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  1. ammo selection... I've gotten good reliability out of CCI Blazer... bought some at bulk prices before Wuhan Flu at less than 4 cents... individually packaged... works well in my BRN22 PMACA chassis 10/22, M41 and G44 a local club is running a Rimfire Challenge where you shoot 3 SC style stages, first with pistol, then rifle...getting a good turn out
  2. Rick... thanks to a recommendation by Memphis Mechanic, the BCM extractor spring worked for me (I don't think CMMG was offering the 40SW spring as a fix, or at least I hadn't heard of it).. in my particular case, the OEM helper plug in the spring had hardened at around 1500 rounds... I've shot only a couple of matches before the Wuhan Flu cut back my participation... I use spring only, no polymer helper plug or O ring... so far the factory ejector spring is working ok... as you commented, each critter is a little different...I use 40 round ETS mags, 135 Bayou and WSF,and get a scrape on the ne
  3. just a comment...you might try rounding the strike end of the pin if it comes flat... this will allow the hammer to strike it closer to the center line of the pin... my OEM Colt pin modified like this has over 7000 rounds on it (blow back and rdb)
  4. not super light pull but I've had good luck with Rock River Arms NM hook/release triggers for at least 25years...in my 5.56 and AR9 game guns...
  5. you might look at something like a Recover Tactical brace ... it checks the boxes for me.. dependable firearm platform, lite weight, capable of being fired with brace folded.. 2" at 50m
  6. this pic of the 5.56 guns... the streamlined gas block is roll pinned
  7. I offer a couple of examples I put together for a truck gun, but would work for inside... I stayed with a 10.5 for the 5.56 to mitigate some of the blast.. the AR9 was built on my back up PSA (NFA billet) receiver ... I wanted a pinned front sight block if I ever needed an AR for defense...I don't use blades or braces... if interested just ask about specifics regards Les pic of the AR9
  8. if you have a bunch of AR parts lying around... my RFRO started as a Brownells BRN22 receiver with integral sight base and barrel, in a PMACA lightweight chassis... Ruger bolt and trigger group... Hogue grip and SOPMOD style slanted stock... the angled fore grip off a cantilevered 1913 rail attached to the front end... I used some coke can shims to tighten everything down...puts the weight to the rear and swings well feels much more solid than a friends 15-22
  9. I prefer to use ETS 40s rather than factory Glock 32s and a TF extension... I've been playing the gun games a long time, and the junction between the extended mag base and mag tube, even if beveled, is a potential problem for an aw crap if the follower does not make the transition smoothly....
  10. I do not have a complete CMMG carbine, it is a NFA lower and upper with CMMG RDB bolt and barrel.. the scratches from my rifle are from the bottom teeth of the bolt as they cycle over the next to be chambered cartridge while cartridge is still in the magazine... I leave my brass on the ground as a courtesy to the squad to keep the match moving... I buy reclaimed brass from the range, so eventually I'll get some back... at this time, it is cosmetic only
  11. I've had very good luck with CCI Blazer 40grain....in my M41, G44, Advantage Arms conversion on my G17, and the BRN22 build that I use for Steel Challenge.... reasonable in price
  12. with a tip from Memphis Mechanic, I had a problem with the polymer helper plug in the OEM CMMG RDB extractor spring hardening...I used Memphis's suggestion and replaced the extractor spring with a heavy duty one from Bravo Company... no O ring or helper plug... 3 matches and about 100 trial shots it has been 100%... April match has been cancelled
  13. I'm not a go-fast PCC shooter, but I like factory ETS 40 rounders rather than extended Glock mags... one less thing to go wrong, and you can look and see if you forgot to put one of the shiny things in the back of the case
  14. I've been using Bayou poly coated 135's since building the first PCC... Win Super Field for a 141pf
  15. Mo... I'm running a 5.56 Enidine rifle length hydraulic I pirated from the 3 gun rifle, factory rifle spring (I had previously used a .308 spring with the pre Cmmg blow back bolt, and had some battering to the rear of the boss area around the chamber with a 6.2oz rifle length buffer) both the original blow back and hydraulic with a NFA short bumper to shorten the stroke
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