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  1. I wonder why he's using the lighter striker spring. I thought the whole point of this system was to run a full power striker spring.
  2. It definitely seems closer to .39 than 1.3”
  3. I don't have experience with the M1 but I like the 1301 a lot better than the M2. It's got a much softer recoil impulse and is less picky about ammo. The biggest disadvantage of the 1301 is the location of the shell release. It's pretty easy to accidentally ghost load, which can mess up the flow. I used a dremel to grind it down a bit and haven't had as much of an issue since.
  4. No problem - it's a great shotgun overall.
  5. It doesn't come with a thinner pad but something may be available on the aftermarket. Also, I had to use different screws to get the pad screwed down tightly without using a spacer.
  6. This is without a spacer being used - it comes with a small and large spacer
  7. which one? I've seen a few he's done on the timney triggers but they're all fairly long.
  8. definitely let us know what you think when it comes in! I just checked his site - it looks like it's $250 - that doesn't include the timney trigger kit does it?
  9. what are you having him do to them? I am thinking about dabbling in CO a bit and have been completely spoiled by 2011s. I think the biggest issue I'm having shooting regular guns is the length of the trigger pull. Is he able to shorten it up quite a bit?
  10. Can you post a picture of yours?
  11. have you had to re-tune them at all?
  12. The match last year was great, I'm sure it's going to be just as good this year. The crew at Rio Salado always does such a great job.
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