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  1. Sorry but your dies don't do anything different than any of the other dies currently on the market. P.S. 9mm bullet tension is all about sizing.
  2. - 3.1gr of Titegroup should make PF. - No one can provide you with an OAL, you must always determine your own based on the bullet/barrel/magazine combo. - How to determine OAL: https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=34225.msg189131#msg189131 (If your bullet doesn't easily collapse just use the seating die to shorten the OAL incrementally until it plunks) - Plunk test:
  3. When compared to the 650, yes.
  4. So the dies are extremely expensive and you MUST lube them so they "last lifetimes"? No thanks...
  5. It's hard to tell if it's galled or gouged but it's probably brass which has collected on the funnel. Try lightly polishing the funnel with a metal polish.
  6. 1) AOL is a now defunct internet service provider from my childhood days. 2) You can beg to differ all you want but you're definitely wrong.
  7. You can decrease the charge but unless you were on the ragged edge (more than published max) to begin with it won't matter in terms of safety. I load 3.6gr of Titegroup at 1.09 because my CZ limits my length. I could tailor my loads to each pistol but I'm not that anal so that load makes 130ish in my shortest barrels and progressively more as the barrels get longer.
  8. The crimp doesn't stop setback in 9mm, sizing does.
  9. IMO the 750 looks like a cost cutting version of the 650. The priming system on the 750 looks similar (if not almost identical) to the 550 and it sucks. Just my .02, probably not even worth that much.
  10. Short answer, yes. Long(er) answer: FMJ/Plated - Almost always. Check plated bullets for an aggressive crimp which can compromise the plating. Lead/Coated - As long as the bullet hasn't be swaged to the point that it's leading the barrel and/or an aggressive crimp which can compromise the coating.
  11. This, exactly. @inkballedtarget: Don't overthink the whole OAL thing, use whatever works for that barrel/magazine/bullet combo. In my Shadow that means an OAL of 1.09 but my M&P, Glock, SR9 etc. can accept 1.15ish. So why do I load everything to 1.09? Because that's the length that works in all my pistols, regardless of the powder I'm using. Remember to always work up and test any new load and you'll be just fine.
  12. No appreciable difference, use the same charge.
  13. The OAL's listed in manuals/data is completely useless. Always find your own OAL and start at the minimum charge weight.
  14. I've seen much worse on this forum which did not garner moderator attention, weird. I edited my post to be more straight forward, better?
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