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  1. Yeah, next we'll hear that the ammo shortage is a conspiracy to dry up all the ammo before the insurrection really get's started! Somehow it will be Trump's fault.
  2. If you can get a great deal on a 1050, grab it and don't look back. You won't regret it. I bought mine for almost 50% off, set up for 9mm, from a commercial re-loading company whose business had slumped when 9 mm got so cheap. He had no idea how many hundreds of thousands of rounds had been loaded on the machine before I bought it, but it worked great then and it still does. I added the Mr Bullet Feeder and it just cranks out the ammo. You're not going to get hurt with a 1050. The 1100 may have a more elegant lower end but so what? Unless you want full automation and have the $$$ and sh
  3. No experience with the 1100 but can't say enough good things about my 1050. Like the energizer bunny, just keeps on going. I upgraded from a 550 after 10+ years and wonder why I waited so long!
  4. Also amazing how no govt employees have been laid off as a result of the Chinese virus... nice to have deep pockets and unlimited funding while small businesses are scrambling to keep employees, even if it means paying them while the business is closed. The bullet manufacturers I've talked to got hammered by state mandated shut downs and are now scrambling to catch up. God bless America and the small business working men & women who make it great!
  5. Au Contraire! I check every case for powder with a video camera pointed down into the case and a monitor right next to the case (on a Dillon 1050). At least I "thought" I checked every case! But, after loading hundreds of thousands of rounds over many years it finally happened. I was having some press problems, had to back up and fiddle with the press, etc., and even though I thought I was being super diligent, somehow one slipped by. Mea Culpa. Fortunately the RO screamed STOP (and I heard him and obeyed) when he heard a primer only bang. Bullet was about 2" into the barrel. No damage,
  6. If it were me, I'd load up some 3.2gr and some 3.8gr and compare 'em to your 3.5gr's...
  7. I've been loading with WSF for years and years. But, I shoot heavier bullets. 3.4 gr WSF over 145 RN Bayou bullets loaded at 1.13 OAL gave me an avg PF of 121, nice and soft in an STI Steel Master running a 7 lb recoil spring. I think I could get the PF lower and still reliably cycle the gun but it feels good where it is.
  8. This is exactly why I put a nitro-fin on my STI Steel Master. Coming from single stack, I couldn't get used to a frame mount. My thump felt like it was pointing straight up in the air!
  9. Looks really good and I agree with SGT_Schultz, your transitions (and your movement) seem to get faster during the match. You'll gain time being more aggressive in moving from one shooting position to the next and as others have pointed out, reloading while moving to those shooting positions.
  10. Once 9mm jumped above about $0.24/round saw shooters switching to .22 for Steel Challenge matches to save on ammo costs.
  11. I don't notice the dot dancing anymore. It doesn't dance any less, I think I've learned to just ignore the small movement. But I did some night shooting a few months back using a light and laser. Talk about something that will show you just how shaky the gun really is! A laser at 20 yds really jumps around.
  12. I've got an earlier version of this one that Brian used to sell when he was a Dillon dealer. I also have a set of calibration weights. The scale is dead on with the weights and is repeatable. I do have to turn the ceiling fan off to use it otherwise the air flow can cause measurement errors! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BW8WLOM/ref=sm_n_ma_dka_US_pr_ran_0_3?adId=B00BW8WLOM&creativeASIN=B00BW8WLOM&linkId=e58685c6ae1aa920df660b1654acf692&tag=digital-scales02-20&linkCode=w43&ref-refURL=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.digitalscalesaz.com%2Fprecision-pocket-scales%2F&slotNu
  13. Well, one of them had over 5 million miles on the road without a chargeable incident so I wouldn't call that an amateur. Professional or not, I've personally seen it happen on multiple occasions on interstate highways, as recently as 6 weeks ago on I-95. Get a CB and listen in. You'd be surprised what "professionals" do on the road.
  14. Never had any leading in any of my Glocks using Bayou coated bullets. Donnie told me several years ago that they sell thousands of 'em to Glock shooters..
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