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  1. 1) The bullets are being seated slightly crooked, a MBF powder funnel might help. I assume you're using the RN side of the seating plug? 2) The coated bullets are oversized and the bulge where the base of the bullet stops can be ironed out with a Lee FCD. Note: This will swage the bullet and you might start tumbling again. 3) My recommendation: Use a different bullet or change the size/weight/profile, that's probably the easiest solution.
  2. Seating/crimping in one step does not cause any issues whatsoever when setup correctly. Adjust your flare and check the inside of the die for galling.
  3. Always determine your own OAL, asking/copying is pretty useless. Data for the 125gr was on the Hodgdon website and the 147gr data was on this site:
  4. I think you're wasting time and money trying to fix a non problem (and now you're tumbling, lol). The Lee FCD is an unnecessary crutch. I load mixed brass on a 650 with Dillon dies and my rejection rate is ~1% using a hundo gauge. If a round sits a little proud in the gauge, like the one pictured above, I consider it a pass because I know it will plunk in all my barrels (test a range of failures to confirm). Again, make sure that the sizing die makes contact with the shell plate, do not back it off.
  5. You'll get a feel for how much "lift" is acceptable depending on your make/style of gauge. I consider the pictured round a pass if that was my gauge because I know it will plunk in all my barrel if it's just a little proud. P.S. Make sure your sizing die touches the shell plate.
  6. You shouldn't need anything moerw There's all the information you need OP. Remember, the OAL's listed in data/manuals (or provided by other members) is useless, always determine your own max OAL. Also, playing with OAL to achieve accuracy in pistol is a waste of time unless you're trying to shoot the wings off a fly. P.S. I don't find 0.1gr increments very effective, use 0.2gr-0.3gr if you actually want to see a noticeable difference.
  7. Powders being designed for a specific calibre means very little.
  8. Stop mindlessly regurgitating crap you read on the internet and start thinking for yourself, eh!
  9. Violent? lol. I can't believe the $hit that some people make up.
  10. Why the multiple threads? Create 1 thread (or a spreadsheet) that you constantly update/edit instead of creating a new thread every time you test a load!
  11. Load so that at it's longest the round still functions properly in your firearm(s) and move on with life. People are too fixated on issue that make little to no difference. Words have never rung truer: P.S. I don't use any special dies, I just make sure my setup is tight and I get approximately ~ 0.005 variance with mixed brass, Dillon dies and a 650.
  12. EGW gauge? If so, toss it in the trash to automatically fix all your gauging issues.
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