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  1. The only thing I need to know about computers is that they're like children- if beaten thoroughly and threatened properly often enough, they'll behave just fine. This works, right?
  2. If I recall right I believe I remember seeing such a critter on Blade-Tech's website.
  3. Why not split the difference between the two thirties and build yourself an '06? That way you can push it a bit hotter if you like. Of course, I'll admit I'm biased- I was given and inherited '06s that were around before .308 became "cool."
  4. Did it once for an IDPA match. Not worth the time and effort.
  5. You want to tell my wife about this? While you're at it, give her Jim Garthwaite's #...
  6. I dunno- go try a few out. The new Beetles are actually a lot roomier than they look, but they don't have a trunk at all. I've actually gotten pretty used to driving my wife's little Focus- and at 6'3" and 230 lbs, one would assume that looks alot like a monkey f***ing a football. Drove it to Breckenridge, CO and back with no discomfort at all. I've also personally never owned anything with a four-banger in it- hell, the 300 straight six that I've got now is the smallest plant I've ever run- and never owned less than a full size car, much less one of those toy trucks. But on long trips I'm glad that Focus is both comfortable AND equipped with a weedeater motor!!
  7. Sigh... I know, I know... God bless their pointy little heads...
  8. I've actually been on the lookout for something like this for a friend of mine back home. He's got an A-5 that's about 54-55" OAL, and I think he was looking for a hardcase. Neither one of us have found one. BTW- Don't mean to hijack your thread, Bruce.
  9. Why not just put together a book of classifier stages like USPSA does and work them into major matches? It seems to be working pretty well for them.
  10. Don't fear the little Wilson chute. I've used one for a while with a S&A arched housing with no problems insofar as fit is concerned. I think the key may be inletting the stocks just as little as possible so they hold the ears tight. Of course I use wood stocks, so this makes the process a bit easier. YMMV.
  11. I used to be able to at least get out and practice during the summer. The $ that used to go to ammo and range fees now goes to gas for everyday driving. I'm sure once the semester statrs and more starts rolling in I'll be able to start shooting more regularly again, but I still won't be able to shoot as much as I did when we were still back home- at least not until I get to reloading up here. The thing that sucks the most about all this is that we don't get to go home as often, and when we do there's no way in hell we can take the truck. The last time we did it cost us around $160 down and back. That's hard to stomach on one faculty and one staff salary (Guess which one is higher! ). Even with Kelly's car we spend around $80, and that was almost a month ago.
  12. We are now at $2.71-$2.82 PG here in the DC area. I was further south towards Woodbridge today and filled up down thataway for $2.59. Never thought I'd call that cheap.
  13. Because nobody ever sandbags the classifier... The only way to make folk classify straight is to have a classifier stage within a match ala USPSA. You make people shoot their best or lose than it fixes some of these things.
  14. I'd see if you might be able to get SA to take it back. Other than that, I pretty much second Eric's comments. Hell, I've seen one of their top end guns, a TRP, that shot 1 1/2' below POA at 25 yards- out of the box. If SA won't help, I'd just see how in-spec the frame is and call it a builder.
  15. I'm not sure if the phrase "grand master" is tacti-cool enough for IDPA...
  16. Over the next year or so I'm going to try to put together enough parts for a new single stack. I've got a pretty good idea what I want, and I'm going to be buying according to that plan. Does anyone have any recomendations for a smith I can go to and say, "This is what I have, this is where I want to go with it" and have them be able to build it? I wish I could just send it off to someone and have it done all at one time, but on a teacher's salary that just ain't gonna happen. Suggestions?
  17. Two Questions, somewhat disconnected... 1. Does anyone know if Eagle Arms (the "By Armalite" marked ones) are forged or cast? I've heard both. 2. Has anyone seen or shot High Standard's new 1911s or ARs? Thoughts? Opinions?
  18. The station down the road posted $2.59 a gallon for regular today. My truck is officially GROUNDED until the semester starts and paychecks start rolling in. I am displeased.
  19. Sometimes you have to laugh at them to keep from going completely insane....
  20. I've been using a 16# for carry and a 13# for competition with a Shok-buff behind both. Like several other folks, had I never gotten into the sport (and had good influences ) I'd still be shooting a heavy-a@@ed spring. My carry load is a 230 Speer GDHP and my match load is a 200 HCSWC with 3.9 of Bullseye. Eerily enough, the recoil impulse tends to be about the same with both setups, though I do notice the buffer gets a bit cut-up with the 13. I may be switching to a 14 or 16 for the 200 before too long.
  21. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. pisgahrifle


    BA! Church's, Popeye's, KFC- none of 'em get up early enough in the morning to make chicken or biscuits as good as Bojangles. I realized when we came up to this Godforsaken place that no one seems to have heard of them north of Richmond.
  23. Actually, I have one here. I'll transcribe it below. 3 STEPS TO OVERCOMING THE RECOIL IMPULSE 1. Hold on. 3. Grow a pair- don't be afraid of the thing! It can smart a little, true; but it only hurts if you mind it. 99.9% of felt recoil gets the shooter between the ears, not in the shoulder. 2. If you have stick-arms, a bird-chest and a fragile constitution, realize that you might just not be physically capable of #1. Do not be deluded!
  24. Seems like the god of suck really laid one on you today...
  25. I think there ought to be an "old-school" sub-class in He-Man where you run stripper-clip bolt guns, cut-own pre-WWII hunting shotguns and revolvers.... now THAT would be neat!!! I've always wanted to be able to justify an 18" barreled A-5!
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