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  1. bun

    CZ TSO holster

    blade-tech holster for my CTS.
  2. I have thousands of acme 145s and I would have wanted it to work with my usual oal at 1.13. max oal I've tested was 1.09 I'll try the Ibejihead 147 and BB 135gr TC when I get a chance but for now I'll stick with the xtremes
  3. I recently installed a semi fit apex 5" barrel on my m&p 9L My go to load is a 145gr acme bullet 1.12 oal with no issues on my other 9s including the orig m&p barrel The same load is tight in the apex 5" barrel and doesn't drop freely. tried to shoot 100 rounds and had 5 failure to eject and failure to go into battery. when I shorten the oal to 1.0 (which I don't want to do) it passes the plunk test No issues with the plated 147gr xtreme at 1.12 -1.14 oal or factory rounds (blazer 115, winchester, freedom munitions) I know this has to do with bullet shape but what bullet do you guys use in your apex 5" ?
  4. I'm using the one that came with the mag extension
  5. I just got 2 SI mag extension for my G17/G34. For some reason I can only load 22 rounds of 9mm (as oppose to 23 17+6 as advertised) Tried to load just 12 rounds and dropped both mags on concrete several times to see if either will crack but both held up good Shot 100 rnds each with no issues and slide locked back after the last round true test will be on a match few weeks from now .
  6. placed order at cabelas on 12/7 for 20k federal #100 initial shipping date was 1/25. when I followed up it was moved to 2/27 I received the primers today
  7. I also ordered bulk .40 from them on black friday . 3 weeks (and 2 follow up calls) went by and it still wasn't shipped with no notice I canceled the order on dec 20 and ordered blue bullets instead. received the BB within 4 days Will never order xtreme again
  8. HR that's good to know. I'm thinking of doing the same. didn't realize how freakin heavy 6000 rounds is. Too bad I cant put them in the PODS. I'll leave them in the trunk all the way
  9. thanks guys for your response. stevie I'll be in irving/dallas tx area. Any good range in the area for uspsa matches? maybe we can meet their someday. I really enjoy the matches here in FL. I was actually thinking of bringing the bag (with guns) with me to the motel instead of just locking it in the trunk. is that a bad idea?
  10. hi guys, I'll be moving (driving) to dallas, texas next month from florida and i'll bring all my guns (6 handguns, a shotgun and an ar-15 )/ammos (~6000 rnds - I shoot in competition) with me. As for the handguns they'll be all in the case and gun locked, the AR and shotgun I plan to disassemble them and put the lowers in a bag together with the guns. both ammos and guns will be in the trunk of my car , I'm a CCW holder in FL and will be passing through AL, MS and LA (will stay overnight for a rest in a motel) I have looked at the firearm transport laws /handgunlaw.us/Reciprocity states/nra-ila and I was just wondering if my plan is good or if I'm missing anything. Any advice/comment is very much appreciated thank you Bun
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