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  1. I was shooting a match 2 years ago, stage 2 my rear sight came off and I did not see or realize it till after I had shot the next stage. I go p-o'd and wanted to quit and leave, still had 2 more stages. Dad convinced me to go ahead and finish since we were there. I did and could not believe I finished as good as I did. Just like everyone said just shoot. Funniest part, dad was videoing and at 1/2 speed we can see the sight come off.
  2. Dad

    SA XDM 5.25 9MM Guide Rod questions

    I made a Stainless Steel one in shop before graduation and it works great
  3. I shot my 1st 3gun match in 2015 I was 16 and it was the Generation III Gun match. I had a blast! Mostly due to the fact I had some Great squad mates that helped me. Shoot, have fun and learn.
  4. Greatest Movie ever made Outlaw Josey Wales
  5. Dad

    Coupler question

    We had to put the nordic on 1st and thread original on to it, but works great
  6. Dad

    To JM Pro or not to JM Pro........

    Also not the only one. I use Walmart bulk Winchester and shoots every time, as long I keep it clean. Been shooting for 4 years. Dad opend the port and C-Rum welded the lifter
  7. I had the rear sight break, called 1st, then email pic's no problem with replacement. I needed it for a match and had to pay $10 for overnight shipping.
  8. Dad

    To JM Pro or not to JM Pro........

    Buy it shoot the hell out f clean it repeat. Then maybe look at OR3gun
  9. Dad

    3 Gun Shotgun Ammo

    Walmart fed or winchest bulk have always for great in my 930
  10. Dad

    Budget Shotgun

    The Mossberg 930 has been good to me. Break it in hard and heavy and keep it clean
  11. I had a blast last year, it was my 1st year for this match. I can only do a couple of majors this coming year and hope I can get in to this one again
  12. I shoot slugs with a 930 and mod choke all the time a little high and left but works good
  13. 40+ round stage at Vortex trigun in MN was awesome, burnd the hell out of my hand but was super fun. 1 stage at a match would be great.
  14. Dad

    Hello from STL metro area

    There are several indoor ranges in STL that run small monthly match's, check out Eagle ye in Wentzville The Range, Stl west Bench Rest rifle club in Wright City, has USPSA match
  15. Dad

    Shotgun Sight Options

    Truglo makes a little stick on rear fiber sight, works great no adjustment so you do need to practice a little