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  1. I have tried some different cheap factory loads so far at 120yds. Cheap herters 115 gr fmj have grouped the best. About the size of my fist. Going to try to load some and see what I can do.
  2. Has anyone experimented with 100-200yd PCC loads for accuracy?
  3. Zombies in the Heartland 3-gun match May 31st - June 2nd 2019 Grand Island, NE Amateur, tactical, open, and PCC divisions https://practiscore.com/zombies-in-the-heartland-2019/register
  4. I wouldn't call it misleading. I would call it a stage that makes you think and make sure you have a solid stage plan.
  5. I have had good luck with them so far. The only complaint I have is half of them are one way in the package and half of them are flipped the other way in the package.
  6. I liked the no external modifications, internal modifications are fine rules. Pretty simple, and I think the fellow shooters probably policed themselves on the rule infringements before the RO would anyway.
  7. How do you tell what is the correct torque? Too tight and pins break. Too loose and primers don't get pushed out.
  8. Just did the exact same thing Sunday. Even cut the case just like you did to confirm my suspicions. Whoever brings that crap to the range should be publically caned.
  9. I have a used MBX ½x28 I will sell for$50. It's what I paid, I have another one on a different gun and like it. I didn't think of verifying thread pitch when I bought it. I needed ½-36.
  10. I am assuming that they don't go ahead and serialize the gun without contacting the buyer first? Just curious if they ask you if you want the custom serial number, and how close to the end of the build do they do it?
  11. Not taking the opportunity to save where you can with a product of equal quality is bad economics.
  12. Yep, $19.99/1000@ Cabela's. I have a few$20 off $150 coupons as well.
  13. I am low on small rifle for a 3gun AR, and could stock up on small pistol for an accushadow, PCC, 2011....
  14. Found a deal on S&B primers. I have always used CCI. Are the S&B good to use?
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