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  1. I've had the same issues in my Trojan. Have tried different lengths and that didn't solve the problem. Went to sns casting 200 grain round nose and haven't looked back.
  2. I bought a Trojan. 40 crp from Dawson and feel like it was a good value. Mine won't reliably feed any flat nosed bullets so I had to buy round nosed. It increased the cost of reloading but my feeding issues went away.
  3. There were a couple of very tight openings that you head to squeeze through and I'd imagine several people struggled there. El pres even went to the DQ on the revolver side.
  4. I shot a classifier match last weekend with a borrowed Glock 17 mos and got a B classification. I'm a high B in production and also a B in single stack. I hadn't shot the gun before that day and found it to be much faster for me. If you have a solid grip and good trigger control i'm pretty sure you can shoot anything well.
  5. I load acme 147's to 1.135 and they run fine.
  6. Delta66

    Reloading the 320

    Reloading the 320 is like throwing a hot dog down a hallway compared to my glock 34. You gamers need more practice!
  7. I say go for it. I started last year and shot 1 IDPA match and then two club matches before our section match. I walked in unclassified and finished 30th of about 60 production. If you know the rules and can stage plan, you'll be fine. Level 2 stages are definitely tougher, but it's a good challenge. I shot area 5 and finished the year in B class. My local club has some heat so I learned along the way from some GMs and Ms. This year I'm swapping to single stack and starting over. If you're confident, you should give it a try.
  8. Up here in WI, our last USPSA match is in October and they don't start up again till the last week in March. That's unless you're within driving distance of an indoor match. I shot an IDPA match back in December while it was snowing. I took time off to bow hunt and bought my 650. Spent time figuring that out and then bought a single stack gun to start working with. I've had one day of live fire and now we're back to 20 degrees. Can't reliably chrono in this cold so i load practice ammo and dry fire. You southern guys have it made!
  9. STI said the DVC would be the closest thing in .40. Sounds like they didn't make sales quotas. It's already pulled from the website.
  10. I called my local dealer to buy one and they said it wasn't on the 2017 price list. I was surprised so i called STI directly and they confirmed.
  11. Get them while they're hot! I was on the fence about buying one and am glad that I found out. If you're debating, now is the time.
  12. I cut my own for practice. Just grab a target from a match to use as a template and you're set. Outline the zones with light pencil and it almost looks like a perforation from a distance.
  13. Does anyone think that this year's Nationals will be different since Foley is involved?
  14. Definitely have seen this too. Or the guy that insists he's a phenomenal shot but always has other plans when it's time to go to the range! I've been trying to invite people out for an informal range day to try shooting some poppers and other USPSA targets. Give them their first taste for free and hope they come back for more!
  15. I have seen a few instances where people that are good at punching paper come to a match thinking they will dominate. They get destroyed by a C class production shooter and it's toomuch of a shot to the ego to return. There are also a lot of gun people that merely like the idea of owning guns but put very few rounds through them. I used to be one until I started shooting various types of competition.
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