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  1. placed order at cabelas on 12/7 for 20k federal #100 initial shipping date was 1/25. when I followed up it was moved to 2/27 I received the primers today
  2. I also ordered bulk .40 from them on black friday . 3 weeks (and 2 follow up calls) went by and it still wasn't shipped with no notice I canceled the order on dec 20 and ordered blue bullets instead. received the BB within 4 days Will never order xtreme again
  3. HR that's good to know. I'm thinking of doing the same. didn't realize how freakin heavy 6000 rounds is. Too bad I cant put them in the PODS. I'll leave them in the trunk all the way
  4. thanks guys for your response. stevie I'll be in irving/dallas tx area. Any good range in the area for uspsa matches? maybe we can meet their someday. I really enjoy the matches here in FL. I was actually thinking of bringing the bag (with guns) with me to the motel instead of just locking it in the trunk. is that a bad idea?
  5. hi guys, I'll be moving (driving) to dallas, texas next month from florida and i'll bring all my guns (6 handguns, a shotgun and an ar-15 )/ammos (~6000 rnds - I shoot in competition) with me. As for the handguns they'll be all in the case and gun locked, the AR and shotgun I plan to disassemble them and put the lowers in a bag together with the guns. both ammos and guns will be in the trunk of my car , I'm a CCW holder in FL and will be passing through AL, MS and LA (will stay overnight for a rest in a motel) I have looked at the firearm transport laws /handgunlaw.us/Reciprocity states/nra-ila and I was just wondering if my plan is good or if I'm missing anything. Any advice/comment is very much appreciated thank you Bun
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