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  1. Makes me sad the S3 is over looked. Still my favorite tanfoglio.
  2. I use the same recoil spring for Major and steel loads. 8lbs in V12. Really loving my 2 port V4 lately. It has genuinely suprised me.
  3. Exclusively, no. But I do really enjoy some where around 6g AA7 and a 115. Crazy soft for steel.
  4. I've used CFE, HS6, Power Pistol, and AA7.
  5. Custom size is what Patriot Defense labels the shorter grips for mag well.
  6. Ap15 does 15% off entire order
  7. I like it too but it is crazy concussive and flashy
  8. I run the 9 major Tanfos.
  9. Man...I feel like I've gone over it 100 times lol. Now I know how @kneelingatlas must feel. Ask away. There is very specific things that need to happen to make the 9mm/38s GT run. As far as mags, I have 38S and 9mm mags. Three 170s and seven 140s. And a whole lot of K40 140s. All 3 170 are different. Factory EAA, MBX, and a welded one made by a friend. I can't get the EAA 170 to run at all. Given up on it. It's made for 38s and I've owned 2 of them. The welded one holds 30+1 and fits guage. Runs 100% when clean and fresh sprung. The MBX has been running 100% and holds 29+1. The 140 K9 mags 100% and the K38s in 140 configuration are 90%. Not sure I could totally trust them yet in a match. I am also loading out the 1.1610 with a 115g DG Bullet to make that happen.
  10. You can spend more but you won't get more. DG Bullets. And an additional 15% is just sweet from a small local company. Code "ts15"
  11. Good news. I love them and have been pushing them to 1500 FPS+ with zero issue. And from a Tanfo V12. I have been running them for a bit now. I run and have run the 115g with CFE, AA7, Power Pistol and will be doing more load development with other powders. They have been very accurate, leading hasn't been an issue, and no splitting. Also he runs the coating a little thicker and it doesn't rub off on your hands on in bullet feeder. Excellent Write John. I'm sure DG appreciates it. DG is local to me and small, but looking into doing match and stage sponsorship to get word out. So support the little guys. Dave has taken a lot of time to listen to us in doing QC and making sure things are beyond satisfactory. Dave is also a shooter. He shoots IDPA and USPSA. lives near Waupaca WI. Orders come fast!
  12. Yes, why wait for black Friday when DG offers 15% all the time. I've been running the 115g in 9 major at 1500fps+ with zero issues.
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