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  1. Brownells Germany, Austria for example are selling them. Maybe you can get one via Brownells US? This is a way for us the other way round to get US parts here. Another option may be ordering one from an online shop in Europe. Don’t know if there’s one exporting?
  2. A very popular one here in Europe is the Norwegian Tronrud TE-Titan compensator. 3D printed titanium weighting 2.3oz /Standard or 3oz /Open version some details here: the firearm blog it’s incredibly effective and a funny side effect are the nice sparkles
  3. No issues so far. You can go with the 2.5 for 223 and the 3.5 dedicated for PCC. The difference in pull weight is negligible as you won’t notice it under match stress but it’s nice anyway to have a pound less for the 223. More important is the constant grip/trigger feeling from rifle to rifle.
  4. ...and just to add another option - I´m running CMC flats in all my ARs - the 2.5lbs straight in the 223s AR15 and the dedicated 3.5lbs straight PCC trigger in the AR9
  5. The main dot is a Kahles Helia RD. I like the small dot for precise aiming if needed (was needed very often at the PCC nationals...) As it can be turned very bright, I still drags the eye very fast. Side dot is a Geco. Not used often, just nice to have for the hard weak side leans.
  6. Thanks! I’m shooting both. Handloads and factory ammo. You can tame the action by reducing the power factor noticeably. But playing around with buffers and springs changes the behavior of the rifle very much. I can’t tell you „the“ magic recipe as it all depends on your personal favorite style of holding the rifle and how you prefer the recoil (short and snappy, smooth ans slow, rolling...). For me, the short action of the above mentioned components felt best and resulted in closest and fastest double taps. I came from a 16.75“, heavier Sabre Defence AR9. That one shot also pretty flat with the right buffer setup (Taccom 3stage with wave spring etc in that one) and could be shot fast. But compared, the Sabre compared to the light 3G felt like a Bimmer 220d station wagon compared to an older Porsche 911. The station wagon feels comfortable and can be brought to speed on the Autobahn as well. Just doesn’t go that fast through small narrow curvy roads. - the 3G feels like the Porsche - it is way more aggressive and responsive - you just have to watch out for the back breaking out and handle it with a firm grip and be always aware. You know what I mean?
  7. 4 weeks ago, I won the German Nationals PCC with this 3G QC10 rifle - only the following internals I’ve changed: buffer and spring to Kynshot 5006 with DAR AR10 rifle spring (short stroked), as trigger I’ve chosen a CMC PCC and charging handle is a Taclatch
  8. @avastcosmicarena - like this? Took this pics on the 200m range today. IPSC Poppers / 8x
  9. I’ll be at a PCC match tomorrow. I’ll pack the K18i into my bag and try to take some pics.
  10. The best feature of the new K18i in my opinion Is the “MaxLight” - there’s now an extra boost for the red dot available. Cuts down battery life but should improve the dot visibility on targets in bright mid day sunlight. Hosing on 1x is like shooting with just a red dot. Here’s a first impression of the “IPSC” reticle on a 25m indoor range (weather wasn’t that good yet to practice outside again) on a standard brightness setting and with the extra boost
  11. I have an old Sabre Defence XR15 9mm AR. It has a mil spec lower with a magwell insert for 9mm colt style mags. As we’re having a 10 round mag limit for rifles in Germany, lots of reloads are needed and fast reloads are vital. Lost a few seconds here and there at the last match. Now I’m looking for a good magwell / jet funnel for this kind of lower receiver. What’s your recommendation? Thanks, Sascha
  12. The second dot’s brightness is the same as the main dot. Both are regulated together. You can use the second dot as an easy to find holdover for far or even very close distances (for example a clay pigeon on very close distance). Unfortunately the pics made with the phone don’t show the dots color and brightness nicely.
  13. Here’s a live picture of the reticle on 50m indoor and 300m outdoor. On 50m the black point is a small patch, the targets on 300 are two IPSC targets and one IPSC 2/3 target below. The dot doesn’t come out nicely on the pictures. It’s much more bright in real life. Quality of the iPhone pics is also reduced. The glass is very bright and the field of view huge. I own a K16i with the SI1 reticle also. I like the new 3GR!
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