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  1. I have not heard of others doing so, but I have done it. I won't detail but it was scary. Yes, lapped by hand and feels like that golden ball bearing feeling that is warm and fuzzy. Slide will not come off tipped up and down, oiled, and all parts removed.
  2. First off if you value your barrel lugs get rid of the webbing. The stop the barrel from properly bedding down. Also .356 is the magic number. Yall doing it wrong jk
  3. Still not sure what to think of these. I'm disappointed but still kinda want one.
  4. I tried to use the Única botton for one match. Took it off after stage 1. Too long for my hand it seems to be.
  5. The gentleman at J&L is a very nice guy. Glad to hear you are enjoying your grips. I personally am a (also biased) fan of the Patriot Defense grips. Thin with crazy traction. My Second Pick is the Única Grips. It's a hard toss up.
  6. Yes, break bottom of breech face carefully. Also; to ad to Memphis, polish under side of slide. It rides over the rounds and drags them back and forth. Especially with new stiff mag springs.
  7. Per John... I too would love a Stock Master Upper on a Limited master Lower. Then All Chrome baby!
  8. Really? It isn't allowable to ask interest about a platform in certain configuration if the parts had been available. I don't have some secret pile of gold. It's hypothetical. I wanna know what's stopping people.
  9. At first I would have agreed that $4700 is steep, but have since changed my stance slightly. The Domina comes with all the parts your probably gonna buy anyway, two optic mounts, an RTS2 copy Optic, supposedly pre stroked, bull barrel, better comp?( Idk). Like 3-5 mags with base pads and a 170 mag. Also the only way to achieve that comp into frame look is by using a GT/S2 slide in Limited/S3 frame. Which basically means buy 2 guns to build 1. Unless you take all the time to source each part. Good luck. The real issue is Tanfo already has gate way, walk on in, easy as pie, open capa
  10. Or Have @PatriotDefense build you a real Tanfo open gun! I've got three there right now!
  11. Also let's say a tiny subsidiary custom open Tanfo shop opened that ONLY did per order tanfos. No contact web based or linked to another. This is also "pretend"
  12. This is all "pretend" but I need you guys to answer solid, truthful, and what you thoughts are. ****Admin create Yes/No pole if possible**** and room to explain reasons. MANUFACTURERS, AND COMPANY'S DO NOT COMMENT!!! ( Let's say (pretend) I've got a whole bunch of threaded bull barrels just spun up match grade...the beesknees. But then I blow your face away by also saying more universal and I also have a pile of NOT GT comps. Both sizes and items fit, limited, S2, and Gold team. Let's "pretend" I'm not going to release this stuff or even begun designing únil
  13. So what's the verdict and what's Goin on?
  14. It's because of that @PatriotDefense loyalty yo! Just kidding but if you do; I guess you'll have to let us all know what you think! More products to market is a good thing.
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