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  1. It is just an AR Timney. When this happens all I have to do is pull the trigger again, nothing else and it will fire.
  2. I shot my 1st PCC club match yesterday and I have an issue. I bought a simple PSA 9mm PCC, added a Timney 3lb trigger and have shot a couple hundred rounds before going to my 1st match. During the match I had several occasions while shooting I would pull the trigger and nothing happened, pull again and it would fire. I did have to rack bolt just pull again and it would fire. Any idea where to start looking for this issue? Thanks
  3. We have had this issue over the years in our winter shooters education class. Since safety glasses are always used we have had great success with patching/taping the dominate eye. It is a training tool we use that woks. We have a youth class with 40-50 8-16 y/o kids some with experience some brand new to the sport. We use Daisy BB guns and teach 4 position shooting from 11-1 to 3-1 every winter.
  4. 2018 Nordic Vortex Tri gun had a weak hand rifle stage start
  5. I don't know about any promo codes, But you will not be disappointed with Adam's products!
  6. Weber Tactical, Adam is a great guy and supporter of the shooting sports
  7. Hello Hannibal here. BRCC is a good club to shoot USPSA, Lead Farm and Gadsden for 3gun
  8. School and work Lucas oil would have been close.
  9. Has anyone heard if there will be a 2019 Lucas Oil PCC in Missouri I got a 9PCC for Christmas and was hoping to go to the match.
  10. I was shooting a match 2 years ago, stage 2 my rear sight came off and I did not see or realize it till after I had shot the next stage. I go p-o'd and wanted to quit and leave, still had 2 more stages. Dad convinced me to go ahead and finish since we were there. I did and could not believe I finished as good as I did. Just like everyone said just shoot. Funniest part, dad was videoing and at 1/2 speed we can see the sight come off.
  11. I made a Stainless Steel one in shop before graduation and it works great
  12. I shot my 1st 3gun match in 2015 I was 16 and it was the Generation III Gun match. I had a blast! Mostly due to the fact I had some Great squad mates that helped me. Shoot, have fun and learn.
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