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  1. el pres

    Henning Grips

    Best grips on the market! Like they were designed perfectly by a real shooter or something? Worth every penny, no more grip tape. Oh ya, then there's the basepads, texture machined into the underside.
  2. Make the gun fit you not the other way around. However I have changed my grip as well for other reasons then just the slide bite and have not had "any" blood since. Try to turn your right hand a little more clockwise uniform with the gun, causing the thumb to be straight inline with the slide.
  3. All of my STI's with the large slide serrations at times have cut the inside of my right thumb. Nowadays when I first get a new gun, the first thing I do is file the bottom corner of the left rear slide serrations rounded, then reblue. No more blood ...or you can buy a swenson safety.
  4. wastes too much time on this forum ...

  5. I am by far no Master shot caller but this is exactly what I wanted to say. Of coarse the best explanation, as usual, already came from Sam. Aside from the obvious like open eyes, it's not what you see but what you have registered in your brain as happened. It's still difficult to describe but you cant just stare hard at the front sight. That is actualy taking away from paying attention to what is happening.
  6. Forget about it !! I just found the pre 2007 SS match clause, I guess I'm out ? Looks like they really are a bunch of snboobs !!
  7. Need to read post one for complete application. I must have missed that part, whatever ??
  8. I would like to submit my application.......proof
  9. General fitness, Yes, strong arms, Yes, but specific exercises to improve your recoil control through strenth. No. Unless, as stated, you have the technique part down pat, then your just "strenthening" your technique.. Forward stance, balance on the balls of your feet, shoulders slightly ahead of hips. Another thing is that you cant just shoot minor all this time and just pick up a major gun and think its going to be the same thing. You need to shoot 1k or so to feel the load and make adjustments as needed. Search Matt Burkett timing drill .. and/or pick a copy of Matt's pistol videos,
  10. You never want to muscle the gun. The recoil control comes subconsiously. Putting effort into recoil control only causes bad hits. You need to work on an agreesive stance that works with your build . Also what your guns looks like to spectators and what you see behind the gun are two totally different things. Just shoot more !!
  11. I do it even with mixed brass. I just throw anything thats too long in a box that I will get to someday !! Basically size them all and then case guage to weave out the long ones..
  12. Nice ! What do you call that large barricade technique ??
  13. Here's me !! The sound is all gone as apperently there's some copyright thing .. http://www.youtube.com/user/dcshootingsports
  14. Right on !! Congrats !!
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