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  1. check out PPC setups from 70's and 80's. sights were hugh
  2. I started out with a Colt 38 Super with a Bomar sight for practice and at my first match had a tricked out race gun of the day. Colt single stack in 38 Super, comp'ed and tasco dot. Still have them both.
  3. mcmaster carr - carries high quality bolts
  4. I have loaded in the multi millions. Never had one let off on a manual press (1050, 650, Star, Lee, etc.) only one was with the Camdex and had 500-800 primers in the vib bowl on top. Machine had a jam and went to clear it only to have my Dad want to help. Before I could tell him to not move the fly wheel, the jammed primmer went off with the rest of them. Thought the reloading room was all exploding, I think that day I would have beat Usain Bolt in the 100 yard dash. Still have hearing loss on the right ear from it. Always were safety glasses even on the lawn mower, I like having 2 eyes.
  5. 1050 (9mm), 650 (6 heads, 30-06, 308, 45 ACP, 40, 223, can remember the other), (3) Star progressive reloaders, one set up for large caliber pistol (45LC, 45 ACP, 44, 41) one for 38/357 and one in 38 super & .380, Rock Chucker with dies from 218 bee to 458 tons in between, Lee Single stage press, Lee Turret, Lee Pro 1000, Mec 76 Series Grabber Hydurlic 12GA, Mec 9000H 12GA, Mec 9000 in 20GA, Mec 600 28GA & 410GA, Lee Load All 12GA & 20GA. There may be more, not going to search now. Various case trimming and primer swaging tools, hand primers, (2) Vibra Prime automatic primer tube filler in Large and small , 2 tumbers. Sold the Camdex that was in 38, that was nice machine 3800 rounds an hour. I grew up on a shooting range, Dad left me all this. Miss him dearly.
  6. When my son was 4 or 5 we attended a church were alcohol was against their doctrine. It was around Thanksgiving and the Sunday school teacher was asking the kids what does your family have/do during Thanksgiving. Of course the normal turkey, stuffing, etc. were mentioned. You guessed it, my son raised his hand and stated "Drink Beer". The Sunday school teacher was a friend of ours and could not wait to tell us. The wife was embarrassed but I was proud.
  7. Don't laugh but my father-in-law bought a recent Marlin from a guy at work for $50. Decided to buy ammo online like this and paid $110 to have a brick sent to me because he felt lucky to find ammo. I just shook my head and cried a little. Called and told him I had 5k already and to stop wasting our inheritance.
  8. Reinholt

    It's Shark Week!

    I just spit my soda on the PC, didn't see that one coming. I wonder how many people on the forum are too young to know this reference.
  9. Ah, yes. The ever lovely, ad hominem, "if you don't think exactly what I do, you're a bad person" argument. Studies show that repeated blows to the head—say from falling off of high horses—can lead to memory loss. And Mitch, how was anyone to know it was exactly $1000 less than the normally advertised price? The gun that's listed was $1000 less yesterday. There were no others. My father and mentor taught me to do the right thing always. I have never prescribed to the "if you don't think exactly what I do, you're a bad person", no I follow the morals and ethics set forth by my father and our FATHER. I am not perfect so I can see others will not be that way either.
  10. Ethics either you have them or you dont. I have never allowed a scorer to count an oblong hole as a double when I knew the shot was not on target. I have also corrected the bill at a restaurant when I was under charged. You cant have ethics when they are convenient. We play in an industry with low margins for the final seller and as stated above in constant jeopardy with our rights to be taken away. We all need to be stand-up guys. Be the bigger man and do the right thing to forgive someone who made an honest mistake. You even suspected it before you tried to purchase it.
  11. Wish I could help you more but my 1000 is 15 hours away and I don't remember how it was all designed.
  12. I used a lee 1000 and the turrets back in the 80's with Federal primers and never set one off. The only loading press to ever set one off for our shop was the Camdex (professional reloading machine 3800 rds an hour) and that was because of a jam. I have used all types of primers and never had a problem on a hand press. I have loaded in the millions. (Dad owned a shooting range.) As suggested with the Winchester, seat them a little deeper. Be careful if you switch to Federal and try to seat them too deep. Good Luck.
  13. It doesn’t take much to make a S&W feel reasonable well. You can do a lot to a S&W by polishing and honing the guts, bob the hammer and profile a trigger to your liking all without needing to know anything about gunsmithing. Put grips on you like swap out sights and you have one sweet ride. All this can be done on the kitchen table. This gets you on the range cheep with a good gun.
  14. I own and have show many 682's. My 682 super sporting 28" has served me well in skeet, sporting clays and upland game. My 682 30" trap shoots great for 16 yard, doubles and international trap. I have had 680's s and a few 686's but they were field guns and I was not in love with them. Look at Jasuas fine guns in Findlay, Ohio www.jaquas.com They usually have good deals. Might also find an older BT99, they also shoot well.
  15. I would go with the 28" tubes. This way you also have an upland game gun as well. If you want to shoot trap, move up to the 30".
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