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  1. I've recently started shooting Carry Optics for Steel Challenge, and wanted to duplicate the sight picture with my .22lr Advantage Arms practice upper (G17 with Apex trigger)... installed a DPP 7075-T6 dovetail adapter plate for a spare Venom... the added weight puts the already marginal function combination at risk... it does make you hold the pistol securely... I removed the end retainer of the captured factory spring to give the spring a little more travel... the original spring wire is .033".... I replaced it with a .0355" wire of the same length in an attempt to return it to battery better, but could not get it to cycle when shortening it at the range, coil at a time... I get better function (nearly 100 per cent) if the magazines are downloaded to 5 round to lessen the drag on the slide...other than milling away some weight do any of you have a suggestion?...ammo is CCI Blazer that works well in my SW M41 and my AR .22lr uppers... thank you Les Snyder L747
  2. I use an aluminum mag block from Macon Armory, but it is similar to several on the market... bottom load and held in place with a button head cap screw and small washer... it holds tension by two set screws that apply pressure against the forward edge of the mag well.... which can be tightened down pretty well to help limit motion... but...any gun smith or competent amateur tinkerer should be able to drill and tap a small hole at the base of the mag block, and using a similar cap screw and washer to the one at the top, and lock the adapter solidly in place
  3. just a follow up... my 40 round ETS worked fine at today's match...easy to load without the use of a loading tool
  4. Sergio... what is your overall length with the coated bullets?... I'm running Bayou coated 135s at 1.10"....first impression was good, no problems... first match Sunday, will see if the first look was indicative
  5. my ETS easily loaded 40 without a loading tool... modified for the radial delay bolt, worked fine on the trial run
  6. CBRussell.... you will find a variety of springs and buffer weights being used for USPSA., depending on shooter perception... recoil reduction, or reduction of dot movement... I can live with recoil, if the dot doesn't move... power factor is naturally an important variable, and I would suggest you determine the power factor before you attempt to tune the carbine..... I use a rifle length buffer tube, and the extra length of the rifle buffer allowed me to initially play with a variety of different weight systems, that were inexpensive... I use a standard rifle length spring... I load only one 9mm on the Dillon, and it is a 135 Bayou coated using WSF.... 130pf out of the G17, and 146 out of the PCC (I'm giving up a bit) in a rifle length buffer filled with 7 1/2 lead shot... 6.0 oz 1/2" brass rod.. 6.2 oz 5/8" brass rod..7.0 oz filled solid lead.. 9.0oz I initially found the 7.0oz buffer to work best for my set up, but later switched to the current use of an Enidine hydraulic buffer (from my 5.56 rifle) and standard rifle spring with the modified Miculek comp I described in another topic, I get imperceptible dot movement with a double tap at 25yd Les L747
  7. I'm not familiar with a Stag Arms ejector in particular... you might ink the inside edge with a marker and set it so there is a slight drag mark from the bolt....does a piece of brass lock in place when placed under the extractor, between the claw and edge of the bolt face?
  8. Roy... I think Howard is going to one-up you on your pen barrel sight on the Lab Radar... he mentioned something about making a mount for an extra Fast Fire sight
  9. followup to my Sept 5 post... I opened all three cuts an equal amount at the top of the Miculek, leaving only a .175" bridge between the radius on each side... clocked at 3 o'clock, the dot does not move with double taps on a 25yd plate CMMG radial delayed bolt and barrel Enidine hydraulic rifle buffer in A1 stock modified Miculek comp (if interested please read my Sept 5 post) load is Bayou 135 with Super Field.... 146 pf
  10. just received my 40 rounder from ETS... to prep the new magazine for radial delay bolt clearance, I got my miniature milling machine out (aka Dremel with a 9/64 drill bit) to massage the rear bolt clearance window, and trusty sanding drum to reduce the nose of the follower... adding a new "sand" release hole in the process to allow any debris to get off the nose of the follower ... ran the dummies fine... will try shooting it Wed when Howard gets his new Lab Radar on line, and will see if I really make minor with my new reduced load... I use the same load in the Steel Challenge Glock as well as the AR9 for PCC... regards
  11. my buffer spacer came from New Frontier
  12. impact... try rounding the strike end of the firing pin... I use Colt OEM pins... allows the hammer to strike close to the centerline of the firing pin... a couple of the guys I shoot with locally have commented they had problems when using .308 springs
  13. an original blue steel firing pin... the Colt with rounded strike end is over 7000rds extractor pivot pin (actually found the extractor) on AR style extractor bolt hold open on my Colt style SBR haven't broken, but have replaced 2 Glock 32, and 2 ETS 32 mag bodies... chewed up one ETS mag trial fitting the CMMG RDS bolt and barrel
  14. Ronnie passed away yesterday (9/9)... he was one of the pioneers in promoting the action shooting sports in Florida.... his wife, Wadette, ran the squad and scoring for many of the early Florida Invitational and Florida Open matches... RIP friend
  15. I repurposed a Miculek style comp from a 5.56 rifle when I switched to the 1/2-28 threading on the CMMG barrel... ran a 3/8" bit to open to .375" ....stuck it in a mill and opened up the "top" of the forward ports to same as the rear port... previously the rear wiper had been opened to the min diameter to thread the boss through with a 1/2-28 tap... clocked it directly to the ejection port side 90degrees from vertical (used a thin wave washer to give me easily adjustable trial positions)... with the radial delay and hydraulic buffer, the double tap shots spread to about 3" to the right at 25yd... will open ports at tad more Saturday
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