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  1. mvmojo

    shooting without any sights at all!

    Nah, not if you've got a lot of money! If you're scraping by like me, then yep, they're a bite...
  2. mvmojo

    shooting without any sights at all!

    I bet you'd be surprised, especially with an open pistol with a comp. The top of the slide/comp gives a long radius. By focusing on the top of the comp and aligning it along the top of the slide, it's surprisingly (shockingly) easy!
  3. mvmojo

    shooting without any sights at all!

    In reality, that's about where I'm at, LOL! With irons I've got to have my shooting glasses where the left lens (my strongly dominant eye) is focused on the front sight and my right lens is set for distance to see the target. Even though I'm strongly left eye dominant as a right handed shooter, it's an effort to keep my left eye on the front sight as I transition between targets. Another reason I was so surprised to be able to hit an array of targets at reasonable speed without any sights at all!
  4. mvmojo

    shooting without any sights at all!

    Suggest you give it a try vs. doubting whether it's possible. After shooting the plates several times, I'm of the impression that shooting without sights isn't that tough as long as you've got good trigger control, just like IVC says! Read ChuckS's .pdf on Uncle Dan. As I said initially, I highly recommend it as a confidence builder and a drill for maintaining sight focus vs target focus. No superman x-ray vision required, just keep the front of the barrel level with the back of the slide and maintain good trigger discipline!
  5. this one's not new, but guaranteed to work by seller.
  6. mvmojo

    Are all lubricants created equal?

    Mobil 1 - 0w-30. Have spent a ton on proprietary "gun" lubes, including Weapon Shield oil and grease as well as Slide Glide. I run light springs and all the greases give me problems. Almost any of the oils work fine. So, why not Mobil 1? Good at all temps, recommended by Porsche for all their engines, including when raced. Gotta think a Porsche engine undergoes a lot more wear and tear than a 2011 slide! So, Mobil 1 it is.
  7. mvmojo

    Custom 2011 is doubling/tripling

    This worked for me!
  8. mvmojo

    Zeroing sights at the range?

    I've been told (don't remember by who/when, long time ago) that the red locktite takes 24 hours to cure completely. Based on this, I've put red locktite on sights and then zeroed them, moving as needed. Once a good zero is found, I let 'em sit for 24 hrs and haven't had any move on me afterwards. YMMV
  9. Yup, well stated. I pick it up on Tuesday - got the price down to $1,000 cash fully set up for 9mm. What's not to like?!
  10. mvmojo

    DAA Alpha-X disappointed

    Just bought a Gugas Ribas holster for my STI Steel Master. Took a while to understand all the adjustments, even with the very good video by Gugas Ribas. But, once it's adjusted (no fitting as in carving, filing, dremmel, etc., just a bunch of screw adjustments), it holds the gun very well and releases easily. The only disappointment is the locking lever/mechanism. It seems like the locking mechanism is all plastic and as a result it occasionally can bind. An aluminum mechanism, while more expensive, would function smoother in my opinion. It's useable now so I'm hopeful that once it is broken in, the plastic parts will smooth out and improve. Otherwise, the holster is fine, has an easy release to take it off your belt without losing any adjustments and is a significant savings vs the DAA.
  11. mvmojo

    shooting without any sights at all!

    Great article, thanks for posting! As I said, I was amazed, as was everybody else, at how accurate you can be w/out sights. But... when I tried to shoot fast-fast, it kinda fell apart. Most likely due to lack of practice. But shooting just "fast" vs. "fast-fast", it was amazing! Today I was sighting in my optic and had it pretty close when all of a sudden, the dot went out. Not sure what happened, but it's going back to C-More on Monday. But... remembering my no sight experience from yesterday, I just looked under the dot (horizontal mount) at the barrel and front of the comp and low and behold, hit, hit, hit, hit! I think there's also something to be said about Uncle Dan's experience with eyesight. My eyes are old and need correction at every distance (progressives). I'm fine with a red dot, but for irons I need glasses where my dominant eye lens focuses just on the front sight. Otherwise I have to tilt my head way back to see through the bottom of my lenses. Without sights on the gun, I didn't notice the front of the gun being blurry at all - just look at the target, have the top of the slide and the front of the comp aligned (even if blurry), and I got my hits. Not quite ready to try it in a match yet, but it's a thought!
  12. Recently bought a new open gun and did not have the C-More optic installed yet when I went to the range for our weekly action steel practice session. Decided to try shooting my new STI Steel Master without any sights just to function test it. Amazingly (at least for me and the guys I shoot with - several master class shooters), I could consistently ring steel at 20 & 50 yards, including pretty fast double taps. That's without any sights on the pistol at all. In reality, it wasn't that difficult. Just sight over the top of the slide and, like with sights, focus on the front/top of the comp (barrel). Lose your focus on the top of the comp and you miss. Keep your focus and you get your hits. I even tried it with 4" diameter targets at 30' and hit consistently! I've never seen shooting without sights as a practice drill, but based on my experience, I highly recommend it as a confidence builder and a drill for maintaining sight focus vs target focus.
  13. I don't know that my time is worth much in terms of $$$, but like everyone, time is a precious commodity that once squandered (OK, expended if you wish) can never be regained! I don't find reloading particularly onerous, but in really I don't enjoy it anywhere near as much as I enjoy shooting. I tend to sit down and load 200-300 rounds at a time (300 takes maybe an hour including primer tube loading, case gauging, etc.) then get bored and quit. I'm shooting about 500-600 rounds per week, so that's 2 hours per week, 8+ hours per month, plus I'd like to keep several rounds in reserve. A few hours/week is not that big of a deal, but if I can cut it in half that, why not? Since I'm retired and have time on my hands, I can't make the numbers work in terms of the 1050 making economical sense, but in terms of me being able to crank out a weeks worth of ammo in less than an hour - who knows, maybe I'll shoot more and get better at it! I really appreciate all the comments - this forum is great for bouncing ideas around!
  14. mvmojo

    Slide racker for 2011 Steelmaster

    Would appreciate the measurement for the Steel Master. I installed a horizontal mount C-More optic which makes it difficult to grasp the slide. Looking for a slide racker and thinking I'd like something ambidextrous since I'm not sure which side I'd like it installed on...