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  1. Sorry if this has already been covered but why wouldn't they have designed it to be a table top solution? It needs to overhang? And if your bench/table has an apron/skirt overhanging it might not work? That's a pretty dumb decision by DAA.
  2. You mentioned red dot and I thought you meant the powder not the sight. It all makes sense now.
  3. I don't use Red Dot but that sounds like a big ol' scoop of powder. Where did you get your load data from? Do you have a chrono?
  4. If you're open to anything than I would go with one of the usual suspects (Titegroup, Sport Pistol, 231/HP-38). Personally, I like WST @ 3.8gr under a 147gr bullet (less if I was using coated lead).
  5. - How to determine OAL: https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=34225.msg189131#msg189131 (If your bullet doesn't easily collapse just use the seating die to shorten the OAL incrementally until it plunks) - Plunk test:
  6. Federal. The primer suck back problem can be fixed by re-profiling the pin in you decapping die.
  7. Save yourself some grief and reload in the basement.
  8. Easiest: Sun dry for a few hours. Fastest: Bake them on the lowest setting for 15 minutes. Easiest winter time solution (because I'm Canadian eh!): Towel dry near the furnace for a few days. I just did a load...
  9. 10mm? This is the 9mm/38 forum by the way. The old max used to be around 14.5gr of AA#9 so you can probably work up to that number if necessary. data.pdf
  10. Maybe but they've acted like that every time I've seen it. Even if you throw them into a fire, it's just like popcorn, lol. I can't understand why a free falling cartridge would do anything you stated above but I guess life's funny like that, eh?
  11. The cartridge wasn't being supported so it should have just popped the bullet out of the brass. I'm not sure why you didn't find anything, weird.
  12. That's not what I would consider "best practice", many ranges have live ammo disposal bins.
  13. Is there any chance that the primers themselves were contaminated prior to loading?
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