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  1. That looks solid. I'll buy one when they are ready.
  2. @cbrussell So the PDR2 hanger will fit the bladetech/comptac 3 hole pattern?
  3. Well I thought you were interested in other options so that's why I suggested it. Then I realized you'd already mentioned TNT in the OP. But I'd already posted. Why you would want it? I don't know. You were looking for options. I was trying to give you one.
  4. https://immortobot.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=37_40&products_id=309&zenid=ej4jlh6m9gmo7tl69bqq313807
  5. I use those exact bullets. Loaded to just above 130 PF with Cleanshot. Also loaded a bunch with True Blue as I had a stash. Also to just above 130 PF. I run a bronze bore brush and mineral spirits every couple thousand rounds, that's about it.
  6. Your best bet by far is to use small pistol primers if at all possible.
  7. My understanding as well. Anywhere on the stage, in the open, whatever, where ever, as long as safe and not past last fault line.
  8. Once t1 and t2 have been engaged you don't need a POC to re-engage them. They can be re-engaged from any place on the stage where it is safe.
  9. I've ordered multiple times and always got my stuff. They might be a little slower to process orders than someone like Midway. I get the impression they are a fairly small operation probably do batches at a time.
  10. Not a direct answer to your question perhaps but... I use the FW arms decapping die on my processing tool head and then I have a Lee sizing/decapping die on my loading tool head to size as well as catch any primers I missed.
  11. Not nuts at all. It's one of the reasons that automated users often use a two pass strategy where they decap on the first pass so that there are no issues (less issues?) on the loading pass.
  12. ddc

    X5 Legion accuracy

    Sounds good. Very interested in what you find out.
  13. Maybe it's just the way the picture is angled but those bullets look to be seated rather deep.
  14. ddc

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I think that is pretty darn good. I might be able to do that at 50 feet, lol...
  15. Gotcha. I guess I'm spoiled. I have a Frankford Vibra Prime that I use to fill the tubes. My yellow tips last forever. I know people have a love/hate with the VIbra Prime but mine has always worked just fine.
  16. That would be nice. Prior to the recent USPSA rules changes Production and IDPA SSP were actually very close. Just about any gun legal for one was legal for the other. There were exceptions of course. Now Production is closer to IDPA ESP with the exception that SA and mag wells are not allowed. If you have a legal USPSA Prod gun why not just shoot USPSA/Prod and IDPA/ESP and call it good? PS: Most silly rules are silly in the eye of the beholder. For the rest of us they are just rules. Why does Canadian Football allow 12 players? That's just silly.
  17. What is being said is that if that blue plastic piece is deformed then you will likely have problems feeding primers. You will also have problems if the knurled nut at the top of the primer assembly is too tight. Turn it so that there is just the start of resistance as it forces the internal primer tube down against the primer slide. It can be so loose that it will rotate slightly on it's own as the machine is operated. It is very easy to disassemble and inspect the primer system so that you can examine the blue plastic piece. Unscrew the knurled nut and pull the internal tube out. It will often be fairly obvious if your blue tip is deformed. Note that the blue piece has a small tab that must fit into a detent at the base of the primer system when reassembled.
  18. I have the variable speed case feeder also. Mine was new approximately Dec, 2019. Has had the motor replaced once. Mine behaves similarly to yours. Somewhere north of 200/250 cases and it stops. Sometimes if I push the plate back in the reverse direction slightly it will recover. I've never come close to getting it to work with 500 cases. I don't know if that is a clutch problem or not; never bothered to look into it; just try to keep the cases at approx 200 or thereabouts...
  19. I hear ya, lol. Sometimes I wonder how much time and energy I'm really saving by going automated. I don't know the answer but I do know it's not as much as I thought I would starting out. I know, blasphemy...
  20. Wow, that looks even worse than I initially thought. So two SO's, the MD and the AMD all agreed on the DQ and but the AC over ruled everybody? Who's the AC for that area?
  21. That is wearing out way too fast. Something is not right. If properly assembled with no system defects, cleaned, lubed, etc., the blue plastic tip should last 10K without breaking a sweat. My current one has at least 50k on it and I only replaced it with an eye to preventive maintenance.
  22. or you could go to a two-pass strategy that many automated uses eventually arrive at no matter how badly they tried to avoid it starting out... lol...
  23. That drives me crazy too. My guess is that we are stuck with it. I'm betting IDPA sees that as one of the factors that distinguishes IDPA from USPSA and therefore they are never going to change it.
  24. Waiting periods are way down compared to where they were. Especially if you already have some dies you can use order the option without dies for the caliber you mostly load.
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