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  1. el pres

    Henning Grips

    Best grips on the market! Like they were designed perfectly by a real shooter or something? Worth every penny, no more grip tape. Oh ya, then there's the basepads, texture machined into the underside.
  2. Just shoot it more. It grows on you..
  3. Richard, I was not overly thrilled about the team thing this morning until I shot it, that was a great match !! Just plain fun..
  4. I understand what you were asking. All I'm saying is that most of the written match rules dont prohibit the use of an offset red dot and written rules is all we have to go by. However now we hear opinions or interpritations of what they are supposed to mean ?? My 2 cents, since we are already where we are, let them play, it's not that much of an advantage and its a lot of fun. My real opinion, Limited - peep and post iron sights ONLY, no globes, no magic prisims, no red dots "TACTICAL LIGHT" - red dots, magic tubes, non magniication binos, whatever..
  5. Some matches allow it, some dont, check with the Match Director before the match to make sure. Some matches (RM3G) have changed their rules to specically address this by stating dot must be on top, or same plane. My faviorite thing about these new divisions is how we just make (adjust) rules as we go, sometimes right here on the internet .. For now, I'm done with it, no more Limited or me..
  6. See you at TNS tomorrow ! It was a plesure to shoot with you the other day, wow, for only shooting as long as you have your doing more then great. As advice, all I can say is, can you play War Ensemble with your right arm, bicep, and wirst locked up as hard as it can be ? If you dont break a string will you be able to finish the whole song ? Let the skills you have learned flow out and stop "trying". Try while practicing not during a match. We are all very guilty of this. Going to matches just to focus on the classifier like that is a recipie for disaster, ask me how I know this ... S
  7. Ok..ok...how much cash are we talking about here and just what kind of chocolate works best ??
  8. el pres

    9mm Major

    what do you mean by slap ?
  9. Uhhh ? Where the hell is the Geologist, does he know what you guys are up to ??
  10. Jay, contact me when you get here. I will have to show you all the clubs and how it is possible to shoot 5 "good" matches a week. Better start planing your ammo budget now !! Peter
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