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  1. I agree except that I thought the Lee Turret was a great starting point and is still useful for small batch jobs. I was just using it the other day with an RCBS collet bullet puller. 15K rounds/year for sure the 750 and case feeder or the 1050/1100.
  2. With the Vibraprime I've found that keeping the tray clean is important. Also keep the batteries fresh. It will continue to operate as the batteries discharge but hangups will occur more frequently. A fresh set of batteries, a clean tray, slick as snot. I don't know if the same will be true of the DAA unit but something to keep in mind.
  3. A lot of people just pull the yellow pickup fitting off of the Dillon tube and stick the bare Dillon tube into the Vibraprime. Either fill it up and go to the press or cap it with the yellow fitting and get the next tube and repeat. Very straightforward. Removes the Vibraprime specific tube and that black fitting from the equation.
  4. I haven't been monitoring prices lately. Is $999 considered a decent price in the current environment?
  5. I'd love to see that. That would be way cool.
  6. Realize that there is more than one way to skin the cat also. For example in stations 6,7,8: option 1: 6 powder check 7 bullet feeder 8 combination seat/crimp option 2: 6 bullet feeder 7 seat 8 crimp There are also some options for 2,3 and 4 but typically they will be 2 size/decap 3 swage/expand 4 usually only priming here as it isn't threaded in the standard Dillon toolhead but you can get an aftermarket toolhead with that station threaded which gives you a little flexibility You can also rely upon st
  7. There was a point in time where I was more or less in the same place "Your Lee Classic Cast Turret is fine for loading 1,000 per month @ 2-250 per hour for (1) hour each week.". However as time went by I realized that although it was possible to get by with the Lee turret it was getting quite depressing to do so. I was getting to the point where I was dreading going out and cranking out another 250. With a Lee turret 250 rounds is 1000 lever pulls. That just gets old. One time thing? No problem. Week after week, month after month? Year after year? Pain in the ass.
  8. This is perfect, thanks. I was thinking about how I'd go about it and this takes the guesswork out of it.
  9. Why is leaving primers in the system such a bother? I leave them there for days/weeks at a time. Probably even a month in the extreme. Not a big deal.
  10. I'm not sure if you were talking to me... but my experience is only with the 1100 and a 650 before that. I've got friends with 1050s and have observed them on a number of occasions. My feeling is that the 1100 is an slight upgrade from the 1050 but not a "big upgrade". I think the main design difference is the bottom end is derived from the older RL1050 which is considered more robust. Day to day operation is identical. Same number of stations. Same priming system. Same case feeder. Slight redesign of the primer station which makes it easier to extract a case fr
  11. "The Sig Armorer" https://www.thesigarmorer.com/#home-1
  12. Prior to installing the GG kit I fooled around with bending the trigger bar return spring. I did this on a stock Sig spring that I had inadvertently bent while re-installing the trigger bar following a detail strip. I was able to lower the trigger pull weight a decent amount but it was a while back and it looks like I didn't record any data. I didn't trust it and replaced it with a new Sig spring until the GG kit was available again. I've also heard of people using only one of the two sear springs. I have not tried that myself. Caveat emptor: I'm not
  13. I believe DirectDrive is referring to trigger return spring and sear spring weights; not recoil spring weight.
  14. Interesting. I've got mine backed way out. It is not part of the indexing process with my setup. I rely solely upon the proximity switch. I've learned that these machines can be rather idiosyncratic, what seems to work fine for one person may not work very well at all for someone else.
  15. lol... Covid 19 is making it tough. My desire for immediate gratification when buying a new toy has definitely been challenged.
  16. Correct. They are no longer available from Ammobot which was sold to Dillon. You can get tech support from Ammobot for existing units but no new sales. At some point in the future they will be available from Dillon. Supposedly.
  17. Standard Dillon swage backer die over swage station. Die is turned down so no expander function; only swage backing. Lee Universal Case expander die with guts replaced by MBF funnel over the primer station. I like being able to separate the swage backing from the expanding.
  18. Boomstick303, All my 320 mags with TTI extensions fit the gauge but they are right on the edge. I'd be very interested to know what you've done with your feed lips as to give myself a little wiggle room. Thanks. PS: Do you have any pictures?
  19. ddc

    X5 Legion accuracy

  20. At this point in time I'd be inclined to go with the sure thing; the Blue Bulllet load that works. When/if things get better might be a better time to experiment.
  21. How does the washer affect the shell plate jerk? I guess it's not obvious to me. Thanks!
  22. Excellent. Good to hear. Also: The main shaft appears to be very dry in that picture. There are a number of places on that machine that require regular lubrication. That is one of them.
  23. Yeah, loosening the bolt is not a solution. That will just mess up your machine. Something else you could try: Pull the toolhead and remove the shell plate. This will allow you to see the interaction of the pins and the frame much more clearly. Re-install the toolhead. There are three pins of interest: 1. The pin at the right rear which goes through the primer slide. 2. The pin at the left front. 3. The pin that activates the primer punch. Operate the machine and examine the behavior of the machine as each of those pins e
  24. Yeah, seems like the alignment pins are the next suspect. But it seems like that should be fairly obvious if there is interference with the pins. When the alignment pins go through the shell plate does it move at all? If you pulled the entire toolhead off then the ram would raise and lower cleanly, no interference?
  25. Negative. If you lube then you go through the entire loading process until you have a finished cartridge. Exactly the same as if you did not use lube. Then the question becomes: Do you attempt to remove the lube from the loaded cartridge? Some people do. Some people don't. When I first started using lube I did remove it. About fifty thousand rounds ago I stopped worrying about it. Edited to add: All my guns are striker fired guns. Production or CO. Not known to be finicky. I have no knowledge about how some gun with a ti
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