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  1. In my world it look like: Most reliable Iron sight and C-more Serendipity Unreliable All small dots Life is to short for small dots.. ( sorry J )
  2. Sorry but no It wont make major in a 5", it might make major in a 6", But I don't find it usefull for IPSC open division :-) Thanks Frants
  3. Got a lot 3 months ago, shoot in my STI 4½" with 3 pop holes, power factor is 152-153. Bullet is 129 grs. Thank's Frants
  4. I think it's German approval, meaning your STI came to Europe through Germany, most approvel in Germany is made by this company: http://www.deva-institut.de/home.php, if you are from Holland most likely you can read German // Frants
  5. I did the same with my 686 P and it work perfect, maybe I was lucky I did not need a new hand, timing was just fine. Thanks Frants
  6. Hi having problems with my S&W 686-4, maybee 1 out of 100 round dont go of, what might be the problem ? hope that one of you could give me a hint Best rgds Frants sogw.pdf
  7. I solved the problem like this. // Frants New SVI mags in STI frame.pdf
  8. Anyone seen photo's of the new C-More which should be ready about may ? // Frants
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