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  1. That profile does not require you to load short due to the shoulder. Offhand I think I loaded them to 1.130". That put the case mouth close to the shoulder,. but not over it. I have had best 9mm accuracy in general with more bullet in the case vs closer to the lands. Theoretically,. If your crimp is set properly and case mouth smooth, you should not damage coating as the bullet leaves the case either by firing or puller. You mentioned in other threads about peening from wet tumbling and deburring. If you size and expand post tumbling,. It's a non-issue as the case mouth is cleaned up by the tooling. But, as I said these bullets are a problem with a good process. For me, in my production guns, clean, accurate shooting with coated means .358 Precisions. This is fine but you run into more issues with certain heads tamps expanding that extra dia. GFL brass, as an example, has quite the bulge and questionable neck tension while being good otherwise. The usual suspects like CBC are non-starters. The heavy plate RMRs are just easy, and the gun stays the cleanest. They also mic at .3565", so a good fit in my barrels. JHP would be great too but more $$ and in NJ can be a problem outside the home.
  2. ^^This. That grease is fantastic stuff. I ride and race off road motorcycles, the suspension linkage pivots take a beating. After a season of use with this stuff the parts look like new. WAY too thick for slide rails and other stuff though. There are lighweight moly lubes that work great for that.
  3. Not over crimping. I have the process dialed in. I take great care to use a proper dia and length expander plug for the bullet and seating depth being used. Load ten dummies, pull, inspect, and mic. Absolutely no change dimensionally or visually. The bullet design has minimal sealing area, lead is soft, coating is thin. The fact that they smoke so much with Sport Pistol tells me gas cutting is happening.
  4. They were great people to deal with, its too bad. I found the .358 size 125g LG RN very accurate over the course of a match. Amazing considering the mess in the barrel when I got home and cleaned the gun. Shooting less and slower at paper, it didn't look that bad, and I thought the .358 may have solved the problem. The savings was just not worth the hassle and additional lead exposure.
  5. Because I load for a gun with a compensator as well as my S2, and like to keep a common bullet. Open lead base FMJs will foul a compensator. I have loaded and shot thousands of RMR RNs and matchwinners, great bullets. The RMR plated are not like other plated, the plating is extremely thick, like a thin jacket. You can handle and load them like jacketed without worry. Also nice ogive that is no problem in short chambers.
  6. Agree, Precision has been the best coated by far. Even the .358 Brazos 125g leaded bad with everything done right, and they smoked pretty bad even with Sport Pistol. That said I'm running RMR plated now. VERY heavy copper plate, no drama in handling, and work well in my S2 and other gun with a comp.
  7. Some bullets are a non-issue with CZ short throats. The Precisions noted above and the RMR 124g plated plunk over 1.150". CZs are not fussy to feed so there is no reason to load extra long with these unless your gun just happens to like it. Best accuracy in mine with these seems to be 1.120 - 1.130".
  8. Interesting. Every other brand .356/.357 coated bullet leaded my barrel so I didn't even consider .356 Precision. They shoot clean in my S2 but foul the comp on my other gun, so I'm going to plated RMRs to load for both.
  9. Good bullets, have loaded and shot many but in the .358 size. 124s with 3.8g Sport Pistol.
  10. Yes, the PM comp for the CZ is smaller. That XD Springer comp looks much larger than their CZ offering I have seen.
  11. That gun should be fine with the right spring even with 130 PF ammo. I'd get the rod AHI noted and a spring selection to tune. As far as plated, if you use a good heavy plate bullet there is no problem with any load you would want to put through that gun, especially with WAC. That 5.6g load is relatively tame. I prefer the 124s (just bought 4K RMR RN plated) but 147s certainly usable if you have them. Both RMR and Berrys have been accurate enough and clean for what I do with it which is the same thing as you, local knockdown steel, not USPSA. Clean lead out of that comp once after a steady diet of FMJs and you will not want to do it again.
  12. Been messing with this lately as well. I built a P09 with a Primary Machine comp. Two vertical and two small horizontal ports. #13 recoil spring. With the typical USPSA 124g minor loads using Sport Pistol that I run in my S2, it runs reliable but cycles a tad slow and gives the impression its borderline. I worked up a load with 5.6g AutoComp and a 124g plated RMR bullet that is quite accurate, pretty flat, and not too dirty. I had a pretty good day at a knockdown match with it. Next I'll try a heavier Sport Pistol load and see how that compares, maybe with a #12 spring. I get the impression these small comps top out quick as far as effectiveness(gas flow), and powder makes less of a difference than in an open gun with a big comp. As was said the open base FMJ will foul things up a lot more than the Autocomp.
  13. OK then I stand corrected. That said the logic allowing start from half cock with a decocker(because it functions that way) and not by manual operation is inconsistent, no? With a CZ at least, its actually safer because the trigger is not held after the break to allow half cock position, where full down requires pinning it during lowering.
  14. Be aware that if it's for Production or CO, the decocker lever will drop the hammer to the half cock or safety hooks, not completely down. You may get called out on that, technically it's illegal. If so you have to thumb it down anyway. If for limited or other games that start SA, the safety lever needs a little build up work for easier access and a little off the detent spring to ease effort slightly.
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