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  1. I'm a network engineer, I don't find time; I make it
  2. Custom barrel, as in length, full fit, and ream. Ordered, threaded, reamed, and cut by J&L but then I had to fit it to gun Twice due to tightening and I ordered it too long. The barrel "peanut" is even fit tighter in this gun. I am Partnering with Patriot Defense beginning this year and am here to help answer questions too. I am hopeing to be trying a brass set of the new PD aggressive grips in thin mag well version.
  3. I won't List Project Alice''s specs because she is going to be continually evolving for awhile. But "Lima" i will list. I'm starting to love this build and can't wait to do #2 and #3. I have a pile of Tanfoglio stuff and would like to do what for me; (hard pause) would be a super build using all the sexy new products coming out from Patriot Defense. I know for a fact we are gonna keep seeing new products role out! I'm excited I think it would be ideal to one day offer a Tanfoglio open build kit like carver custom does for glocks. Let's keep Tanfoglio and Patriot Defense on top! Here's the latest and best so far check it out! This thing is gonna eat! This build parts list: GT heavy frame Limited slide J&L custom barrel 3 Port EGD comp Cone fit G.R. EGD Magwel EGD Brass Pro Grips Xtreme Semi Curve Trigger. Other trigger returns feel mushy to me Única Hammer EGW Sear Fit Factory H. S. PD heavy FP PD FPS New Safety's Xtreme Sear cage Shooters Connection Slide racker. IPSC Alex Mount IPSC Alex Thumb rest. C-More RTS2 V5 6 MOA Work done: by me. EGW sear fit for reset and break PD Bolo Fit Frame and slide fit/lapped true fit.had to actually tap slide back and forth with lapping compound until it moved freely.(feels like ball bearings) this process I won't explain. To risky for the faint of heart. Rails polished and edge broke. I tighten sear cage to frame fit for a more precise trigger. I actually have to Tap cage into frame with rubber mallet now. Trigger guard dehorned Slide stop shaped to fit behind thumb rest. Custom made precision sear pin. I change the henning trigger. Drill, tap, bend, and relocate over travel screw. Trigger sub 2lbs tuned 3rd hole added to Thumb rest to allow further adjustment. Racker fit. Stroked out to 2.4600 All the edges blended inside for smoothness and feeding. Barrel recut and recrowned by me.(ordered long) Slide face lapped to fit and time comp. 4th Hole added to comp Upper top slide polished and blended sight blank(no ugly hole) New safety fit to EGW sear very tight. Magwel polish and blend. FP hole polish All friction points polish Barrel fit twice lol. Debating on having Joe Wilson do me a small window cut and two or three popple holes. This build definitely isn't done. May experiment with shock buffs. I'm sure I'm forgetting more. I'm am clearly not the photographer JoAnna Wilson or Stuart Wong are.
  4. What I wanted to? I did that a long time ago
  5. I guess I'm just not able to see enough dicernable difference to want the lighter version. I'm sorry.
  6. It sure seems like they have progressively gone up in price every year. I remember ordering a Match elite for around $500, Stock 2 $850, and etc.
  7. You can angle the extractor inward by removing material from the pad that contact's frame. So you can add spring pressure onto case rim for a firmer case hold.
  8. Easy fix. Stroke slide, angle ejector and tune extractor tension.
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