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  1. I've been thinking about the extra mag ... hmmm ... I'm not saying I am an expert shot, but given where I live I don't think an extra mag would be necessary. I might need to rethink the extra mag pouch option before I actually buy. I have several friends who carry appendix with that option, and they say the extra weight of a full 15/17 round magazine is the only negative. I normally carry OWB higher on my belt with a longer shirt and no extra magazine. Thanks for your experience
  2. I wouldn't say I was carrying a 9lb turkey up front, but I am no lean chicken either LOL ... Looking for suggestions regarding appendix carry for those who are a little thicker in the spare tire area. I am currently looking at a TXC Ally for appendix carry. From all the reviews and videos I have watched it's one that is big guy friendly Thanks Rick
  3. You're going to have really nice setup, very similar to my Legion. I love everything about the 320 Franken builds everyone is working on. I was contemplating doing one of those builds with the 320 XCarry and the Legion TXG.
  4. Just starting building my 6mm ARC with Odin internals coupled with our LGS upper/lower/rail set. I am definitely looking forward to seeing your successes with reloads, and may start that effort as my buddy has one. What dies are you using?
  5. It took me a few tries to get everything lined up, but when it did it simply "clicked" into place. If my memory serves me right, in one of the videos or on one the paperowrk that came with it, the AC was not tested with the GG kit... can't seem to find it again, but none the less everything seems to be running fine with my setup.
  6. Zero value to the conversation... move along please
  7. 8.2.1 The firearm is prepared as specified in the written stage briefing and is in compliance with the requirements of the relevant Division. 8.2.2 The competitor assumes the start position as specified in the written stage briefing... 8.3 Range Communication... "The approved range commands and their sequence are as follows:" discussed already, basically discussing Communication, and refers to Written Stage Briefs as well. 10.5.19... refer to the conversation above. In the best interest of safety, I don't / won't purposefully let anything slide. Nice try though
  8. I am merely playing devils advocate for information and educational purposes of course, and I'm sure many of you have taken this opportunity to looked through the rule book regarding everything that has been said. Simply put, this is good conversation, and that should always be the main purpose. My PCC is extended and the dot is on well before the match begins, and it stays like that for the duration of the match. Why, because I have had, seen, and heard this conversation at a match, and to eliminate any future issue I simply have it setup like this to avoid conflicts with any st
  9. "All other gun handling with the PCC, e.g., sight pictures, turning dots on/off, etc., must be accomplished in a safety area or under the direct supervision of a Range Officer" The word "or" is used to link alternatives... This rules allows other options while under the direct supervision of the RO... I go back to my previous input regarding 8.3.1 ... unless it is specifically written in the stage briefs that all manipulation will "only" be done in the safe area or after the "make ready" it's still not a blatant DQ. IVC, you are reading to reply, and failing to unde
  10. Unless of course you actually write that into your stage briefs IAW 8.3.1 ... then, and only then I would agree it is a DQ. But we all know nobody writes stage briefs to that level of detail. God only know how many times I’ve been counseled about having too much detail in my stage briefs rofl... it seems I learn something new each time I write them... too much, not enough, so I have accepted I cannot make every shooter happy
  11. You have yet to show let alone prove that extending a stock or turning an optic on is grounds for a DQ other than your interpretation... and you wonder why it would be easy to convince range leadership that an RO is letting authority go to their head. You make it too easy
  12. Well... at least we agree on one thing Be safe gent’s, have fun, and good luck during your matches
  13. Oh I have had discussions with many RM’s, CRO’s, GM’s, and shooters in general and I’ve had no problem convincing range leadership that certain RO’s like you and the Sarge let a position of authority go to your head. Y’all start having a bad day or whatever sets you off, and then you break out the magnifying glass so you can dig deeper into “your understanding” of the rule book. Again, you both need to stop reading for a response only, and look at the definition of supervision. As the RO I do not need to hold your hand from the berm or the safe area to have control of what’s going on in the
  14. Y'all need to read to understand instead of read to respond... I take all shooting aspect serious, but many of you make the rumors true about the RO's who like the power of "control" ... maybe some of you need to actually look at the definition of supervise.
  15. Cause you're obviously one of the over zealous RO's... a microscope give you the "control" that makes you fell good about yourself apparently
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