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  1. Great topic and lively discussion here. Little late to the party but I am also looking for a barrel for my G34 (gen 3). I acquired G34 slide comp'd and ready to go. Plan to dress it back to production. Have to buy a barrel. My CO G34 (gen 4) loves 115gr FMJ but hates 125gr lead .355 dia. Want something that will shoot all the ammo I have. Just getting back into the game with both kids in out of state college so price is a factor but I want some accuracy. Plenty of trigger time here, I'm a high master in NRA Action Pistol. Glock gets me in the game for now, 2011 once the kids are out
  2. I would go with the 28" tubes. This way you also have an upland game gun as well. If you want to shoot trap, move up to the 30".
  3. Ponsness/Warren is a nice machine but if your getting into shotgun shooting and don't know the full quantity you will shoot then paying the higher $$ might not warrant it. I have reloaded under a million rounds with MEC. First with a Grabber, then added the Hydro unit and now with the 9000H. The 9000H is slower than the Grabber with Hydro added but is less taxing on the body when you are loading for hours. That's my 2 cents.
  4. Just an FYI, if you don't have a Mover at your local range; shoot Skeet. In the days before Mover Dots or Mover Bases, I would take people struggling and have them shoot Skeet for a while. Results improved drastically. Understanding follow through was the best thing.
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