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  1. wondering if you can make the dovetails for delta point mount a little bigger? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. With the pictures above, just send it to the lazer engraver. The engraving looks realy deep and very precise. I'm tempted to send my 1911 to try the grip checkering as well. I hope they will share the engraver's contact info.
  3. If your shooting major matches, you should have 2. It's a good investment to get a back-up when needed (breaking parts). Think about the fees you paid for a major match (hotel, air fair, & car rental if it's an out of town), those $$$ will go to waste if your gun broke down and you don't have any back-up gun to continue/finish the entire match.
  4. That's a great input MrPostman. I agree with you that the best option is an adaptor. Thanks EngeneerEli, I decided not to machine cut my slide anymore so I can change it back and shoot production (if needed). I hope you can make a red dot adaptor if no one has started making them yet.
  5. I would prefer Stock 2 because it has long dust cover which will help in managing muscle flip.
  6. No, sight tracker is not legal for Single Stack in USPSA. However, that would be a nice set-up for Limited-10 but a shooter with a double stack will have an advantage (faster and easier to reload because of wider magwell).
  7. I believe the addition cost of machining a rail is one of the factors. They might have separate dedicated guns for different competitions and might be useless for their other guns. If a shooter is under a minimal budget but wanted to join as many competitions as posible. Then, it would be a cost savings to have just one gun for USPSA and also for 3Gun (especially for night shoot), the long dust cover frame with rail would be a better investment. The cost savings can be use to buy more ammo for live fire range practice (or use to buy other things). If a shooter wanted to shoot one gun for IDPA ESP Division, USPSA & 3Gun, then a short dust cover frame with a rail (e.g. 2011 STI Hex Tac) would be a good investment. When shooting USPSA and wanted to add weight in front to help manage recoil and muscle flip, all it needs to do is to attach a frame weight accessory in the rail (e.g. SJC Frame Weight). When shooting 3Gun night competition, all it needs to do is attach a rail light.
  8. Thanks BritinUSA! I'll try to contact them. That's a great point MHitchcock however I can't find any mount for old version Delta Point (not the Pro). I have a RTS2 but I think I'll keep that with my 2011 frame mounted red dot for Open Division.
  9. Is there anybody here who already tried shooting the Stock 2 with Delta Point (or any other red dot) in Carry Optics Division? I think it's an awesome set-up for as long as it's within the weight limit. Is there any after market mount available? Or who can do the slide cut and install the red dot at the same time?
  10. I though it was normal, I had to fix my feed lips to get my DVC Open to run with MBX mags. I use the Dawson mag kit to work my mags. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully it's just a batch of mags.
  11. I recommend Stock 2 for production division because it has full dust cover (extra weight infront of the frame) which will help you shoot faster splits.
  12. I use Delta Point because I believe it's more robust than other red dots in the market right now. They also have a limited life time warrantee. Make sure to get the Springer Precision mount that would fit your slide and optic.
  13. I would recommend you add 2 inches from your pants size.
  14. I wipe it with a baby wipes to remove some dirt. Then, I let it dry and brush it with a used/clean tooth brush.
  15. I have not seen anybody using Para 18-9 in production division in Local and Area matches. Please send us a list showing this is legal for production division.
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