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  1. Accurate, reliable, and it didn't even have a "Cartel" name on the side o' it? Say it ain't so!
  2. I'll give those a try. I've been buying the Rainier 200 gr PF's we've been subbing for the LSWCs from Midway, and I know they carry Laser Cast. Does anyone else have better prices on 'em?
  3. I can use this nostalgia trip..... Where can I get H&G 68s? I came across some last year and they're freakin' awesome with an old Bullseye load an old-school USPSA guy I shot with in grad school gave me. He used to use Valiant 200 gr. .451s until they stopped making them, and he said they were as close to the old H&Gs as he could find. The ones I got were hard, though- not much fouling for lead. If anyone makes molds I'd be happy but I'd rather have the bullets. Sorry for the thread drift- you may proceed.
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