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  1. Check to make sure they plunk. Different bullet, different ogive.
  2. 4n2t0


    I guess you're loading lead free primers?
  3. Is the slide stop installed correctly? The spring should go under the locking block pin. Are you using factory mags? If so it's 99.9% likely that your grip is the issue. Did you shoot it one handed to see if the problem gets better or disappears all together? P.S. Your load is only barely making PF with 3.8gr of Titegroup.
  4. Function and accuracy are two different things. Your rounds may have functioned but over-crimping can sometimes create poor accuracy. I see no reason to crimp 9mm to anything tighter than .377ish.
  5. Can you prove TG produces pressure spikes at "low loadings"? Or is that more internet BS? 100K+ and my Dillon sizing die yields a less than 1% failure rate when check with a SB Hundo. I must have gotten one of the "unsloppy" ones, lol. Bingo, for some reason people think it's one or the other. OP: I use the Dillon powder check and eyeball the case, so far so good.
  6. Ruger SR9 (4" barrel) 147gr FMJ RN 3.6gr Titegroup 1.09" OAL ~900 FPS ~132 PF
  7. Mine look exactly the same with a 147gr bullet which I load with 3.6gr of Titegroup. Keep them coming...
  8. Why? Are you suggesting the load is hot? Or is it just playful fear-mongering? lol.
  9. Your variation in oal is insignificant, if the round passes the plunk and spin test then I wouldn't worry about it.
  10. Get a reamer if it bothers you.
  11. How did you determine the OAL? Did you plunk and spin test the load?
  12. I just sewed an old bed sheet into a large sack. Easy, cheap and effective.
  13. Dillon dies w/ a DAA powder funnel.
  14. Better to ask now than to be sorry later. You don't really have to worry about harmful pressure levels when changing the OAL as long as you start with published/known data (Not for the OAL information, that's useless, rather the charge weight spread). Rowdyb has provided you with an excellent data point. I can add that it took me 3.6gr of TG under a 147gr thick plated bullet to make 130 PF in a 4.25" barrel.
  15. Starting charge shouldn't really change because of the OAL. It would have to be something ridiculous for me to consider it a factor when determining a starting charge weight. I'm surprised the 124gr needs to be that short but I don't load Xtreme.
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