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  1. Hodgdon gave you a "cover their ass" response. As long as you're within the charge range provided in the data you can safely load as short as necessary. I load a plated bullet to 1.09 for my Shadow. As always, start at the minimum charge weight and work your way up. Additional information: https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/271170-col-for-147-plated-round-nose/?tab=comments#comment-3018565 https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/271129-9mm-crimp-die-adjustment-needed/?tab=comments#comment-3018138
  2. 4n2t0

    Blazer brass okay for 9 major?

    You should load it all. If something presents a problem then discard it the next go around.
  3. 4n2t0

    Shockbottle case checker

    So that a jig can be attached for anodizing. I'm not sure why the call them accessory mounting holes.
  4. 4n2t0

    Blazer brass okay for 9 major?

    I've never used a Udie and everything still works .
  5. 4n2t0

    Blazer brass okay for 9 major?

    Yes and yes.
  6. 4n2t0

    DAA 2-in-1 Seating and Crimping Die

    The 2-in-1 die will have value if for some reason you need to combine the seat and crimp functions, most do not.
  7. 4n2t0

    Dodged the (Stuck) Bullet Anecdote

    It has a very distinct sound and feel but it can be hard to stop when you're juiced and going full speed. Sometimes it can be misinterpreted as a general malfunction by less experienced shooters so you get the inevitable tap, rack, boom.
  8. Weird, I wonder why some funnels last 200K+ (like mine) and others wear by 80K (like yours). Given my personal experience I wouldn't have even thought it possible to wear the step out at such a low round count. Thanks for the update.
  9. 4n2t0

    Shockbottle case checker

    Yup, although fine motor skills are a bitch!
  10. 4n2t0

    Dodged the (Stuck) Bullet Anecdote

    When the second bullet neared the first the pressure between the two was enough to get the first bullet moving down the barrel along with the second bullet. Sometimes you'll see a small bulge in the barrel where the two rounds neared one another because of the extreme pressure created. Tell your friend to look for a ring inside the barrel. This is what happens when bullets collide and the whole thing doesn't blow up:
  11. 4n2t0

    Primer Shelf Life

    Wow, talk about over the top chicken little, lol. OP: Prime a few cases and fire them, bang = good, no bang = bad.
  12. Maybe you had the old version? Or it was defective? The MBF powder funnel is hardened, if you wore yours out I would contact DAA.