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  1. I had concerns about the outcome of the 2016 election, so in anticipation of a change to the NFA built a couple of AR pistols, one of them a short .22lr upper for my registered SBR...when I started shooting SC I gravitated to a 10/22 but was not really happy with the newer generation of 10 round magazines... with the feed ramp and ejector contained with the mag, I did not get repeatable performance, which I suspect comes from magazine to receiver movement... I think that shimming the axle to make it fit more snug might be an option, anyway I looked at my other .22 rifle, and gave the SBR'd upp
  2. follow up... old age is setting in (73)... I thought I'd lubricated the hammer spring on my initial check of the new pistol... after installing the light VQ spring, it was still not very smooth to work the bolt... couple of drops of lube in the main spring/plunger tube and well duh, it really smoothed out... edit... shot a practice match today, ran very smoothly with some junk ammo
  3. GreggK... I lightly chamfered the VQ front mounting lug hole with a tapered ream just breaking the corners... it smoothed out the spring guide feel pretty well... will put the high buff the next time I dis assemble ... thanks
  4. I shoot CCI Blazer for a competition ammo in both my MKIV and CMMG kitted SBR... the last match I had a couple of malfunctions with the pistol where the bolt did not travel far enough to cock the hammer, and re-chambered the fired case...the pistol was well oiled and the chamber cleaned prior to the match...I ordered a Volquartsen spring kit for the pistol, and installed the lightweight spring, but have not shot it yet two questions... has anyone actually shortened a factory spring to help tune for marginal under powered ammo? the length of the factory spring looks like a good 1/
  5. old comment... but I round the strike end of my 9mm firing pins, to allow the hammer to strike closer to the center line of the firing pin... I modified an OEM Colt pin, and has been in several bolts and over 5000 rounds without a problem
  6. I got a quick response from Troy OK ing the use of a registered SBR for RFRO...after cleaning the newer stainless unit, decided to clean the older unit as well .... it did not have the cotter pin style firing pin retainer, and needed the roll pin to be removed... when I removed the pin, discovered that the nose had broken off... I can usually remove the return spring with a Q tip after removing some of the cotton, and twisting into the spring... this one was stubborn....I could not reach it with a pin punch...so heated the nose of a large sewing needle red hot, and bent a 90 degree hook... it
  7. I installed the thumb rest without looking at a video (mistake)... on the MKIV the trigger pivot pin is held in place with a small wire spring that locks in a groove on the right side of the pin... naturally my pistol was dirty, and on observation, I did not see the spring which is to the right and beneath the trigger bar...finally located it after referring to a video, and used a small punch to move the trigger bar over and depress the nose of the spring... the forward thumb rest then easily pushed out the pin with the spring depressed, and was locked into position with a new hinge pin
  8. I wanted to build a 10/22 that would duplicate the stock and grip of my ARs used in other competition... started with a BRN22 receiver and barrel from Brownells as I wanted an integral 1913 rail... Ruger bolt, charging handle, and BX trigger (better than I thought it would be)... placed in a PMACA lightweight chassis to attach collapsible butt stock (SOPMOD style with slanted cheek rest) and Hogue grio... cantilevered an angled fore grip off the front of the chassis with a section of 1913 rail... Holosun 510....I am presently re-thinking the use of a CMMG dedicated 10" upper on my SBR that has
  9. if you shoot an AR platform for other gun games, a PMACA chassis will allow you to add an AR adjustable stock and grip to your 10/22... there is virtually no fore end... a added a section of 1913 rail to the fore end, and use an angled fore grip... index down the barrel with my weak index finger as I shoot shot guns....
  10. for the 10/22 I use a Plano tray for fishing lures... it has multiple compartments...holds six mags with wooden bumpers installed... partitions for oil bottle, allen hex wrench to fit the mag axis bolt, 2032 spares, adjusting screw driver, spare chamber flag..I unload ammo loose in the partitions when done... will hold a couple of 50rd boxes, snap closure I have a small plywood shelf attached to the umbrella support on my 3 gun cart used for SC... makes a convenient loading position
  11. I have the plain jane Midway case with the velcro flap, and don't have a problem with it staying open... I lay the case so that the flap is to me, with the bottom of the bag away, and so far it stays flat... the pistol is oriented muzzle forward when I leave home, and I use the pull tabs to indicate orientation...I remove the pistol first, than un-do the flap.... I have noticed that some of the ladies have covered a large portion of the flap velcro with duct tape, leaving about 1/2" or so as to make it easier to open
  12. I'm an old guy at 73 but once upon a time had an A2365 USPSA number, and don't expect to win a Cadillac with low score... I enjoy building my own competition guns rather than buying one... when I decided to try SC, I knew I wanted to go with the 10/22 platform, as I had some experience with a Sportsman's Team Challenge rifle in the mid 90s... I wanted it to handle as similar as my other competition rifles as possible, both on AR platforms, but wanted the reliable rotary Ruger magazine of the 10/22...I wanted an integral scope mount rather than one bolted on, so went with a Brownells BRN22 re
  13. had a fluke extraction problem shooting some 25 year old ammo, but anyway, wanted to add a little more hook to the extractor on my 22/45... I've had pretty good success in the past... looked at the Tandemkross video on how to install their extractor, but did not have a hardened punch of small enough diameter to slip in next to the extractor and push the plunger down from the bolt face... then came up with the idea to take a sewing needle, grind off the point with my trusty Dremel, and chuck it in the jaws of a small set of vise grips near mid point to reduce flex on the small diameter pin... w
  14. Holosun 510 with the large window on my 10/22 BRN22 in PMACA chassis, and MKIV lite (looks big on the pistol, but easy to track the dot)... the solar cell on the Holosun automatically increases the dot brightness with increase in ambient light... which I really like shooting in bright Florida sunlight Les L747
  15. theautobahn... I really like the Holosun large window 510 sights... in Florida the ambient light can play hell on dot intensity from stage to stage depending on the amount of shade, and time of day... the solar cell provides a continuously bright dot... I have one on both my 10/22 and Mk IV lite... it looks a little funny on the Ruger, but the large window makes tracking the dot a lot easier for me... this dot sighted pistol is a new game as I've shot iron sight pistols for 30 or so years... regards my competition long rifles are all AR platform based... when I decided to build ano
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