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  1. with a tip from Memphis Mechanic, I had a problem with the polymer helper plug in the OEM CMMG RDB extractor spring hardening...I used Memphis's suggestion and replaced the extractor spring with a heavy duty one from Bravo Company... no O ring or helper plug... 3 matches and about 100 trial shots it has been 100%... April match has been cancelled
  2. I'm not a go-fast PCC shooter, but I like factory ETS 40 rounders rather than extended Glock mags... one less thing to go wrong, and you can look and see if you forgot to put one of the shiny things in the back of the case
  3. I've been using Bayou poly coated 135's since building the first PCC... Win Super Field for a 141pf
  4. Mo... I'm running a 5.56 Enidine rifle length hydraulic I pirated from the 3 gun rifle, factory rifle spring (I had previously used a .308 spring with the pre Cmmg blow back bolt, and had some battering to the rear of the boss area around the chamber with a 6.2oz rifle length buffer) both the original blow back and hydraulic with a NFA short bumper to shorten the stroke
  5. Memphis... I apologize that I did not identify you as the originator of the extractor spring upgrade, I will attempt to do so in the future... ... I have three matches and about 100 or so trial rounds without a problem since the upgrade...
  6. Mo... when I hand cycle dummy rounds, they cleanly eject out of the port...in actual use about 5' at 4o"clock... I get a slight drag by the bolt lugs on the next to be cycled case, but after my initial attempts to modify the follower, have decided not to worry about them... I use short MagPul Glock mags for reloads that clear completely, and 40 round ETS to start a stage, now without any follower modifications... amphibian has isolated most of his problems to weak ejector springs...I don't believe I had the same problem, as mine has cleared up with the removal of the plug in the extractor, and replacing with a new extractor spring ( I did not try the OEM spring after removing the plug).... additionally amphibian is shooting a full auto/supressed short barrel with factory ammo.... the cam slot determining the quickness of the bolt unlocking is quicker for the CMMG than a 5.56 AR, and that coupled with the short case of the 9mm vs. 5.56, to me anyway, makes me more suspicious of the extractor not snapping over the rim of a cartridge
  7. Mo... yes, the CMMG OEM ejector spring is still in the rifle...
  8. Mo... my RDB system uses a rifle length buffer tube and OEM rifle spring... the buffer is a rifle length Enidine from my 5.56 3 gun rifle, and I use a poly NFA bumper to shorten the overall bolt travel... after removing the extractor polymer plug and replacing with a Bravo Company HD extractor spring have about 700 rounds of 140power factor loads without a problem using ETS 40 rounders
  9. ..I added a forward pressure point to securely mount the barrel of a BRN22 receiver to a PMACA lightweight chassis, without the addition of the Kidd rear mount...I added a Picatinny type rail (PMACA makes one you don't need to modify) on the bottom of the chassis fore end to attach an angled fore grip.... but had to reduce its thickness to fit... the mounting cap screws protruded slightly into the chassis, and I noticed that a short 1" or so piece of thick Picatinny rail that happened to by lying near-by had a similar concave radius to that of the barrel... I placed it in the forward portion of the chassis, and located it in place over one of the protruding mounting screws... a .020" shim was necessary to tighten it up, easily cut from a cola can and paper hole punch (about 5 thicknesses)...I had previously made a cola can shim to solidify the rear receiver to chassis fit, vertical lip to hold it in place.... a 12-24 allen headed cap screw and flat and lock washer to lock it in place... made a very solid mount with no perceived receiver to chassis movement
  10. Sal...at around 1000 rounds check the elastic insert in the extractor spring to see if it has hardened....
  11. DIY mag extensions... from the STC days... a piece of 1" hardwood (I use black walnut) cut to fit inside the depression and attached with epoxy works to help securely seat the mag I don't recommend a back to back coupling... dropped one and reloaded the partially used mag
  12. I don't run exceptionally low pull weight in any of my competition firearms, and use a Rock River Arms NM trigger in my 3 gun 5.56 and NFA billet lower 9mm PCC... for Steel Challenge I shoot RFRO, using just a stock Ruger BX trigger group in a PMACA chassis BRN22 16"
  13. I've had Rock River Arms NM triggers in all of my competition ARs... not the lightest pull, but good Garand style catch/release mechanism on the disconnector....
  14. to follow up... my RDB is paired with an Enidine hydraulic rifle length buffer and stock rifle length recoil spring ... I shoot an A1 (Vietnam era) stock on both the PCC and my 3 gun AR...I was originally concerned that the ETS magazine followers would not clear the bolt lugs on an inserted but empty magazine ... in practical application the 40 round ETS magazines work fine, and I get a slight scraping on the next round to be presented, and if shot dry, will place a small scrape on the follower... I had problems at the match yesterday using the Magpul 27s with a 3D printed extension... had a baby rattler when the follower did not negotiate the transition (which was slightly beveled)... so will use the factory base 17 round MagPuls for reload mags, and the 27s for shorter stages at this point I'm pretty happy with the RDB system... I get very little dot movement ( 142pf Bayou 135s with 3.4 WSF) hydraulic buffer and modified Miculek brake... at 72 , astigmatism, overweight, and arthritic knee, I'm not going to win any matches, but still like to have my equipment work... if I screw up, I can live with that ... regards, and again, everyone thanks for the replies
  15. OK... sounds like we have/had different problems... my problem originally looked like a double feed, and I looked at the magazines that had worked flawlessly for a couple of years without finding a solution.. live round in chamber, and another live round forced up between the bolt face and top of the receiver ... when I pulled the bolt apart the hardened plug was discovered... since removing it, the carbine has run about 400 rounds (two matches and a little function testing without a problem....I did not notice any wear or battering problems with the roll pin holding the ejector.... regards
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