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  1. Can you post a picture of yours?
  2. have you had to re-tune them at all?
  3. The match last year was great, I'm sure it's going to be just as good this year. The crew at Rio Salado always does such a great job.
  4. I wonder if you'd have any issues with the slide staying in battery using the stock striker spring and a 13# recoil spring. I primarily shoot 2011's now but am thinking about using the glocks again for fun, but I've gotten so used to the slide cycling nicely it made me wonder about experimenting with recoil springs to make the glocks shoot a little smoother.
  5. Do you use a standard recoil spring ?
  6. Are you using the lightened striker spring and all the other johnny glocks stuff as well?
  7. How does it compare to the Johnny Glocks trigger? Is the trigger pull and reset as short?
  8. Timney usually sponsors SMM3gun in March so I'm hoping they' ll have a demo unit to try at the match.
  9. I've tried the TTI kit and a Johnny Glocks trigger. Big difference between the two but the Johnny glocks was quite a bit more expensive.
  10. https://timneytriggers.com/alpha-competition-series-for-glock-gen-3-4/ - the price isn't too bad. I wonder how it'll compare to some of the current aftermarket triggers.
  11. 1301 comp pro all the way - even over the M2. All it needs is an extended tube and some port work. The recoil impulse is much nicer than an inertia shotgun.
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