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  1. Grip strength plays a big role and don't forget about your non dominant hand. I found when I was really squeezing the gun I started pulling shots. The answer for me was to add more support from the non dominant hand. I love limited wish I started here.
  2. Generally low left. and the frustrating part is this is a new thing. 2 months ago this wasn't an issue. Im gonna try to get back to basics and go from there.
  3. Im just looking for a handful of drills/advice on trigger control. Ive been missing a lot of easy shots and not the hard ones.. When I need to slow down and make a shot I can but when it seems the targets are easy im fairly sure im pulling shots inconsistently and some stages consistently. Its quite frustrating and hoping there are some drills/things I can do to help alleviate this problem. TIA
  4. Luckily the platform is very similar. Shouldn't take him long to wipe the floor with a CZ.
  5. I've had my eye on the Holosun 510c with the green dot. The larger window is very appealing. Going to let some more trial and error be done by others before making my decision.
  6. AndyG


    Looking at the results from Henry's Cup, a lot of people got some Dairy Queen. It looked very close but like everyone said, the RO had the best look at it.
  7. Pitting on a hard Chrome Trojan. Sold it to an IDPA shooter then I got a message saying they would fix it after I was originally denied. Put a real sour taste in my mouth as I sold it at a big discount...
  8. Well I figured it out. Bought my first 2011 lol.
  9. Hey glad its going well. I have tendinitis and carpal tunnel in my left arm/hand. Ive been considering the surgery, but ive had moderate results with anti inflammatory foods stretching and cbd cream of all things... let us know how it works out in the long run. I might have to do the same.
  10. I'm looking to speed up my movements as well. From my understanding you'll gain more time in transitions and getting in and out of position faster. I've been trying to lean out on the last shot in position to more or less fall out of position. I've also been trying to improve the set up when getting to position. Ideally you want to set up as you are getting into position, but this is all a little more tricky than it sounds... I'd also love advice, drills or videos.
  11. You'll find pretty much everything here. Welcome.
  12. I'm avoiding STI for the foreseeable future. I've had issues with them not warranting their products.
  13. I had an ed brown wide ambi fit to mine and the right side shaved down to fit my hands better. Its my favorite upgrade on the gun. I hated the stock safties and now I have a large comfortable shelf for my thumb =).
  14. I've tried 165 up to 225gr bullets and settled on the 180s as a nice medium ground. 200gr+ feels a little sluggish in a a rock island pro match. Currently using Mixed brass 180gr bullet 4.9gr n320 Oal 1.18 Gets me 169pf average on 10 rounds.
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