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  1. I recognize the name Dan, it was a great time! I don't recall John/shootymacshootface being in our squad? Either way, it's awesome how small the world can be!
  2. Hi Jay, It's never too late! I appreciate your input! I ended up buying the BSPS Carry Optic Rig with the comptac body. In fact it got delivered last night while I was at work, can't wait to set it up. Maybe I'll see you at Granby next month!
  3. I shot the rifle match as well, it was a ton of fun as always! Mass is brutal!
  4. Thanks for the follow up! I ended up buying a kit that came with DAA racers.
  5. I figured as such. I selected the comptac holster body, it'll get me in the right direction for sure.
  6. I did exactly what this guy did, however I used a fine metal file. It makes a 100% difference. There's two on each side of the magazine well.
  7. I just bit the bullet and ordered the BSPS Carry Optics rig +1 more DAA racer pouch. From what I see, the advantages of it far outweigh the advantages of the Ghost's, which I'm sure are a good product of their own. Having to put in spacers to make non-2011 mags or from Glock to Canik isn't a deal breaker. I'm really excited to get this rig in hand.
  8. Using the racemasters for 1 and 2 seem reasonable enough, especially if there's an unloaded start. I'll take a look at the classifieds before I push the order through for sure, second hand never bothered me. Thanks!
  9. Yeah, that's the plan George. So far I've always had the barney in the pocket too without issue. I'll make sure to follow up once the rig comes in! I appreciate all the advice from everyone!
  10. George, Thank you! Yeah the DAA Racers are about $6 more a piece over the Ghosts. I had it priced up for 4 of the pouches, a 5th one would be helpful too I'm sure. I was thinking of getting the 4 and using the Blackhawk double pouch I've got for the 5th and the Barney-mag. Yeah, I don't see the appeal in the DAA Racemasters... I'm sure they're really nicely made but for ~$60 a piece, I think the cost to benefit ratio really plateaus for my situation.
  11. I think we may have it settled... time to go adjust carts and see what things are looking like... Playing around on Ben Stoegers site I found this: https://benstoegerproshop.com/carry-optics-complete-rig-with-boss-holster-daa-racer-mag-pouches-and-daa-belts-for-uspsa/ If I'm not mistaken, I can get this package +1 more DAA racer and be at approx the same cost as his production rig... the only difference I see is that this includes the DAA racers instead of the Ghost 360's. This set up is still Production legal? I dont see a difference in the hanger mount. Would it be a wise idea to pick that up over the production rig and snag an RHT holster later on?
  12. Tanders, thank you for the in depth reply. It means a lot! I'm definitely leaning towards picking up an RHT Holster, the extra rigidity is something I would appreciate for sure. I believe both kits come with a DAA belt. it looks like the RHT kit comes with their own inhouse kydex mag pouch (bullets forward which is my current preference), how do they compare to the Ghosts? Again, thank you so much!
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