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  1. There are some great ones out there. One of my favorites is simply placing two targets (steel or paper) on the same plane about ten yards apart. They can be 10 yards away or 50 yards away. Break one clean shot on the first and focus on moving your eyes to the next target while you bring the gun and the sights to it. Break a clean shot on the second target and repeat. I might do a 10 shot string and then move the targets closer or further away. You can also vary the target distance, I.e. one target at 5 yards and one target at 20 yards. And don’t forget to have fun with it!!
  2. Good point. I’ve seen the belts crack where the binding was attached..
  3. Has anyone purchased the Briley Match Trigger for their m2? If so, thoughts? Worth the money? My M2 trigger isn’t bad but considering making the upgrade.
  4. I’ve seen a bunch of shooters using the ratchets on their belts. I have always been a little concerned about it pulling apart or breaking during a stage. Any issues with breakage?
  5. Have you checked out the Invictus Practical one yet? Solid hanger...great company.
  6. Another vote for the JP 18 inch light contour barrel truly hard to beat - even at a higher price point.
  7. Something to consider....which optic company supports 3 Gun the most? Honestly, I’ve tried all 3 and I bought the Razor and I would do it again. Solid optic ....and Ive been throwing mine in barrels more than once a week for years.
  8. verla has provided some solid advice. I would recommend the same. It might take a little bit longer to save up the cash, but it is worth it. My Razor 1-6x is the best optic I have ever owned.
  9. Go shoot a major or a couple majors. My first 3 gun or any type of action shooting match was a major.
  10. Just clean and lube like all the rest of the blasters.
  11. No worries. Feel free to save the code for the future.
  12. Feel free to use my JP Discount code: 68SS0717 10% off of parts 5% off of complete rifles any questions about JP products, please let me know.
  13. Invictus Practical all the way. I love my 2.8's and they would be perfect going from duals to quads. They're easy to adjust and setup.
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