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  1. I have not experienced it with any of my magazines. I've heard it happening with some 2011 magazines.
  2. No, they are made to correct issues. Like buldged cases. Also size further down the brass.
  3. Undersizing Die. Or one could use a push through Die like a bulge busting kit. Makes your brass have a smaller OD.
  4. Very interesting...I wonder what's possible with a U die ?
  5. 28+1 with grams kit is freaking awesome!!
  6. I know those stock followers are fairly large. Interested in what a grams kit changes.
  7. Apolo

    5 Hole Optic Mount Hole Spacing

    Your are a gentleman and a Scholar. Thank you!
  8. Apolo

    5 Hole Optic Mount Hole Spacing

    Anyone have a measurement on the CZC 5 hole optic mount hole spacing? In The Middle Of A Build And We Are Trying To Figure Out What thumb rests could Be canidates. Thanks SSG
  9. Even if there is trouble fitting 38 and 45. I'm sure if you have access to a mill or sweet talk Robbin at TF he would either mill it out for you or start making 38s if the demand is there. As a business I'm sure knowing there is a demand helps. He will listen even if it takes a little while to accommodate into his schedual. The fact that these pads even became available is proof. I had been badgering the poor guy for months for these. I'm hoping they sell so they stay available. What ever we can do to make them work or figure out the kinks (if there is any) helps us all.
  10. Why would these not work with 38s? Isnt the foot print of the 40, 9mm, and 38 magazines the same? Just 9mm have spacers inside and different feed lips.
  11. Apolo

    Tanfo 9mm major open gun questions

    I used a gold team spare barrel. I didn't need a lathe. I threaded it on, timed it, lock tight, then finished the slide timing. Time consuming but not difficult.
  12. Apolo

    Tanfo 9mm major open gun questions

    I did mine myself
  13. 3 big sticks is obscene? You mean nessasary!
  14. Apolo

    Tanfo 9mm major open gun questions

    I am also confused. Are you saying you didn't notice a velocity difference between the V12 and the Durso comp? If so your chrono is broken.
  15. Apolo

    Tanfo 9mm major open gun questions

    If 40 is your option I say go for it!