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  1. mvmojo


    Start with the simple stuff, like how to balance a checkbook then how to make up a budget. I've been amazed at how many college kids don't have these basic skills!
  2. The Squirrel Daddy hardened steel decapping pins are available on Amazon. Just ordered a 3-pak. $19.95 + $3.99 shipping. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B018V7L3C2/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. I just bought the RCBS collet bullet puller and am very happy with it. I just remove the sizing/de-capping die and install the puller in that station. I did have to "fix" then handle on the puller so that it would slide through the hole which allows it to screw into the tool head without hitting anything. Just put it in a vice and gave the handle a few good whacks with a hammer. It's press fit into the hole and once it come loose it will slide back and forth. Not sure why they went to the trouble to press fit it off to one side, but it's an easy problem to solve. Just watched a YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyxuxAgIRnY of the new Franklin Arsenal Pile Driver. Pretty cool but I think it would be slower than the RCBS/collet puller. Loading and unloading the puller looks like it takes more time than the RCBS but it is an impact puller so no potential damage to the bullet, although I haven't had any damage to plated X-Treme bullets with the RCBS. Haven't tried it with coated bullets yet.
  4. Knees give out, ankles give out, backs go bad, etc., physical reasons to limit/quit shooting IDPA and/or USPSA. Not only are you slow(er) running the stage, it also makes it tough to handle scoring/pasting duties. Fortunately, there's still Steel Challenge where minimal movement (Outer Limits) is needed and local Action Steel matches where you might have to move within the stage but you don't feel guilty sitting it out while others are pasting targets!
  5. Here's a couple of pictures of the cam guide bolt I made from a 1/4-20 stainless steel bolt purchased at Home Depot. I ground the head of the bolt off to allow it to fit. I chucked it up in a drill and held it against a grinding wheel. Didn't take long at all. Forgot to add, I just tightened it into the frame using a pair of pliers. Keep it greased and it won't back out.
  6. I've loaded and shot 10's of thousands of Bayou Bullets without any problems.
  7. Just spoke to Dillon tech about this today. He said the problem is the pin is getting stuck between the anvil and the cap. According to him, the fix is to slightly bevel the decaping pin all the way around making it look like a truncated cone bullet. Haven't tried it yet but I did try the 45 degree bevel and it didn't work for me. I asked him about that and he said, "No, that won't work." Others have said it will so YMMV? Anyway, I'll try the 360 degree truncated bevel and see what happens. BYW, I've also have noticed that if you use a new decaping pin and make sure it's very tightly screwed into the holder it works much better than an older pin and/or one that wiggles a little.
  8. Got my Primer Pro a couple days ago. I'm using Ginex primers. Out of the box it was very slow sending primers down the chute and I learned that if no primer passes the LED eye after 25 seconds the unit shuts down and flashes the trouble light. Manual said if it's slow to slightly loosen the screws in the base of the primer bowl. So I did. Took a couple tries to get the tension just right, but now it seems to work as advertised. Very cool watching those little suckers come down the ramp and into the tube. Not to speak too soon since I've only loaded about 1,000 primers so far, but it looks like my hunt and peck days may be over!
  9. It's not hard to make. Home Depot sells a 1/4-20 ss bolt. Just grind off the head of the bolt. That's what I did and it works fine.
  10. Before drilling/tapping your frame, take a look at the NitroFin 2.0 integrated slide stop/thumb rest. I use one on my SteelMaster and really like the angle of the thumb rest. It's not as steep of an angle as most of the thumb rests that attach by screws.
  11. It's a 1/4-20 bolt. When mine broke I bought a stainless steel bolt at Home Depot and ground the head off. Worked fine and got me back reloading until I could order one from Dillon. I forgot to order it until just recently so ended up using my McGiver fix for about 6 months!
  12. Least I say, You get what you pay for?
  13. Bench is 32 1/2" high. I sit on a stool that is 28 3/4" high. Have an endoscope camera mounted on the tool head that allows me to see powder drop before bullet feeder deposits a bullet. Can also see primer ejection down a clear tube to primer bucket under the bench. Tried standing but found sitting more comfortable when loading for an hour or so.
  14. Cool, thanks for the info. Looks like the Primer Pro will be delivered Friday. Will give update on how it works.
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