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  1. 4n2t0

    Possible lead poisoning

    Take the tin foil hat off and tell him/her you shoot, you shouldn't have to hide anything from your doctor. The truth will set you free!
  2. 4n2t0

    Powders for 9my 147gr coated

    Longer = lower pressure = slower. Generally speaking the faster you push a bullet (within reason) the more accurate it will be. Depending on the powder you'll see a velocity difference of approximately 20-60 fps when changing the OAL. P.S. Your OAL of 1.177 cannot be correct, I'd recheck that measurement. P.P.S Here's an example of how the OAL might affect velocity.
  3. 4n2t0

    Possible lead poisoning

    Instead of assuming you have lead poisoning just ask your doctor to check your lead levels. I make this part of my annual physical.
  4. 4n2t0

    Winchester Small Primer Not Red

    Because some primer sealant is missing from the anvil?
  5. 4n2t0

    9mm Minor

    American Select. Just remember, they're all dirty when loaded near the very bottom.
  6. Primer suck back, it happens. You need to round the decapping pin with some sandpaper.
  7. 4n2t0

    Loose Bullet

    I'd shoot them...
  8. Has anything in your case prep process changed? Media? Wax? etc.
  9. 4n2t0

    S&B primers good to go?

    I found Fiocchi primers to be the second softest, Federal being the softest.
  10. 4n2t0

    Weird 9mm Problem

    The charge is just way too light to handle the variables associated with shooting. You didn't account for the added friction of plated bullets. Powder charges should increase as you go up the "bullet ladder" (lead-->coated-->plated-->FMJ). As you can see from the data below you aren't even at a minimum lead load, let alone something appropriate for a plated bullet.
  11. 4n2t0

    S&B primers good to go?

    S&B along with Fiocchi are great "value" primers. The fact that my Vibra Prime loves feeding them is a bonus.
  12. 4n2t0

    9 mm bullet puller

    Collet if you screw up a lot, lol, hammer for the occasional mishap. The grip-n-pull is a glorified pair of wire strippers.
  13. 4n2t0

    9mm Lee U die

    Primer suck back can usually be solved by gently reshaping the pin with medium grit sandpaper. You can round the pin or I've also had success with a hypodermic needle type shape, like this:
  14. 4n2t0

    ring on nose of Xtreme 147gr 9mm

    You can fill the seating stem to create a matching cavity but that's a lot of work to fix a problem that doesn't (???) affect accuracy.