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  1. I think Glock should either buy or license the Shadow System method of mounting an Optic. Maybe they could even call it Gen 6.
  2. Thank you Jim! They are out of stock as most ammo companies, but I will check back.
  3. I don't reload anymore. Does anyone know of a manufacturer who produces a load like this?
  4. Maybe even some guys who have seem John Wick III. LOL
  5. My Dealer has one of these. It was priced higher than a Glock 17 Gen 3 setting next to it. The 80 Retro Glock didn't have a rail and the grip texture didn't look as good as the Gen 3. Think I'll pass even if the price comes down. About the only think I liked was the original tubberwear type box the Retro came in. Wish Glock would go back to it although there would be less room for a third magazine and the stupid lock.
  6. If I understand correctly they are legal. https://uspsa.org/productionlist
  7. I'd just add whoever one you pick consider how good their Customer service is after your purchase.
  8. I have the Sig Legion and the original Shadow and for me the shadow recoils less. Maybe it's the Shadow's grip as it feels better to me, but if I shoot Production again it will be with my Shadow.
  9. A friend of mine shot a Glock 22 in Limited and failed to make Major using Blazer 180gr. which was on the warm side. That was with a factory barrel so another barrel might of made it.
  10. Dan Wesson 9MMs' have ramped barrels.
  11. I still don't understand why Glock is discontinuing the Gen 4 Models. There has to be police departments who purchased them who will want parts and replacements now and then. Maybe that's why they are going to offer the Gen in .40 now.
  12. Maybe just buy some Wilson Bullet Proof Sear and Hammer or EGW equivalence parts.
  13. I'd like to try the Wilson Grip as the X Grips just doesn't even feel as good as the regular 320 Grip Shells.
  14. It's expensive, but many people I respect think it's the best Ambi made. https://shopwilsoncombat.com/Ambidextrous-Thumb-Safety-Tactical-Levers-Bullet-Proof-Stainless-1911/productinfo/192SBP/
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