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  1. I usually approach from behind with ammo in my left hand sneak up with a death grip around the grip and stuff in the mag seriously though my backup is as identical as I can make it
  2. Classic c-more and alchin mount
  3. Advertising Advertising Advertising most people haven’t. Even heard of uspsa let alone ICORE The more people that know about us the more we will find that are willing to give it a try
  4. I will pass your question on to the other ICORE shooters up north here in Fallon
  5. All of the current classifiers are 6 round neutral and will function for limited 6 Any new classifiers that are not neutral will be different for each class
  6. I have run range pickup 9mm brass thru a case-pro using the super plates and it works fine in my super revos. I wonder if a similar treatment would help the 929. BTW I use the same moons in my super as for the 929 I only use Win and FC brass
  7. Fewer rules are better than more rules. Add a class and delete a rule. More definition, score modification, etc. ect... All add to the thickness of the rule book. More rules = BAD
  8. I am MD of our local matches for the past three years. We run an average of 20 shooters and up to 30. We have hosted two regionals and this year will host the IRC in September. Stage design for major matches is deliberate and focused solely for ICORE. These are set up using all three of the above methods. Stages for the monthly matches are more of a problem as they will be modified and used for USPSA match the next day. Sometimes the changes are simply moving targets around and things are fine other times there is no simple way to make it work without major redesign. These ch
  9. I know it's quite a drive but we have a good active ICORE club up in Fallon. In fact we are hosting the IRC this year
  10. To me it isn't that you can't design good stages that comply with the rule. It's allowing more freedom in stage design. We shoot ICORE on Saturday and USPSA on Sunday using the same basic stages. Adjust target count and layout according to the rules of the day. We usually have about 20 shooters with one or two six shooters. They are the ones who will "tell" (complain). We want all competitors to feel welcome. The only way to really make this work is to first establish a class for six shot limited then do away with six shot neutral. Without this there will always be some advantage to 8 sho
  11. Aside from a new place for the possible homeless IDPA shooters, the biggest benefit of a Limited 6 class is that we could remove the six shot neutral requirement. This would allow stage designers a lot more freedom. Better, more interesting stages is what the biggest benefit of this change would be If we have more fun others may see it and join us. But to me that is a side benefit not the primary purpose of this idea.
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