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  1. WWB 115 grain is loaded very long, last time I measured it (because of the same issue in a CZ) it is right near max cartridge max of 1.169". They measured between 1.161 and 1.163".
  2. I have not shot the G34 heavily since 2014. Mostly shoot a Stock 2. I pulled my G34 out and have playing around with it and added a tungsten guide rod, thug plug, and brass base pads. The extra weight helps the gun settle a little faster on the draw, transitions, and recoil. It also allows a little more aggression on the trigger. If I were real serious about the 34 I would get as much weight on the frame and non-reciprocating parts as possible. Trigger upgrades other than the connector don't work well for my style of shooting so I prefer a stock striker spring for a firmer reset (I use m
  3. My Gen 5 19 regulated correctly at 25 yards with previous Gen 3/4 sights. My Gen 5 17 needed the Dawson specific Gen 5 sights.
  4. I tried 8lb spring and the gun was sluggish on return. Liked the 9lb but they would crap out pretty quick. 10 lb is where I ended up for a compromise of feel, reliabiliy, and replacement interval. To get the light weight springs to run well I think you need to really polish the rails, breechface, etc. I'd rather just shoot.
  5. I was shooting a friends 10 mm Witness with the stock recoil spring. We were shooting 200 grain bullets at 1200 fps (according to the box). The recoil spring felt to light for the load and the gun would fail to feed intermittently. It was a lot of fun until the slide cracked just above the ejection port. I suspect the gun is undersprung for real 10 mm loads.
  6. The guy running the KKM booth at Nationals said they would begin making Tanfo barrels in January or February but he was waiting on prints for the barrels. He said price would be around $185.
  7. leemoe83

    P226 Cycle Speed

    Okay, thanks, are the Wolff variable springs the the springs to try?
  8. leemoe83

    P226 Cycle Speed

    I can do consistent high teens and get fist sized groups with my Stocks 2 and Glocks. I can shoot some .40 and .45 faster than the P226 up close.
  9. leemoe83

    P226 Cycle Speed

    .25 at 7 yards. Can split it faster but hits get sloppy.
  10. leemoe83

    P226 Cycle Speed

    Factory, orange braided.
  11. leemoe83

    P226 Cycle Speed

    The P226 splits slow for me. It takes a longer time for the gun to recover between shots than other guns. Any spring changes that will improve this?
  12. Trigger bar must not be coming up far enough after the slide pushes it down. Can you rack the slide and insert something in the magwell to see if trigger bar can be pushed upwards?
  13. It looks dumb. It may reduce perceived recoil but it is compressing 1 spring and then another spring similar to the HK USP. It will most likely result in more muzzle flip and a pogo stick feel during cycling that will lead to inconsistent return.
  14. I gave you the answer. Google Tillander grips. Click the ebay link on their site. Their grips are not listed in a sorted order. You need to scroll through and find them.
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