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  1. Honestly I like random squads the most. I've been in big boy GM and M squads, but now I enjoy just shooting with my dad, and 2 of my bestfriends and just random people who want to hop on. You meet a lot of new people and its nice to meet random people from around the country. Wyatt
  2. Which division? Production, sir. Thanks, Wyatt
  3. If I did the math correctly I bump this next update, but put me in. Wyatt McNeill- A88381
  4. WJM

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Split at 1:28 sounded like a ~.10. Holy moses.
  5. Just in case anyone was still reading this. New Stock 2 with mag inserted, weighed 45.4 ounces at Area 2. Old Stock 2 with mag inserted, 43.8 ounces at Area 2. Now considering the max is 46, kinda interesting that they made it that close to the edge. Thanks EAA.
  6. I think I solved this issue. Basically I think I had replaced the extractor with either a non stock one, or a different one. Or perhaps the springs got confused when I put the new extractor in, and it may have been my old Tanfoglio Stock 2 .40 extractor spring. Don't know exactly, however, I replaced it and have been almost 8k rounds through both my guns without a malfunction. LPS, extraction, anything. Wyatt
  7. Just chrono'd my two Tanfo's back to back. Old one chrono'd at 129pf, new one chrono'd at 133. Which means I now have to build two different rounds all the time. When I bump up the powder to get the old one to 133, that knocks the new Tanfo up to around 138-140 which is very noticeable compared to the previous ammo. Kind of a pain in the ass to be honest. Wyatt
  8. I figured it would be interesting to compile all of the differences we have noticed in our New vs Old Tanfoglio Stock 2's Limited Pro's and Stock 3's. For those who don't know, the "Old" Stock 2 have a longer barrel, more checkering, and a different beavertail seen here. Left is new, right is old. Bottom is new, top is old. New is right, old is left. Now, after a quick running over of the checkering fixed that issue no problem. Here are the things that I have found between the two guns. The new one chrono's higher than the old one. I can't explain why this would make sense (sho
  9. I have also tried different bullets. Has happened with Montana Golds along with Xtremes. At this point for match ammo I am going to be buying Starline, testing them out once, and then loading them all the same over the winter to make sure that the bullets work.
  10. I have had this issue for around 20k rounds. I have tried an XP extractor spring, another XP extractor spring, a new extractor, and nothing has worked. I am of the belief that it is purely a brass issue. I have run 500 brass through the gun, seen which ones had issues, and the ones that didn't I kept and reloaded for a major match. Didn't have issues with any of them. WJM
  11. WJM

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    It was awesome seeing you shoot a stage or two and awesome to meet you. Wyatt McNeill
  12. Ben shoots a Tanfoglio, Eric shoots a Tanfoglio, JJ Racaza shoots a Tanfoglio, Kale Garretson shoots a Tanfoglio. Coincidence? Wyatt
  13. I like em wet... But that isn't it. With the Tanfo I dry off the gun after I clean it. There is more dust here than anywhere. Plus my practice is in the desert. Basically bombing ranges. More sand and dust out here. Will test out 3 gun equipment well though. Wyatt
  14. I clean my mags on every single stage I shoot. Where I shoot the dust is so bad and the wind is so bad I have actually had to clean my gun after a few stages because it just cakes on the gun. I also had to clean my holster every match. Dust catches in there causes my gun to scratch. Wyatt
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