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  1. 50k!!! I might have 10k through the Nemesis now. When you say slide stop pin is that the slide lock pin for manually locking the slide back? Need to see if maybe mine might need replacing. I still have yet to replace any springs. I probably should just for good preventative maintenance. Nice video Charlie.
  2. Anderson's show is great. Shoot Fast is good too. Id be better if that dear friend production shooter would speak less. #limitedislife
  3. What happened to Prima SV? Grafs or Powder Valley has been out of stock for awhile now. Down to my last pound.
  4. I would check those mag lips first. Maybe open them up a touch. I run 1.195 180gr Blue Bullets with an Atlas.
  5. You guys shouldn't worry. Atlas makes a great gun and will stand behind their product. I got a Nemesis last August and I too sent it back a few days later for a safety that came loose. I was annoyed, but they took care of it and had it back to me before the next weeks match. The gun just runs and runs. What's more is I run 180gr Blue Bullets at 1.195 with Prima SV (cuz CHA-LEE said so) and it works 100% of the time. I've got maybe 10k blues through it now. Quite a few other folks shoot Titan's locally and they run 100%. Lastly, shout out to CHA-LEE. If you haven't read his
  6. I have a CZ Custom CTS. I know the slide is blued. Not sure what coating the frame has. The more I read on all these different coatings the more I become unsure about what I want or what truly is best. I have a DLC finish on my Atlas Nemesis. Its really nice, smooth, and slick. Would it also be as smooth and slick for the CZ CTS or will it show imperfections in the frame? Same question applies to Nitride or PVD. I'd like to finish the entire gun to include the controls, hammer, and barrel. It has too have a very uniform/smooth finish. It needs to look better than it does
  7. Killer runs man. Great shooting and great video you put together. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Thank you chumly! I saw an eBay ad this morning. The 650 came out to $518 using the code with free shipping. Great deal. Also, the logic you guys use is for convincing a wife. Now I will have 2 650’s. #sixtybucksmatter
  9. I read the fine print on the Ebay 20%-25% and it's only 20% up to $100?
  10. Wondering if anyone knows of any Dillion 650 deals this Friday? Do they ever go on sale?
  11. There are plenty of good/great 2011's in the classifieds. If money is an issue (always is) don't break the bank on a $4-5k gun. I'm all about my Nemesis, but I don't think I'm any more accurate or faster with it than I was with my CZ. You might disagree, but I've been shooting USPSA for a bit over a year now and consistently improving. Hard to say if the gun really made a difference. I really don't think your current 2011 is holding you back. It's heavy, has a bull barrel, light trigger, and runs.
  12. That’s really cool! I’d be real interested in hearing from folks who actually took a builders class or from those who built there own 1911/2011.
  13. I went to the Nemesis from a CZC CTS .40. I would agree with Fox and others. The Nemesis or Titan is not going to affect your match performance when coming from a CZ. What is the price difference between a Nemesis and a Titan? $500? Plenty of folks here are top of their class with a “conventional” 2011. Either way I was new to the 2011 platform so it was going to take sometime growing into. For a guy that purchased a $2400 CTS over a $1,000 TS you’re spending an aweful amount of time sweating the price difference .
  14. nutzach

    TS trigger freeze

    The reset “push” on those CZC flat triggers are not as positive as a factory TS trigger. It also doesn’t quite have the short reset like a good 2011 trigger would have. That’s my observation between a CZC CTS and a Atlas Nemesis 2011. I haven’t shot my CTS in awhile, but I did have to make a conscious effort to allow my trigger finger to travel just a bit more if not off the trigger any time I shot a bill drill. I still preferred the CZC trigger over the factory TS. Felt more precise and predictable.
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