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  1. Started off with a DVC Limited. The lower lug on the barrel broke. So I sent it back to STI. Found a Used Akai and the barrel split on that after about 2 months as Shay wasn’t willing to warranty any of his work. I’m shooting an edge now with a 2500$ grip on it.
  2. If anyone has this issue in the future new mag springs fixed it. I’ll start replacing them every off season.
  3. All of my mags have always dropped free until recently. An empty tube will drop free but the second you chamber a round or fire the gun I think its sliding one of the bottom rounds out far enough for it to catch on the inside of the grip. Has anyone else had this issue? Whats the remedy? I don't see any visual difference.
  4. Lots of people I know run a synthetic motor oil on everything.
  5. So far so good. It's a little slow of a read but it's full of good information. A few nuggets to be found.
  6. Finished 1st B at my 2nd Major match. I was thrilled with how I shot. Thanks for the reply racin. I'm looking for some dry fire books. Specifically get to work.. I'll probably pick it up Friday.
  7. That's great advice. I'm looking to shoot my sights consistently and call my shots. I like many others will get excited and my finger out runs my sights sometimes. If I focus on calling shots, stage planning ect I am usually happy with the outcome. Just gotta get more discipline and experience.
  8. Hey guys, I'm looking around for a handful of what you would consider the most helpful dry fire drills to incorporate into a 30 minute session or so daily. My 2nd Major is in 2 weeks and I'd like to give myself the best opportunity to get my first top 3 finish in my division. Thanks in advance!
  9. Grip strength plays a big role and don't forget about your non dominant hand. I found when I was really squeezing the gun I started pulling shots. The answer for me was to add more support from the non dominant hand. I love limited wish I started here.
  10. Generally low left. and the frustrating part is this is a new thing. 2 months ago this wasn't an issue. Im gonna try to get back to basics and go from there.
  11. Im just looking for a handful of drills/advice on trigger control. Ive been missing a lot of easy shots and not the hard ones.. When I need to slow down and make a shot I can but when it seems the targets are easy im fairly sure im pulling shots inconsistently and some stages consistently. Its quite frustrating and hoping there are some drills/things I can do to help alleviate this problem. TIA
  12. Luckily the platform is very similar. Shouldn't take him long to wipe the floor with a CZ.
  13. I've had my eye on the Holosun 510c with the green dot. The larger window is very appealing. Going to let some more trial and error be done by others before making my decision.
  14. AndyG


    Looking at the results from Henry's Cup, a lot of people got some Dairy Queen. It looked very close but like everyone said, the RO had the best look at it.
  15. Pitting on a hard Chrome Trojan. Sold it to an IDPA shooter then I got a message saying they would fix it after I was originally denied. Put a real sour taste in my mouth as I sold it at a big discount...
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