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  1. Reliable 30 rnd. mags= necessity. Sometimes carbine mags are more finnicky than AR mags, and the inconsistencies in non-military guns doesn't help matters. I can personally recommend any of the GM carbines and Winchesters, but the latter are getting awfully hard to find. I personally favor the adjustable ramp over the earlier aperature as well, but I s'pose that can more or less be a matter of personal preference. You get a bit more precise zero, but the ranges marked on the sight are for this little gun, well... academic. More abstract, really. Shooting the carbine over 200 yards requires previous experience with mortars and other things similairly high-angle.
  2. A colleague of mine sent me this earlier today- pretty spot-on. Not sure about throwing it out to my classes yet, but we'll see.
  3. You know, i just realized something. I haven't shot an IDPA match in almost a year. Guess I won't miss my membership after all. A good friend of mine almost convinved me to shoot that match with him this year, but I didn't. Saved myself both money and headaches, even though it meant a missed opportunity to go home and see friends. I've enjoyed playing with different disciplines and piddling about with different guns this year- I think I'll hang with that. IDPA did teach me something, though- I check out clubs pretty thoroughly before I shoot at them these days.
  4. pisgahrifle


    Neither pro nor con, but no one's asked the obvious question- Had you been drinking?
  5. ROTD often depends on where you shoot, the club leadership, RO/MD rule interpretations and whether or not they decide they like you. Welcome to IDPA.
  6. Yesterday I had a "discussion" with an individual who strongly asserted the the 1911 was unsafe because the thumb safety did nothing but block the trigger bow and prevent the slide from moving. I tried to explain that the thumb safety phisically prevented movement of the sear in addition to keeping the slide locked. I was then informed that this was only on series 80 guns (WTF?) and that the thumb safety had nothing to do with the sear, and it was heavily implicated that due to my relative youth I had no idea what I was talking about. I know how the sear-disconnector-trigger-hammer-series 80 safety parts group works, but I've never thought about how the thumb safety works other than when engaged it blocks the movement of one of these components. So, two questions: 1. Was I not right, or does the notch in the safety block the hammer? 2. Where can I find that STI animation program where you can see how the parts physically engage in a Mac format?
  7. Here in NoVa gas prices vary HUGELY. At one point on Lee Highway in Centreville it's $2.75- 3/4 of a mile down the road it's $2.95. In Stirling it's $3.55.
  8. I have, in fact, threatened a spider with a large calibre handgun on more than one occasion. We don't get along, spiders and I, and i just like to make the point quite plainly that we never will.
  9. Wow- since we're going to scope He-man and tactical iron since the military does it, does that mean I can use scopes for DCM? Irons are a challenge. It's hard and not everyone can do it- that's the point. Glass takes a good part of the challenge out. I'm all for allowing it as a seperate class, division or whatever in addition to an iron-sighted equivalent. Getting rid of Irons, though, is getting a bit "common man" -ish, as Col. Cooper might say.
  10. They look a helluva lot like AC-556s. From a distance it's hard to discern a Ruger 30 rnd. from an AR, especially if it's been coated the same way. The original FAMAS actually was some wierd, large calibre.
  11. I'm wondering if y'all yankees have ever actually seen the girls we grow down here!!!
  12. I actually did this once. I mistakenly left a carry mag in the drop pocket in my vest, then accidentally yanked it out instead of a reload-retained mag when I ran dry later (illegal, long stage). Imagine my suprise when I was suddenly shooting 230 gr. GDHps instead of 200 gr LSWC. Nobody tried to give me a procedural until after the match- someone happened to remember it after scores were posted and I won. Irritating.
  13. Try 3.9-4.4 gr. Bullseye with your current bullet. That's my match load right now (5" gun), and I've found that 3.9 shoots pretty clean. YMMV, though.
  14. Looks like a neat time. A buddy of mine mentioned this to me just after he got back from being downrange, but it turns out it takes real money to get out there... As for the launching an AD out into the wild blue to land who knows where, take a walk through Hatcher's Notebook. It seems the Army investigated the issue of how much damage a bullet fired vertically would cause on impact some time ago.
  15. Oooooooo...... neeeeeat........... Hey coulter6, where did you find that E2 stock?
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