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  1. Hey guys. Sooo...I just got a P365 and was doing a complete strip of the firearm and lost my striker safety spring (That's a story for another day...). Does anyone know where to find a replacement spring without buying the striker safety as well? I have signed up to multiple websites to notify me when the striker safety + spring is back in stock but none have them in stock currently. I do have a pretty extensive hardware store nearby so specs on the spring would be great too (length, OD, thickness of the coil, # of coils, and this could be a far reach but spring stiffness in lb/in?). As a sidenote, I currently have a reduced power CZ firing pin block safety spring (from CGW) in the firearm. It fits in the groove of the striker safety perfectly and does also provide enough spring force down in order to block the striker if an inadvertent drop+slip of the sear+striker assembly occurs. I did email SIG and asked to see if they would be willing to send the spring itself but I haven't heard back from them yet. I appreciate all the advice in making sure I am careful, have the appropriate tools/workspace/lighting/white towel/etc. This was a one-off situation where parts went flying all over the garage floor... Thanks! Chris
  2. cjfung10

    Shadow2 Tune Up WOW!!

    Yes, legal. USPSA Rulebook Appendix D4, 21.6:
  3. I don't see why not. It'll only increase ignition reliability over the stock firing pin spring
  4. This may not be it but I figure I can mention it since it hasn't been yet - the inside of the mag and follower can be dirty and need some cleaning. I've had dirt/crud get into the mag and the follower starts dragging up the mag.
  5. I highly doubt it. I would say reliable ignition is mostly based on your firing pin length (extended or not), the firing pin spring (reduced or factory), and hammer spring.
  6. Any issues with using an ultrasonic cleaner? Maybe a bit overkill but it can't hurt...?
  7. Awesome. Thanks a ton. I haven’t been as aggressive and want to see if I can shave off more.
  8. Does anyone have pictures of their TTI or TF extension where they filed? I've done the follower modification but it seems to still hang up on my TF basepad around round 35/36. Thanks, Chris
  9. cjfung10

    New Hammer pins install

    I didn't need to use a vise to install the H-pins from CGW into multiple factory hammers or multiple CGW disconnectors. I haven't needed to use anything other than a punch. Getting factory pins out of the hammer is another story...
  10. Any news on these? I haven’t seen anything on CGWs website.
  11. I would also look into getting the SRS-1 kit from CGW in addition to what others have mentioned here (darn that firing pin block).
  12. If the only difference is a better installation experience and not a whole lot of performance increase, I'd say their now "old" triggers are a bargain!
  13. http://www.primaryarms.com/HIPERTOUCH-24C
  14. Definitely a cool concept. Surprised no one has mentioned this but more adjust-ability = typically more parts = more things that can go wrong (and more parts to keep track of in your spare parts bin).
  15. Just trying to help your PCC...but maybe not your wallets. https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Hiperfire-AR-15-Triggers-s/79583.htm 24C isn't exactly priced great at $223 but the following are: 24 - $120 24E - $130 243G - $150
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