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    Just FYI, Mulatte's is no more and is now now called Pont Breaux's. Hello Jason, another South Louisiana Jason here.
  2. FWIW, I used some Atlanta Arms 124gr at a match a few months back and if I recall correctly, the were 135 PF at the chrono stage. They worked great that day, I can't say the same for me.
  3. Agreed. It wasn't a complete side by side comparison. It was just what I had for point of reference.
  4. Initial quick thoughts. SP smoke was maybe a little less that TG. I didn't find the difference significant. 147 SP was a bit softer than 147 TG but not very much (both loaded at 3.2 Gr). I felt the 135 SP (3.5 Gr.) was quite a bit softer than both. So far, in my limited loading experience, 135 SP may be my new favorite round. I found accuracy comparable but I favored the 135 when attempting double taps. The pic included was freehand slow shots (a couple seconds between). The pistol was a Sig P320 FS.
  5. Thanks to everyone for posting their load info. I went to purchase an 8lb of TiteGroup and the store also had Sport Pistol. A friend of mine was wanting to try it so I picked him up a pound and decided to grab one for myself. I'm hoping the loads are as good as everyone says but at the same time (if its as good as everyone is saying) I'm hoping the TiteGroup purchase isn't a regret. I loaded some 147 Bayou Bullets and 135 Swamp Poppers in SP. Will give an update after I get a chance to shoot them. I have some 147 Bayou Bullets with TG to compare them to. Once again thanks. The info here has been great for starting load data.
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