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  1. Be sure to let us know if you do try a SAO unica. I will be purchasing another Única hammer and it will be a DA/SA heavy version again.
  2. "Butt Plugs" I got a good chuckle. As far as I know, no one mags grip slugs for them. Also 18lb recoil spring? That's fairly heavy.
  3. Thumb rest is DAA adjustable.
  4. Joe @PatriotDefense did it. That s3 was also convertable into an open gun too. PS...tanfoglio 40 slides will run 9mm barrels and 9mm all day long with the extractor tuned right.
  5. The S3 imo is the most underated tanfoglio. I own an S3 and Limited both in 40. I found my S3 to be just as soft and flat. If you buy an S3 you can swap the slide from your Limited and to S3 frame and have a bull barrel and heavier frame.
  6. Absolutely. Just here to help. And hopefully fast track some people to success with the Tanfoglio open guns. Did the experimentingredients for you.
  7. So there is a limiting pad on the extractor. For 9 major I have found the pad to be too long, and factory spring too weak. This pad, NOT the hook, can be filed down to allow the extractor to hold the case tighter. I adjust this pad and add a Extra power Extractor spring to ensure proper extraction. Also some times adding a small angle to ejector helps. The Hammer hole can be touchy.. this is essentially only if you're having binding issues with the Única hammer. The unica hammer indexes back further and can cause serious binding issue. As you may know, not every tanfo frame is exactly the same. My frame and the ones I've seen have a ledge inside the holes. This ledge was limiting the strut for and aft movement not allowing the hammer to fully swing and index. I removed this ledge, ONLY the ledge on the rear side twords beaver tail. I'm brave and used a dremel. Then polish hole. Test by removing and adding hammer as you go to test. I have not found it to happen with, Titan, Delta, EGW, and or extreme hammers. Only the Unica.
  8. Apolo

    sps vista

    Thinking about picking one of these up just for giggles. Everyone still happy with theirs? Anyone have any idea what the cone comp threads are? Will they accept a steel grip?
  9. I liked the 10lb spring for my S3 in 40 and Limited in 40.
  10. V12 loads I've used Current. 8.8 HS6. DG Bullets 115g CCI magnum primers OAL 1.14 11.3 AA7. DG Bullets 115g Winchester Primers. 1.16 CFE. Very hard to V12 115g major. Blows primers out. Not recommended
  11. Comps. Not in order of preference. Just explained. V12 - pros. Flat and short. Points fast. Light. Cons. More powder, loud, hand hit. Durso - pros. Soft, less powder, less hand hit. Cons. Some may not like length. Heavier. Recoil wobbles (ymmv) V4 (V12 minus 8 popple holes) Pros. fairly flat. Light. Less powder. less hand hit. Tracked well with no wobbles. Works well in conjuction with limited slide Cons. ? V10 with straight 5/32 holes Pros. Flattest, short, point fast. Less hand hit than v12 Cons. Powder comparable to v12. Custom and not factory. 3 port- to be continued...one is on order.
  12. Hammers. Preference in order 1. Delta SAO (xtreme?) - shortest hooks for SAO. Light so requires heavier spring or softer primers. Makes up for it with excellent break. 2. Unica DA/SA - heavy and best index for reliability but takes some fitment. 3.Titan - heavy, drops in, and easily combo with bolo. But longer hooks in SAO. Due to hook length, I can feel sear drag on hook before break or disengagement. Hooks Almost bump this hammer down the list behind EGW. 4. EGW - light, through hard, short hooks like Delta SAO. Excellent trigger pull achievable. Tunning needed. Does not work with a disco. Requires heavy hammer spring for reliability. 5. Factory SAO heart hammer - longer hooks. More friction due to full width hooks. More contact on sear. Medium weight. Doesn't not allow disco. Longer reset. Good trigger achievable but will leave something to be desired.
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