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  1. I think near the beginning I was on track to do about 50 thousand or so. I ended up doing 25-30k this year.
  2. 3.4gr ETR, 147gr 9mm H&S Coated Bullet, loaded to 1.045". Similar group sizes with 147gr Extreme if I remember correctly but they are overpriced so I stopped using them.
  3. 147gr 9mm H&S Bullets, 50 yard 6 round group is 2".
  4. Honestly I like random squads the most. I've been in big boy GM and M squads, but now I enjoy just shooting with my dad, and 2 of my bestfriends and just random people who want to hop on. You meet a lot of new people and its nice to meet random people from around the country. Wyatt
  5. Solved it with a new sear. Old sear was "Worn down to a nub" (To quote Shawshank Redemption). Fixed it, gonna still put a new hammer in though. Wyatt
  6. Ok all! Here is a scenario that stumped me something fierce. To preface, this is quite and old sear, and quite an old hammer. Maybe 70k rounds kinda old. The gun is a Tanfoglio Stock 2 with the EG flat ish trigger. Gun yesterday wouldn't reset the trigger (was giving me fits). Its not a TRS, as I checked it and it has a brand new TRS. However, it was such a pain to get the gun to reset in SAO, that I couldn't drop the hammer to decock it. So, here I am trying to figure out how to pull the trigger far enough out to reset the trigger, and it won't and the gun AD's. So I figured it was a mess up on my part, thought nothing of it. Same thing happens to my dad. So we figured the hammer hooks and sear was going bad (the gun had started to go to half cock when racked violently in dry fire). Is this the correct assumption? Either way we have a new hammer and sear on their way (its past their time to be replaced). Thoughts?
  7. Diesel fuel to scrub carbon off. Disassemble gun, let soak in tote of diesel fuel overnight or for a couple hours, scrub off with brass brush. Scrub barrel out with precision rifle barrel cleaner. Run patches through until clean, oil barrel with patches. Grease slide, trigger bar, plunger, inside of firing pin channel, firing pin, hammer spring, hammer spring channel, outside of barrel, inside of slide where barrel rubs. Oil sear. Reassemble, shoot gun. I do this about every 2k.
  8. True maybe it is on the squad instead of MD. I know that at our locals when I build stages and it requires a hardcover that is gonna get shot up I always put a few under the rock next to the stage. It isn't unusual at locals to have tape blow off especially on close targets. Technically speaking by the rules its a reshoot. But in cold weather that happens almost every stage for every shooter, so I generally go with two best hits I can see (unless I watch one go into hardcover or on the side of the target).
  9. Its amazing what would fly at certain clubs and certain RO's but wouldn't fly at others. I wouldn't give a reshoot. Tape flies off when it is struck by another bullet after it has been taped on top of more tape, or at close distances where the gas from the gun blows it off. Either way, its mainly the fault of the MD. That target should've been replaced long before the last squad. No sense in being cheap when targets are what 50 cents?
  10. Assuming the target is taped after every shooter, how else would there be 3 mikes in the hardcover if it wasn't for him?
  11. WJM

    WJM's road to Master

    Glad you like it! I don't really update here anymore, I mostly update on Doodie Project.. http://www.doodieproject.com/index.php?/topic/4596-becoming-a-deathstalker/ Wyatt
  12. I have been shooting my gun and doing slow motion with it. My gun is dipping low after a shot, suggesting from what I have heard too heavy of a recoil spring. Right now I am using an 9lb recoil spring, obviously I will order the 8lb. However, if the result is unsatisfactory would it be terrible to just clip a couple coils off of the 8lb?
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