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  1. I'm not that sophisticated... I shoot out of a Husky tool bag hooked to a modified baby stroller by cheap snap links... I just throw the shorter reload magazines for my RD bolt (Magpul with a loop of blue tape to identify them) in a zip loc bag, the 40 rd ETS and ETS 32 w/TF base in the top of the bag... keep the mags for the G17 in another bag and seal them from the elements.. I shoot the same load in both, and keep cartridges in a bag also... I throw a water bottle in the top of the bag while it is being used, and the bags keep the condensation from getting anything wet...
  2. I ran into barrel battering (bolt was starting to peen the barrel shoulder) when I used a .308 spring and 6.2oz buffer... currently using an Enidine hydraulic...I'm old, so my trigger time is most likely a lot slower than yours, but with a 142 power factor load of 3.5 WSF and 135 Bayou coated did not notice any sluggishness with the blow back...the radial delay bolt has a slightly slower cycling impulse and that is the trade off for less dot movement, but I can't out run the trigger (RRA NM)
  3. both my PCC and 5.56 have Viet Nam era A1 fixed stocks, with rounded butt pads...
  4. vortex venom on YHM 1/2" riser has replaced the earlier vortex SPARCII
  5. as above, my PSA upper/NFA lower as a blow back ran for 2 1/2 years without a problem... has been updated to a radial delay my observation is not the same as yours... most of the competitive guys are tinkering to get the least amount of dot movement, and sacrifice reliability for speed... they are the cause of the malfunction not the platform, and when they get it figured out, have a reliable platform on the AR, or they wouldn't use it
  6. have you thought about one of the CMMG radially delayed bolts/barrels?.... I've been playing with one for about 6 months now, and after some experimentation with modifications to magazine followers, like that it cuts a lot of reciprocating weight out of the bolt and carrier... with a 142pf Bayou 135 load, hydraulic buffer and modified Miculek comp, I get the least amount of dot movement in the over 3 years I've been shooting a PCC... compared to L9x25's aluminum shrouded blow back with 100 grain bullets, I get negligent dot movement similar to his... his light barrel is easier to swing, but his recoil impulse is straight back and more noticeable, but the end result of no dot movement is about the same at 72 I'm low speed and high drag, so my carbine is not the limiting factor in my performance, but it is fun to attempt to work out problems... regards
  7. Barry... that's not soot, but a secretly formulated lubricant
  8. I have two CMMG dedicated .22lr uppers, one a 16" and the other about 10"... the 16" is fitted with a Vortex SPARCii and is my practice rifle for PCC... the short 10" upper has a Vortex Venom on a YHM riser and tops my registered SBR and I use it for Steel Challenge...the lower is pretty straight forward... RRA NM trigger, ambi safety, Hogue grip, pressure plug in the buffer... fore end is a short Palmetto State unit that I really like the feel of... a piece of 1/2 aluminum is attached as a hand stop... it tracks very quickly... I have the CMMG polymer charging handle to lessen problems of ejected brass being caught... I filled the 16's charging handle with epoxy to do the same thing I originally used SW15-22 magazines and a Boonie Packer Reddi Mag adapter for use with the Smith magazines... with a lot of use the feed lips were grooved by the rim of the cartridge, which led to feeding problems... so am now using the Black Dog X form mags with stainless feed lips... the newer beam welded magazines seem to have a better investment casting to the lips...I use CCI Blazer... clean the chamber and run the gun wet... no major problems... even though it is a .22lr, pull the rifle into your shoulder
  9. I've recently started shooting Carry Optics for Steel Challenge, and wanted to duplicate the sight picture with my .22lr Advantage Arms practice upper (G17 with Apex trigger)... installed a DPP 7075-T6 dovetail adapter plate for a spare Venom... the added weight puts the already marginal function combination at risk... it does make you hold the pistol securely... I removed the end retainer of the captured factory spring to give the spring a little more travel... the original spring wire is .033".... I replaced it with a .0355" wire of the same length in an attempt to return it to battery better, but could not get it to cycle when shortening it at the range, coil at a time... I get better function (nearly 100 per cent) if the magazines are downloaded to 5 round to lessen the drag on the slide...other than milling away some weight do any of you have a suggestion?...ammo is CCI Blazer that works well in my SW M41 and my AR .22lr uppers... thank you Les Snyder L747
  10. I use an aluminum mag block from Macon Armory, but it is similar to several on the market... bottom load and held in place with a button head cap screw and small washer... it holds tension by two set screws that apply pressure against the forward edge of the mag well.... which can be tightened down pretty well to help limit motion... but...any gun smith or competent amateur tinkerer should be able to drill and tap a small hole at the base of the mag block, and using a similar cap screw and washer to the one at the top, and lock the adapter solidly in place
  11. just a follow up... my 40 round ETS worked fine at today's match...easy to load without the use of a loading tool
  12. Sergio... what is your overall length with the coated bullets?... I'm running Bayou coated 135s at 1.10"....first impression was good, no problems... first match Sunday, will see if the first look was indicative
  13. my ETS easily loaded 40 without a loading tool... modified for the radial delay bolt, worked fine on the trial run
  14. CBRussell.... you will find a variety of springs and buffer weights being used for USPSA., depending on shooter perception... recoil reduction, or reduction of dot movement... I can live with recoil, if the dot doesn't move... power factor is naturally an important variable, and I would suggest you determine the power factor before you attempt to tune the carbine..... I use a rifle length buffer tube, and the extra length of the rifle buffer allowed me to initially play with a variety of different weight systems, that were inexpensive... I use a standard rifle length spring... I load only one 9mm on the Dillon, and it is a 135 Bayou coated using WSF.... 130pf out of the G17, and 146 out of the PCC (I'm giving up a bit) in a rifle length buffer filled with 7 1/2 lead shot... 6.0 oz 1/2" brass rod.. 6.2 oz 5/8" brass rod..7.0 oz filled solid lead.. 9.0oz I initially found the 7.0oz buffer to work best for my set up, but later switched to the current use of an Enidine hydraulic buffer (from my 5.56 rifle) and standard rifle spring with the modified Miculek comp I described in another topic, I get imperceptible dot movement with a double tap at 25yd Les L747
  15. I'm not familiar with a Stag Arms ejector in particular... you might ink the inside edge with a marker and set it so there is a slight drag mark from the bolt....does a piece of brass lock in place when placed under the extractor, between the claw and edge of the bolt face?
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