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  1. Slavex loads Ginex and he had a few problems but I think Pledge solved most of them. Search this topic for Ginex and you'll see all his posts on the subject.
  2. So much unfounded fear...
  3. OP, do you see a pattern? Stop taking useless measurements and shorten the round until it plunks in the CZ's barrel.
  4. I can save everyone at least 47 3/4 minutes.............buy a Dillon. P.S. I love how his entire setup shakes, it looks like he's loading during an earthquake.
  5. 4n2t0

    Primers ?

    Realistically? Nothing but here's a tidbit... "BR4s contain the same amount of priming mix as a CCI 400, so they are not a magnum primer. BR4s do have a thicker cup and are more consistent than the 400s which makes them our benchrest primer."
  6. Do you mean irregular size? Because AA#2 looked like that...
  7. It's made to compete or mimic Bullseye, is a small flake powder just like Bullseye and will meter well through a Dillon. I picked up 8lbers for $150 CAD (clearance sale). I haven't had much time to play around with it but I expect Bullseye/Titegroup type performance.
  8. I don't load HAP's but I would stick with the RN stem if possible. Loading off the ogive should give you consistent OAL measurements. If it doesn't work out the stem can be easily flipped after a few test rounds.
  9. It's a snapshot I took of the Hodgdon reloading site.
  10. I very much prefer Dillon dies to all others but almost any die set will work (Lee, RCBS, Hornady etc.). Lee dies work well (the FCD is useless in my opinion) but you may have to put the locking rings underneath the tool head for them to reach.
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