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  1. Go shoot a major or a couple majors. My first 3 gun or any type of action shooting match was a major.
  2. Just clean and lube like all the rest of the blasters.
  3. No worries. Feel free to save the code for the future.
  4. Feel free to use my JP Discount code: 68SS0717 10% off of parts 5% off of complete rifles any questions about JP products, please let me know.
  5. Invictus Practical all the way. I love my 2.8's and they would be perfect going from duals to quads. They're easy to adjust and setup.
  6. Awesome match, Rich. Thanks. I hope you have another one next year as well.
  7. I would recommend trying the Invictus Practical caddies before you buy anything else. I found the adjustability, shell retention, and grabs the best for my hands and shooting style. Plus, I'm hard on my gear and they are holding up well. I'm currently using the 2.8's and a Deturk Lite vest.
  8. Congrats....I just picked up a used 650 this week!
  9. He is an incredible athlete and one tough dude.
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