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  1. I fell in an action steel match - buzzer went off, I took 2 steps into the shooting box and drew my 9mm open gun. First target was to the left so I pivoted to take a couple steps in that direction. When I pivoted, my right knee "exploded"! It literally felt like it dislocated laterally (it didn't). It all seemed to happen in slow motion and I distinctly remember thinking, "You've got a loaded gun in your hand with 28 rounds in it. Keep your finger off the trigger, keep the muzzle pointed down range and don't drop it. I landed on my back and my head slammed into the sun-baked hard ground. My buddy was 30' away and said he heard my a loud thunk when my head hit. I saw stars but the gun never hit the ground. A second later, I remember putting the safety on and gently laying it down, still with the muzzle down range. The RO picked it up, unloaded it and took it to the safe table. No DQ. Scared the bejeesus out of me but reinforced how years of an ingrained habit of muzzle discipline paid off! The knee ended up being fine after a few weeks in a brace.
  2. Glad you posted this! I found the same thing by accident - couldn't find the dot but was the first shot was to a fairly close target so I just point shot it. The dot "magically" appeared for the next shot. I've had this happen a number of times until I developed enough muscle memory to be able to present the gun so the dot was there 99% of the time.
  3. I changed from a 16 to a 12 and did need to re-zero.
  4. Not a DVC Steel, but an STI Steel Master with Trubor T2 barrel. Doesn't seem to be picky about ammo... Currently loading 145gr Bayou over 3.4gr WSF at 1.13oal. Comp isn't adding much. PF is right at 120. Nice soft shooting with an 8 lb recoil spring & 15 lb mainspring. Trigger is 1.5 lbs.
  5. mvmojo

    Trubor bullets

    Big fan of 145gr RN Bayou Bullets. I load over 3.4 gr WSF for a nice soft shooting steel challenge round.
  6. Just something to think about... your wife might like competing in the rimfire category until she gets enough trigger time to ignore the recoil anticipation. Steel Challenge with a 22 is a hoot!
  7. I love my McFadden loader, been using it for >10 years. The only "trick" I use is once I dump 50 rounds of ammo into the loader, I give it a spritz of spray silicone and shake it around. This makes the rounds fall very easily into the magazine. Without this spritz, the wax on the .22 rounds will eventually gum up the inside of the loader and not allow the rounds to fall smoothly. You can take it apart and clean with soap and water, but that's not needed if you use a little Silicone. Have shown this trick to a number of .22 shooters who were frustrated with their McFadden loader periodically not dropping rounds, and they're all converts now!
  8. I use the Gugas Ribas with my STI Steel Master. Before adding the muzzle/barrel support I had trouble getting the gun to seat reliably in the holster so it would lock. Once I installed the barrel support, I can put the muzzle on the rubber nub and then cant the gun back into the holster. Works pretty much all the time now. I also feel more comfortable about sitting down with the barrel support, as others have mentioned.
  9. Isn't everything a manufacturer does factored into their product prices? Advertising is a fairly big cost to most companies. If you don't look at their ads and make up your mind as to what gun to buy based on friends recommendations, reviews, etc., then aren't you subsidizing the guy who reads every ad with a fine tooth comb and makes his decision based on who touts their product the best? It's the same with best in class numerically controlled manufacturing equipment vs a bunch of old/worn machine tools, employee training, internal quality control processes, packaging, etc. At the end of the day, customers pay for every aspect of a company's costs whether you think they add value or not. I'd much rather buy from a company with a reputation for great customer service than from one who has the rep of "once it's shipped, if you have a problem, go see a gun smith, we don't want to hear from you, we don't answer our phones and we're not going to help you!" I remember a marketing study from 50 yrs ago where the data showed that every happy customer told 4 people about how great the product was, whereas every unhappy customer told 19 people the product sucked! This was long before the internet where product problems now travel with the speed of light! To stay in business a company has to take care of their customers, even if it's only a very small percentage that need help and even if the help they need seems trivial to other customers.
  10. Jeez, that seems a little harsh! I've got 3 Springfield 1911, a 9mm RO, a .45 RO & a .45 TRP, and I know several people who also have the 9mm RO. None are loose, rattly or gritty. They all shoot very well and will eat any ammo fed them. Granted, my DW has better fit, but I'm no way am I going to get rid of the Springfield's. Sorry your experience hasn't mirrored mine! ''
  11. I've got both a Springfield RO in 9mm and a Dan Wesson Specialist in 9mm. While the RO is a fine gun, the DW is in a different class altogether. It is fit much tighter, the slide feels like it is on ball bearings, it has an exceptional 2.2 lb trigger and in my hands is more accurate than my RO. Is it worth double the price? I guess that's up to each person to decide for themselves!
  12. Hated to see the "2" for health on Hoppes. I use it a lot for gun cleaning since it seems to dissolve powder residue quite well. Back to the vinyl gloves, I guess.
  13. Definitely gonna look at the endoscope idea. I've got one lying around that doesn't have particularly good resolution but should be adequate as a go/no-go for powder charge. Will look at trying to rig it up today. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the input. I may give it a try. The Bullet Feeder works great but I don't like not being able to see the power drop in the case before setting the bullet. If I use the 2-in-1 die that would solve that problem. In over 100,000 rounds loaded on Dillon presses I've never had a failure of the powder to drop from a Dillon powder funnel so my paranoia may be much ado about nothing!
  15. I'm with Eric, I load CBC nd have never had any more problems with it than any other brand. But, I also agree with RePete, I'm seeing a lot more military crimped primer brass than in the past. My 1050 seems to handle it OK once I got the swaging station set correctly, but I'm really surprised at how much of it I'm seeing lately. Maybe it's just at my range...
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