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  1. Apolo

    Stock 2 will not work with BOLO

    And by "take some material" I just made mine a little shinier and it did the trick. Very little had to come off for my Gen 2 trigger bar.
  2. Mike and I went through this ^ just waiting for update on running. EAA actually told him to trim coils...just no....no.
  3. Also adding the extreme sear was a large improvement. It gave back a stronger reset and my factory sear was noticeably worn. Turns out there is a use for those part's
  4. The angle is indeed different. I had to go with the Stock hammer spring. I kept my trigger right at 2lbs. I am very happy. The 14lb spring was too light at 1.4lbs. What I actually found what was happening is the angle was causing the longer PD springs to actually grab against top of frame strut hole. Not allowing full swing. It did not do this with the skinnier 14lb spring and shorter stock spring. There is a "ledge" inside the frame strut hole that it catches on. If you force the hammer back any way you can see the spring will deform. I had to not just polish, but remove this ledge. Once done, I also had to soften the strut edges and top that holds spring a good bit to prevent binding.
  5. Apolo

    Tanfoglio for open?

    Looking forward to it. I have the V12 I think about as good as it gets. It definitely leaves some to be desired.
  6. Apolo

    Tanfoglio for open?

    How do you like the new design? Are you going to follow the same pattern as the CZs
  7. Apolo

    Tanfoglio for open?

    right, But I Mean With The Factory Ammo Barrel I sent you.
  8. Apolo

    Tanfoglio for open?

    With my barrel?
  9. Apolo

    Tanfoglio for open?

    just an update. The 170 big stick and Gold Team performed flawlessly tonight at a club match.
  10. Apolo

    Footwear options for 2018

    I'm a big fan of the way the Salmons lace up and fit but I do not like how fast they wear out. I looked at a few other options and some have the real large lugs like the Salmons and Innov8s but the toe box looks like it offers little stability. Like mesh and I could see my toe going through the side
  11. Apolo

    Tanfoglio for open?

    A very talented tig welding friend of mine. I do plan on sending him more mags. I have an idea, since there isn't really and 170 base pad options I thought about having a couple made that are equal to 170, with a 140 base pad attached.
  12. Apolo

    Tanfoglio for open?

    Just had this done and its beautiful. Testing to come. 2 K9 mags. With plastic stock base pad it's 170. With the metal pad shown it's over just a tad, but I'm gonna practice with the metal pad to avoid damage.
  13. Apolo

    Opinions on a new red dot

  14. Apolo

    New Secret Red Dot?

    What is the mounting pattern and who makes a mount?
  15. Apolo

    Opinions on a new red dot

    10k plus on a R3 and no issues so far. I do wish they had a 6moa dot. Other wise mine has been bashed horribly by brass and it's held up.