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  1. What I found was that my older 17 round mags (Made in the USA with circle notch in factory baseplate) did not fit the gauge with TTi or Springer. The newer mags (Made in Italy with square notch in factory baseplate) all fit the gauge fine with both extensions.
  2. Just something to ponder about. TTI on the left and Henning on the right. Both fit the mag gauge. The Henning is a beefier design. The Henning base pads for the Sigs use a push pin design similar to the TTI. Not the screw pictured below.
  3. The older mags with the round notch in the basepad (I think they are made in Italy) won't fit the gauge with the TTI. My newer mags with the rectangle notch fit the gauge fine with the TTI. *EDT* Please ignore the above statement. It is in regards to the 17 rd mags, not the 21 rd as mentioned in OP. Sorry.
  4. They are in stock again at Armorycraft.
  5. I was just joking because your post ended up showing about 5 times. I heard from a reputable source that the grip module was under review.
  6. So, pjb45, what's your point?
  7. So has anything changed? Are these grips still not allowed in Production or CO?
  8. I couldn't find a small in the full size so I just went with the small X-carry grip module. I removed my weight from the legion grip. Sure it's not as heavy, but I find a better grip is more important than the additional weight (to me).
  9. I was speaking with a friend about this and the appeal to him was the possibility of changing the side grip panel (like the CZ or Tanfo) in order to adjust the width and aggressiveness to his personal preference.
  10. I don't want to get off topic because this is a sport pistol thread but since you were interested in my opinion with Clean Shot, I thought I would give a little feedback. I got to do some doubles and bill drills yesterday. The barrel was surprisingly cooler than I expected after the bill drills. No apparent issues with accuracy but these drills were only at about 7 yds. As far as recoil goes (124/125 grain), when shooting quickly, they all seem about the same to me. I can't notice a measurable difference. I'm concentrating on my shots and not the recoil. I am using black bullets interna
  11. This is the dust I was referring to. This was after about 100-150 rounds and buildup is more over time. I know most will think this is minor/nothing/irrelevant, but as I mentioned, I reload in a spare bedroom and don't like the idea of powder floating around. Just a personal issue. .
  12. I've seen the issue online where people have had to put a spacer (shim) between the powder bar and spacer to reduce the gap to prevent leakage. But those who have had to do that claim that they have leakage that they see on the powder bar itself. I never experienced this with Sport Pistol. It seems like the "dust" was coming from the powder funnel. I could see it floating in the lights on my press when the case drops from the funnel. Kind of like when you see dust in a stream of sunlight. I have never experienced this with other powders I've used on the dillon, which are VN320, CFE Pisto
  13. Could someone elaborate on the statements of sport pistol and/or clean shot messing up the dillon powder bar? Why does it happen and an example of what we should be looking for? I'm not familiar.
  14. Interesting that you mention AA#2. I've read that Clean Shot is almost identical to it.
  15. In my limited experience, Shooter's World CS has very similar ES and SD to Sport Pistol. I will say however, that I was using a different chrono with CS than I usually use. It may not matter but thought it should be stated. I can give more feedback when I have shot more of it (only about 300 rounds so far). I'm trying CS because I was getting a fine dust on my press with Sport Pistol. Dillon powder hopper on a 650. Anyone else getting a fine dust on their Dillon press with Sport Pistol? I have talked to some who get it and some who don't. I find it quite strange. I REALLY
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