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  1. Out of stock at the moment, but thanks for the suggestion.
  2. My 13 year old son is currently shooting a M&P 5" in production and I am wondering what else I can do to upgrade the gun. I THINK I have it about as far as it can go with a sweet Apex trigger job, tuned springs, and Dawson sights. Anything else folks would recommend?
  3. TriggerT

    P320 X5 Thread

    I just picked up a Sig X5 (not he Legion) with the bead blasted (silver) slide and black grip, which was the combination I really liked, for $730.00 out the door from a local shop. That is as good of a deal as I have been able to track down, and the color combination I wanted is particularly tough to find a at decent price. YMMV
  4. Thanks for the replies. I have been, and continue to, lean towards the Sig X5. Just looking for something new. I have been shooting a single stack in USPSA since well before there was a single stack division.....close to 20 years now. Something new not only sounds interesting, but my eyes really started to change about 1.5 years ago (45). As an added bonus 9mm is cheaper to reload than the .45 I have shot for so long. Now to just scratch some more pennies together to get what I want.
  5. So this is an OLD thread, but as I am starting to think about getting into Carry Optics, what are the current hot guns for this division? Thanks.
  6. Yeah, for what it is going to cost me to modify my full length dust cover I can buy a production gun. Problem is I hate to see my nice 1911 become a paperweight.
  7. Well, as I am finally getting back to USPSA I once again decided to make sure the full length dust cover on my Les Baer MUST be cut for me to us e it in Single Stack division, and that looks like it is the case? I HATE to have the gun butchered, but otherwise i wont ever shoot it; not to mention the cost and time to get the work done. Just stinks since it makes weight as is, and I love the way the gun looks. From what I can see L-10 is dead, so that isn't a realistic option anymore either. CRAP.
  8. I was on this forum all the time before starting a family, and after being gone for 11 years it looks like I might be coming back. My son, now 11, is showing interest in getting into USPSA shooting, and I am more than happy to jump back into the fold. WOW, have things changed in the last 11 years! L-10 looks be be close to dead, Production Division has gotten HUGE, and then there is Carry Optics and PCC. This could get expensive in a big hurry. Looking at maybe a M&P 2.0 5" for my son to use for production, which I will have to buy a complete set up for. He is a south paw, so I will have to buy a complete st up for him regardless. Not sure what I want to shoot as I was set up for L-10. Maybe single stack, or if I can find the money I would love to get into Carry Optics. Well, hope to be around here a lot more going forward.
  9. Understood. Just that the weight of the full length dust cover is not a lot more than what is gained with a tungsten rod and plug. Whatever, the rule is what it is. Now to find the money to buy another gun. Not sure what the heck I am going to do with the Monolith, which I bought after reading a write up in Front Site on L-10 guns. Not sure about other areas, but L-10 seems pretty much dead around here.
  10. Like Bagdad45 I was hoping to shoot my Les Baer Monolith in the single stack division; it just barely makes weight. I wish the rule on this was a little more clear since the rule starts with talking about light rail attachments and not specifically just the full length dust cover. Can't afford another gun for the foreseeable future.
  11. I will get back to shooting one day, or that is what I keep telling myself.

  12. I don't post much here anymore, but what my 3 year old son said last night made me think of some of the deeper ideals that have been expressed when we talk about the Zen and or Tao of things. My son was pulling everything out of a closet last night when my wife asked him what he was doing, the answer: "I am finding something to find." I know he didn't really know what he was saying, but it was still one of those "Things that make you go Hmmm" moments.
  13. To resurrect this very old thread, I have been trying to get he STI-Trojan screen saver to work on my computer. I used to have their screen saver several years ago, but now it doesn't want to work. Anyone have any advice on making it work, or if there are other screen savers out there that are similar?
  14. I'm up in Rockford IL, which is a bit of a haul from Moline. The Pinetree pistol club in Rockford shoots USPSA leagues every Thursday night, and a monthly match on the first Sunday of every month. There is also the Tri-County club in Polo, IL, which is a lot closer, but they only shoot once a month, and don't usually have quite as strong of a turn out. However, they do shoot 3 gun matches there. With his age, he will basically have to have a guardian own the gun, and accompany him to the shooting matches. Or at least that is my understanding of the laws.
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