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  1. I forgot it's a smaller diameter. You are right.
  2. The Wilson flat wire springs are shorter than regular 1911 recoil springs and they may last longer and I bet will be easier to insert on reassembly.
  3. Thanks. I've been thinking of getting one. Have you noticed if you hand cycle your EDC X9 slowly do the rounds nosedive and then climb up the feed ramp or do the rounds go more straight forward into the chamber? Thanks.
  4. Would any of these help? https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=5906+holster&_sacat=0&Style=Belt%20%28OWB%29&rt=nc&Material=Kydex&_dcat=177885
  5. I have read you can buy the grip shell separate so if you can buy an X5 and a grayguns trigger kit you could have the same or better.
  6. Tried the scoop draw at the range today. Sometimes it worked well, but my draws were to inconsistent for me. Maybe with a lot more practice.
  7. Currently competing in Single Stack Division with a Custom Springfield Gov't Model 9MM in blue. I carry a Ruger Commander in 9MM that is pretty much stock except for VZ Grips. I compete with Federal American Eagle and carry 147gr. Gold Dots.
  8. I'd like to get one after watching Atlas's video, but I already have a 2011 Infinity I'm changing over from .40 to 9MM and I'm not sure it would be worth it for my skill level.
  9. I have an original Shadow I got from CZ Custom and I like to shoot it in Production, but being retired from Corrections I always carry as I have run into one ex-inmate who wanted to stab me. It was likely all talk as he never produced a knife which kept him from entering Hell that hour, but I like to carry a pistol similar to what I compete with. The Shadow is a little large and heavy for what I like to carry, although I'm sure somewhere someone carries one. Anyway I ordered one of the last P-01 Omega pistol https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-p-01-ω-convertible-omega/ Buds had. Anyway I'm sure someone here who competes with a CZ pistol also carries a P-01 so I'd like to know what strong side IWB or OWB holster you use.
  10. I have been shooting Glocks in GSSF Matches for over a decade and recently purchased a plain 320 that had been recalled and sold to me in a red CPO type cardboard box. First time shooting the 320 I just plain shot it better in accuracy and speed. Going to put an Apex Trigger in it this week and try it. Don't have a X Series 320, but I'm certain for me the 320s' outshoot the Glocks.
  11. Since you are looking at getting a Commander for carry I think 38Super is the right choice as reliability is #1 in a pistol carried for defense and all things equal the 38Super is more reliable being the same length as the 45ACP which the 1911 design was built for.
  12. My question of the RIA is who pays for shipping if you have to return it for service? Also the Ruger has a bull barrel which makes it illegal for Single Stack Division unless Ruger has changed it.
  13. I was wondering when someone was going to start to offer a completed pistol like the Glock as I'm sure the pattens have expired. I wonder what the prices will be?
  14. Get the Weigand Extractor Jig.
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