turkish prison. (Joke)
  10. I'm a fan of the henning. And have put it through years of abuse but bigger...yes. happen.
  11. First off, some one send me a Toni System mag well to try. Seriously. Pay pal what ever. 2nd I'm excited and invite any new product for tanfoglios to market. Why not? I'd be super happy with a big a** mag well! Lim cat inside style baby! With a big sunofgun front lip to anchor pinky against. Oops there I go having ideas again. I've heard rumors and I think I know. It's a custom builder and he like short heavy stuff. Vote on this one guys think about it. Why the hell not? I say do it up. @kneelingatlas
  12. Not long. Don't forget you guys can send in your current slides for cuts too. If desired in mean time. Lots coming. Patients....I know it's hard trust me.
  13. We will have to just wait and see! I don't know all of that detail as of now; I apologize. I just know you can trust which ever way @PatriotDefense decides to sell them, it will be fair, affordable, and options available. As far as time frame idk. I'm just as excited lol
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