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  1. Even though I'm from North Central MA, I'd love to attend a USPSA match down at New Bedford, the more clubs the better!
  2. Welcome to the boards! I feel your pain behind enemy lines. Which club is starting up Steel Challenge in July?
  3. There's these two ridges on each side of the magwell that you will need to sand or file down to have your magazines consistently drop freely.
  4. Super quick and smooth match. Range packed up by 11:30. You travel up to the Harvard matches?
  5. I feel you! Lately the only shooting I get done is at matches, if I can make them. Ran the BSPS rig for the first time this weekend, live fire practice Saturday afternoon and again for the classifier match at Granby. I absolutely loved it. Just needed to loctite the Boss hanger cant adjustment Saturday night and it ran great! Seriously wish I picked one up sooner. Small 19 person match, with very limited competition in Production but I came out on top, between all 6 stages I averaged out high C class HF.
  6. I recognize the name Dan, it was a great time! I don't recall John/shootymacshootface being in our squad? Either way, it's awesome how small the world can be!
  7. Hi Jay, It's never too late! I appreciate your input! I ended up buying the BSPS Carry Optic Rig with the comptac body. In fact it got delivered last night while I was at work, can't wait to set it up. Maybe I'll see you at Granby next month!
  8. I shot the rifle match as well, it was a ton of fun as always! Mass is brutal!
  9. I figured as such. I selected the comptac holster body, it'll get me in the right direction for sure.
  10. I did exactly what this guy did, however I used a fine metal file. It makes a 100% difference. There's two on each side of the magazine well.
  11. I just bit the bullet and ordered the BSPS Carry Optics rig +1 more DAA racer pouch. From what I see, the advantages of it far outweigh the advantages of the Ghost's, which I'm sure are a good product of their own. Having to put in spacers to make non-2011 mags or from Glock to Canik isn't a deal breaker. I'm really excited to get this rig in hand.
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