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  1. Hi.... my name is Rick, and I have an addiction... guns, ammo, and competition shooting now Retired from the USAF a few years back, and with my feet planted firmly in NW Florida I figure it's time to expand and enjoy gun sports a little more. I find reading forums much easier than a manual, I will do my best to search for an answer first, but if my query isn't correct enough please don't flame me with "do a search" without letting me know something a little more specific to search for... I'm not perfect, neither are you, and I'll see you more as part of the problem I will definitely provide inputs and assistance based on my experiences and readings, that doesn't mean there aren't better inputs, but I am always open for tossing ideas back and forth. Glad to be here, and look forward to seeing what I learn and/or provide. Ciao for Now, Rick
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