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  1. If you shoot .356 coated without issues its not the bullets. I loaded 1000's of RMR 124 FMJ with your same load and they have been excellent in four different guns to 25 yards, but no Lee FCD(hate that thing too). Just a thought but could your barrel have some remaining lead fouling from coated? I have had terrible luck with leading using 356 coated in CZs and load .358s.
  2. I'm finishing up a 500 count of these, .358 also. Great bullet. Very accurate and completely clean. Brazos 125s shot the same for cheaper,. Just a little lead when the gun gets hot after a lot of rounds in hot weather. Not bad at all though and a great value.
  3. GMP

    Disco revisited

    JB Weld as thread locker.
  4. The plastic covering "heals' and retains the split wood and lead. We had a lot of old pins the club got from a local bowling alley. What I found was eventually the bottom would bulge and the pin would no longer stand. Here, .22 was at rear edge of table, revolver center but only 4 pins per string(table). Everything else center, 5 pins.Two mags of 7 rounds each (or speedloaders) per string, two strings per stage. No time limit.
  5. I did a pin shoot a couple,weeks ago and helped reset the tables a lot. I did pretty well with 9mm minor 124 g coated RN ammo. That's less than your 158@1100 load. Our rules were center of table, a good hit knocked them off but not with any authority. Not sure what the revolver guys were shooting but it didn't look much different. The .40s and .45s hit hard but also harder to hit with. I'd say just load what you can shoot best. Also,. those things suck up a lot of lead, and I'm sure the weight brings incocsistancy. I swapped some out when they were too heavy and unbalanced to stand. Good luck and have fun.
  6. The dirtiness alone tells me something is wrong here. I process my own brass as well as pickup stuff and for sure mine is cleaner than average, from four different guns. I've seen plenty of blackened cases but none were mine, usually from Titegroup. If you need to load longer for feeding up the charge, if not nothing wrong with a bit more bullet in the case for a 124g.
  7. I've been using this since its introduction with no problems and excellent results. My OALs are much shorter (CZs) with Brazos and Precision coated 124g, so less case space with 3.8 to 4.0g. With RMR jacketed 124g I run 4.2g. Federal primers. I've never seen seen dirty cases which usually mean poor seal from low pressure. Try upping the charge a bit.
  8. GMP

    Thickest CZ grips

    I had the palm swells but like a flat grip slightly thicker than stock better. Bought some cheaper G10 grips off Amazon, built up slightly with JB Weld epoxy and coated with #36 Silicon Carbide. Way more grippy than anything else and with a little time you can make exactly what you want.
  9. GMP

    Shadow 2 accuracy

    Heavier gun as well, unless we are comparing to the Q5SF.
  10. GMP

    P09 extended safety

    Thanks guys when I get to it I'll let you know.
  11. GMP

    P09 extended safety

    I have a P09 I'm going to build into an open / fun gun for steel / pin knockdown stuff. Also for the exercise as I like to do stuff. Its already decked out with the CGW parts and shoots well. I have a Neumount coming for a Holosun 507. I'm also going to do an SAO conversion and would like a larger safety. Does anyone know if anything is available? I thought about building up the OEM lever and adding silicon carbide but would prefer a wing/thumb rest type. Thanks.
  12. Lee FCD is kiss of death with coated bullets, and really not needed period if your sizing process is good. All your doing is swagging down the bullet and undoing the reason to go with .358s in the first place. I have no shaving or swagging issues with .358s but I use the proper NOE expander in the Lee Universal flaring die (replaces the Lee insert). This allows the bullet to sit perfectly square in the case before seating, and not have the base swagged down from case taper. I seat with the Hornady seating die and barely hit the rim with the Hornady crimp die. They run 100% in my CZs. Also, cull your brass of the junk like CBC and Aguilla. They bulge bad with expansion for .358s.
  13. No, but try the Precision 125g flat point (conical) in .358 dia. Cleanest coated bullets I've tried yet. I got some 100g of the same profile for steel challenge loads also. Stick with .358 anything if your loading for a Shadow 2, much better.
  14. GMP

    S2 Rear Sight

    I did exactly the same, very pleased.
  15. I'm loading a similar shape .38/.357 .358 dia 125 g TC bullet from Brazos for my S2. OAL is 1.030". Bullet length is .5535": Seating depth is .268". I have very good results with 3.8g Sport Pistol. HP38 is a hair slower so I would say you could start 3.5-3.8 and go from there. Hope this helps.
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