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  1. Send to me for proper disposal
  2. I've been trying to get him to do that for a while now
  3. Yeah having to do anything really out side of timing and threading a straight barrel comp is probably unnecessary.
  4. Why not? Domina is just a straight walled barrel. You could just use a domina comp, dill tap frame, and use probably any Tanfo comp by cuting cone portion off. Index off longer guide rod or pin it like Domina comp.
  5. I wonder if some one could just build something similar? Maybe better?
  6. Think Limited frame, GT topend, domina comp, and regular barrel. I wish I could see top of slide. Popple holes?
  7. They did. This is what was sent to me from a friend.
  8. I will do that. I'm waiting for another response email.
  9. I really wondered if the rumors were true, and if I wanted to spread the info as I do not think they will last long, once stateside. I was informed from multiple individual's at shot show EAA was said to FINALLY bring in the Domina after much tease from the Italians. At Shot EAA claimed "within 6 months." I wanted to have a more definite answer so I went straight to the horse. I am still emailing further questions with "clay" about what price point and possible included accessories. It is a possibility it may come set up much like the GT X. Dot, Mount, Racker, grips, mag well ect. At this point I would like to believe it will actually happen....
  10. Hey I think I know that guy. Same guy asked TF to make those base pads.
  11. I have not experienced it with any of my magazines. I've heard it happening with some 2011 magazines.
  12. No, they are made to correct issues. Like buldged cases. Also size further down the brass.
  13. Undersizing Die. Or one could use a push through Die like a bulge busting kit. Makes your brass have a smaller OD.
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