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  1. Maybe just buy some Wilson Bullet Proof Sear and Hammer or EGW equivalence parts.
  2. I'd like to try the Wilson Grip as the X Grips just doesn't even feel as good as the regular 320 Grip Shells.
  3. It's expensive, but many people I respect think it's the best Ambi made. https://shopwilsoncombat.com/Ambidextrous-Thumb-Safety-Tactical-Levers-Bullet-Proof-Stainless-1911/productinfo/192SBP/
  4. I think of getting a Springfield Range Officer 9MM with the fixed sights and rail: https://www.springfield-armory.com/products/1911-range-officer-9mm/ I like that it's carbon steel, single sided thumb safety, with a rail for a little added weight up front right under the barrel. I have been watch Hilton Yam 1911 Duty Tune DVDs' in preparation of a 1911 Build Class scheduled in May and he recommenced this pistol, but in 45ACP.
  5. Glad to read this thread. Can't afford a Shadow 2 at this time anyway.
  6. I would look at one of these models with a polymer for CCW. https://eaacorp.com/guns/handguns?f_caliber_filter[0]=88&f_capacity_filter[0]=&f_capacity_filter[1]=&f_bbl_filter[0]=4&f_bbl_filter[1]=&f_oal_filter[0]=&f_oal_filter[1]=&f_material[0]=162&cm=0#tlb
  7. Gary1911A1

    10mm CZ custom

    So happy to see CZ Custom introduce this. I will have to buy one. Thanks for posting.
  8. When I hear someone say "Back in the day" when talking about a Kimber Custom II, it just makes me feel old.
  9. I forgot it's a smaller diameter. You are right.
  10. The Wilson flat wire springs are shorter than regular 1911 recoil springs and they may last longer and I bet will be easier to insert on reassembly.
  11. Thanks. I've been thinking of getting one. Have you noticed if you hand cycle your EDC X9 slowly do the rounds nosedive and then climb up the feed ramp or do the rounds go more straight forward into the chamber? Thanks.
  12. Would any of these help? https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=5906+holster&_sacat=0&Style=Belt%20%28OWB%29&rt=nc&Material=Kydex&_dcat=177885
  13. I have read you can buy the grip shell separate so if you can buy an X5 and a grayguns trigger kit you could have the same or better.
  14. Tried the scoop draw at the range today. Sometimes it worked well, but my draws were to inconsistent for me. Maybe with a lot more practice.
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